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Srishti Chatterjee
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Updated on Nov 10, 2021 14:56 IST

Some may say that writing an SOP for MS in Canada is no different than writing an SOP for any other country. However, there is so much more to writing country-specific SOPs, especially when it comes to writing course-specific SOP for different countries.

SOP for MS in Canada – Factors to be considered

While a Statement of Purpose (SOP) is generally written to state the purpose of intended education, writing an MS SOP for Canada requires you to tap the following areas:

  1. Reason behind choosing a particular master’s programme
  2. Reason behind choosing Canada as your study destination
  3. Reason behind choosing the intended Canadian University or College

In this article, we will discuss all these areas and tell you how to answer them in your SOP. For this, we need to understand a few things. These are:

When we combine these two learnings, we can make up a good MS SOP for Canada. Now, let us discuss the above factors one by one:

1. Reason behind choosing a particular Master’s Programme

When you write about a particular course that you have chosen, you must address your reasons properly. The reason behind choosing an intended course would be explained with the help of the following:

  • Your recent and past qualification
  • Your recent and past achievements
  • Your future plans: short and long-term goals
  • Your current situation in your office/college
  • Your reason behind going for a master’s degree
  • Your intentions during your master’s education

Your education, projects, industrial exposure, professional tenure, future goals are what give your candidature a shape that is further judged by the admission committee. You must present and strengths your profile in a way that exhibits your suitability for the chosen programme. Hence, you must divide these pointers into 3 parts, viz.

  1. Your Past
  2. Your Present
  3. Your Future Goals

Past: Your past should discuss your technical knowledge base and practical experiences. What did you study during your bachelor’s degree? What are your strengths? What is your professional background? What all projects have you done as a student or professional? If you are a fresher, discuss the industrial exposure along with the academic background. Industrial training and internships have a huge impact on a fresher’s profile. Do not forget to discuss the project works. They show your ability to work in teams and handle pressure.

Present: Here, you must write your recent motivation behind going for further studies. What is it that you want to study through a master’s degree? What exactly prompted you to take up a master’s programme? Your learnings should highlight that you are flexible and not adamant about changing your perspective. You must demonstrate your desire to learn and grow. Your SOP should discuss your learning experiences and ability to adapt to the latest methodologies.

Future: Your future can be discussed with the help of your career goals. To learn how to go about discussing your career goals, refer to the following:

Goals Essay

Career Progression Essay

2. Reason behind choosing Canada as your Study Destination

When this SOP is being prepared for Canada, you must mention certain things. These are:

  • Your motivation behind studying abroad
  • Your reason behind studying in Canada
  • Your suitability for studying in Canada
  • Your reason behind not choosing any other country (this one needs to be elaborated further in your Student Visa SOP for Canada)

These need to be explained by discussing how pursuing a particular programme in Canada would help your profile. Discuss the possibilities in Canada – how studying that particular programme in the chosen environment would benefit your candidature. Write about the industry that you would explore during your study in Canada. Write how and why your studying the same course in any Indian institution would not be helpful. Also, write how Canada is better than other countries in terms of industry exposure and educational facilities. Lastly, discuss your previous experience and exposure that makes you a suitable candidate to study in Canada. This should elaborate on your abilities to blend in a multicultural environment.

Check out the reasons behind the rejection of a Canada study visa.

3. Reason behind choosing the intended Canadian University or College

This section must discuss the chosen Canadian University or College. This can be explained by covering the following aspects:

  • Your reason for shortlisting the intended university or college
  • The curriculum and coursework that attracts you towards the college
  • Your suitability for the chosen college

You must be able to discuss a few unique features of the university/college that attract you. Give suitable examples of modules and research work that interest you. Name a few faculty members under whom you want to study. Discuss their research works. State the possibilities for you of participating in certain workshops or extracurricular activities that would strengthen your profile as a professional. Elaborate on your past works and achievements that make you suitable for this profile.

Important Point to Remember:

Anything amazing you discuss in your SOP should not be older than 5 years.

You may now refer to Sample SOP for Canadian Universities.

All the best!

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