SOP for Law in Australia: Guidelines for Top Universities

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Srishti Chatterjee
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Updated on May 25, 2022 15:40 IST

Australia is not a new destination for study abroad aspirants. Studying Law in Australia has taken new tolls on the abroad education system. The top Law schools in Australia have a certain set of tough requirements that make them most-sought after schools.

We already know the level of importance an SOP or a Personal Statement plays in the application process. Therefore, while writing your SOP for Law for an Australian Law School, you must consider that the competition is tough out there.

Since Australian universities rarely conduct interviews as a mandatory part of their admission process, the value of a Statement of Purpose doubles. When it comes to Law admissions, an applicant must explain his/her journey and perspective in the field.

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You must learn what the admission committee looks for in a Law applicant. Make sure to also consider the ways of impressing an Australian University. Before getting started with your SOP, it is recommended to refer to a few samples and writing tips:

Now, depending upon the level of the program that you are applying to, refer to the following:

In many Australian Universities, an SOP for Law is not a mandate. However, a strong SOP when sent out along with the application increases your chances of selection.

SOP for Law in Australia – Dos and Don’ts

SOP Guidelines are different for every country. While drafting your SOP for Law in Australia, make sure that you do not follow the guidelines of Canada or the USA or any other country for that matter.

Admissions to the Law program in all Australian universities are based on the following factors:

  • Evidence-based SOPs: To highlight the applicant’s individuality (this is supported by the application material along with the SOP)
  • Understanding of legal procedures: Your SOP must be crisp and precise
  • No beating around the bush: All the ambiguous ideas, thoughts, conspiracies, and ideologies must be avoided while applying to a Law program
  • Word limit: A well-drafted SOP must be at least 500 words and at the same time it must not exceed 800 words
  • Length: Wrap up everything within 2 pages using Times New Roman font in 12 font sizes and single-spaced document
  • Understanding the difference between university SOP and visa SOP: SOP written for an Australian Law school must be different from the student visa SOP or visa letter for Australia

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SOP for Law in Australia – Guidelines for Top Universities

While writing your SOP for Law in Australia, make sure to incorporate only university-specific and country-specific guidelines. Sticking to the said guidelines will increase the chances of selection as you would appear to be an attentive candidate.

Check out the guidelines from top Australian Universities for writing your SOP for Law programs:

Western Sydney University (UWS)

  • Submit a 2-page personal essay
  • Cover your motivation behind pursuing Law
  • Share relevant experiences

The University of Newcastle

The university does not state an SOP as a mandatory requirement. Nevertheless, international students are recommended to submit one explaining the following:

  • The desire for Law education
  • Past relevant experiences
  • Future goals

Victoria University (VU)

  • SOP is mandatory for Law and Justice courses
  • Underline the relevant work experience
  • Cover the reasons for choosing this university
  • Compare Victoria with other Australian universities
  • Though no word limit is specified, wrap up the SOP within 2 pages

Australian National University (ANU)

  • Letter of motivation for all Law programs
  • SOP for Masters in Law
  • The essay should be approximately 500 words long

The University of Western Australia (UWA)

  • An essay/statement of purpose
  • About 2-3 pages long document
  • Focus on the post-study plans

The University of Melbourne (Unimelb)

The personal statement should cover the complete list of academic and professional accomplishments as well as volunteer work in the field. This should be presented as an essay, not bullet points. Cover all the details within a single document.

Bonus: Law schools in Australia allow students with little to no work experience to submit an SOP instead of a CV to prove their interest and suitability for the course. As admission to law courses is an extremely competitive task, applying via a well-drafted crisp SOP would prove to be beneficial in such cases.

While drafting your SOP, consider that the document plays an important role in your virtual presence. If you seek assistance in counselling and drafting your application material, you may reach out to Shiksha Study Abroad Counselling Services for free.

Good luck!

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