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Nanyang Technological University is a research-intensive university which provides courses in the fields of engineering, science, business, humanities, medicine, etc. It has about 24,580 undergraduates and 8,360 graduate students from about 75 countries. 

Unlike Indian universities and colleges, where the students are placement services through a dedicated placement cell, Nanyang Technological University does not have a separate placement cell. However, the University arranges job fairs and has a NTU Career & Attachment Office (CAO), NBS Career Services Office (CSO), and Graduate Studies Career Development office (GSCDO) where the students are provided with career coaching, industry-specific consultations, mentorships, networking, etc. Approximately 90% of the graduates get employment within 6 months of their final examinations. 

Placement Highlights at NTU 



Total Students 


Percentage of students in Labour Force who are employed 


Mean Salary 


Median Salary 


Highest Average Salary (Double Degree in Business and Computer Engineering/Computing) 

$79,000 (Mean Value) 

Highest Employment Percentage 

  • Arts (with Education) 
  • Science (with Education) 
  • Medicine 
  • Accountancy and Business 

Industrial Research Partners and Recruiters 

Alibaba Group, BMW, LightLab Sweden AB, L'Oreal, Rolls-Royce, Siemens Pte Ltd., KPMG, Deloitte, EY, Barclays, Lockheed Martin amongst others 

International Academic Partners 

CEA: French Alternative Energies and 

Atomic Energy Commission, Carnegie Mellon University, Cornell University, University of California, Berkeley, etc. 

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Class Profile of NTU for 2021-22 

NTU has approximately 24,580 undergraduate students, 8,360 graduate students, and an alumni base of about 2,54,528 people representing 155 nationalities. 

As per the university data for AY2021-22, the graduate student enrolment is: 










Graduate Diploma 




4810 (50.56%) 

4703 (49.44%) 

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As per the university data for AY2021-22, the undergraduate student enrolment is: 











13,295 (53.4%) 

11,576 (46.6%) 

Top Recruiters at NTU for 2020-21 

Placements at NTU span across various sectors, ranging from finance to logistics. The table below gives a highlight of the industries and the employers. 




Insignia, Openspace Ventures, Wirecard 

Financial Services 

American Express, S&P, Moody’s Analytics 

Financial Institutions 

Citibank, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, JP Morgan 


Adidas, Coca Cola, Dyson, Amazon, Nestle 




Borouge, Siemens 

Oil & Gas 

ABB, ENN China 


Club Med, Singapore Airlines 


DHL, Maersk 

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Placement Comparison for Top Courses offered at NTU for the class of 2020 


Mean (Monthly) 

Median (Monthly) 

In Full-Time Permanent Employment 

Accountancy and Business 




Double Degree in Business and Computer Engineering/Computing 




Computer Science 




Double Degree in Engineering and Economics 




Arts (with Education) 




Science (with Education) 




Medicine (Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine) 




Singapore, being a financial hub, offers lucrative placements with highest salaries in finance fields. Computer Science, Economics, Arts, and Medicine are other popular courses. NTU's Class of 2020 earned a mean gross monthly salary of $46,080 annually. Some of the courses with highest returns are mentioned below: 

  • Business & Computing (double degree) graduates earned a median gross monthly salary of $64,800 annually 
  • Accountancy and Business graduates earned $52,860 annually 

Class Profile and Placement Details for MBA' 20 at NTU 

MBA at NTU has the following class profile: 

  • Average age is 28 years 
  • Average work experience is that of 6 years 
  • There are students from 15 nationalities 
  • 40% of the students are women 

As per the Nanyang MBA Career Development Report, the sectorial analysis of placements is as follows:


Locations where the NTU students get placed are given in the following chart: 


The Career Development Report, 2019, published by Nanyang Business School mentions the following details about the placements: 

  • 95% of the MBA participants are employed within three months from graduations 
  • The average alumni salary three years after graduation is $1,34,036 
  • Some of the companies where the MBA graduates of NTU have joined are Agoda, Amazon, Apple, ATKearney, DBS, Deloitte, Dell, just to name a few.

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Campus Placement Support offered at NTU 

NTU does not have traditional placement cell services. However, the University arranges job fairs. It has a NTU Career & Attachment Office (CAO), NBS Career Services Office (CSO), and Graduate Studies Career Development office (GSCDO) where the students are provided with career coaching, industry-specific consultations, mentorships, networking, etc. 

As per the Career Development Report published by Nanyang Business School (NBS), the GSCDO helps students with 1-on-1 career coaching, employer engagement specialists, and career workshops. 

Study/Work Options after Graduation from NTU 

There are multiple career options available for NTU graduates. Some of the options are: 

  • Full-time work 
  • Part-time work 
  • Entrepreneurship 
  • Higher studies 

The alumni association of NTU provides the following facilities: 

  • Professional development and job opportunities on a portal 
  • Academic services 
  • More than 90 alumni associations worldwide

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NTU Placements FAQs

Q. What is the average salary of NTU graduates?

A. On an average, the graduates of NTU receive in the pay-band $40,000 to $80,000 depending upon the course.

Q. Does NTU provide any placement support to its graduates?

A. NTU does not have traditional placement cell services. However, the University arranges job fairs and has various career development offices where the students are provided with career coaching, industry-speci fic consultations, assessment centre training, networking, etc.

Q. Which courses at NTU attract the highest employment package?

A. As per the available data Finance & Business, and Medicine offer a good employment package with an average of $62,000 and $64,848 respectively.

Q. Who are the top employers at NTU?

A. Some of the top recruiters at NTU are Amazon, Dell, Microsoft, BCG, Deloitte, GE, McKinsey, P&G, PWC, etc.

Q. What are the sectors where NTU graduates are placed?

A. NTU graduates get placed in multiple sectors such as Financial Services, Retail, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Hospitality, Logistics, etc. Singapore, being a hub of finance industry, attracts good placements in finance field.
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