How to write an SOP for MS Courses

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Srishti Chatterjee
Study Abroad Expert
Updated on Jan 21, 2022 16:23 IST

Every Statement of Purpose is different. Each essay is supposed to be individualistic in nature and no one can actually give you a recipe of a great SOP. What works for one individual would not be work for another! However, the process of how to write a SOP remains same across the board. All would include the basic 5 steps of creating a list, following a theme and so on. These processes can be, further customized on the basis of the general course you would be applying for. For instance, the steps on how to write a SOP for a management program would be categorically different from the process of writing a SOP for an undergraduate course. And again, a SOP for a Master’s course would include the 5 steps…but the approach would be different. Let us look at how to write a SOP for a Masters’ program in the same 5 basic steps…but modified.

Step 1: Prepare a list of your achievements.

Write down your academic achievements, your co-scholastic achievements, and instances as well as a list of your personal instances. Creating separate lists would help you look at them in an objective manner. The lists could be expansive and include anything related to your graduation, your school or even seminars. The lists of what all you can include in your SOP for MS/MSc. Courses are rather comprehensive. Simply think back and list down all the points. You need not worry about the chronology either. You should write whatever comes to your mind.

Step 2: Think clearly about your goals.

This is one of the biggest differences between a SOP for MBA and a SOP for a Masters’ course. While in MBA you would want to talk about your professional and personal goals in details, a SOP for your Masters need not necessarily be driven towards a professional job/ employment. It could be a continuous journey of learning the subject and simply the next step towards your goals of the research. It could also be a means to find fruitful employment. Whatever the case be, at this stage you need to clearly define what is it that you would want to do and accordingly decide on the theme of your SOP.

Step 3: Compare, classify and crop the list.

This is perhaps the most important step. Remember, WHILE stating your purpose in life is very important for your SOP, what is even more important is to do so within the specified word limits. Not exceeding the word limit is the most important Don’t of a SOP writing. Hence, it is crucial to at this compare the lists, classify the various points and then crop the lists. You need to find out the right balance of what all you would want to include in the SOP.

Step 4: Explore the faculty and research projects in the university you are applying to.

Usually, Universities abroad are working on some or the other research project. It would help to find out if you can relate to any of the projects. Linking your SOP with an ongoing research would always be a great add.

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Step 5: Write the SOP, edit it and write again.

This is a principal step to all your statement of purposes. Always and always prepare a rough draft, edit it and let it be. After few days, revisit the draft and write another fresh draft. It is important to write your essay again. Doing this would help you eliminate most of the unwanted elements. Comparing the two drafts would at times inspire you to do more. So, start off and get writing. Just keep in mind what all you must include in a SOP for your Masters and more importantly, what not to include in your SOP for Masters Programs.

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Hi, I am Peter, I have completed my bachelor's degree in Mathematics and Statistics and I want to further my studies in US. Please can anyone share with me a sample of an attractive SOP so that it can give me a guide in writing one.

Reply to Peter Adjaye Mensah

Hi, I am Asra I have completed my bachelor's degree in B.Sc nutrition and now I want to continue my further studies in Uk. Please anyone help me and share a sample of attractive SOP so that I can grow my knowledge.

Reply to Asra Mehveen




Hi, I need help in SOP format for Masters in Computer Science but having bachelors in Electrical and Electronics, with post UG work Experience of 5+ years as Software Engineer.
Help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance guys.

Reply to harish




I dont see much samples related to this type when applying for different course than bachelors, so please help.

Hello! Is there a SOP sample drafted for Plant sciences course?

Reply to Arun Reddy Nachu

Hi Arun,
It is difficult to come up with a sample for every course. You may refer to the SOP writing tips at and draft your SOP according to your area of interest.
All the best!

i want to write for my LL.M. Admission kindly share a sample format if available.

Reply to Varun Kapoor


Learn Well


Hi, Varun. For SOP writing services, you may contact
A customized SOP will be written for you at an affordable fee.

Dear Varun,It is quite challenging to provide with an exact sample for every course. Hence, we have drafted SOP Writing Tips to help write SOPs for a broad range of courses chosen by the aspirants. Please refer to: Varun,
It is quite challenging to provide with an exact sample for every course. Hence, we have drafted SOP Writing Tips to help write SOPs for a broad range of courses chosen by the aspirants. Please refer to: There are more links on the top discussing Common Mistakes to Avoid and SOP Guidelines, etc.
To receive the specific guidance, you can avail our counselling and editorial services for free. Our experts will guide you through the entire application process.
All the best! :)

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