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A Statement of Purpose (SOP) can help you in developing a strong case for your admissions profile in many ways. Whether you have a gap year or a low average in studies, a well-drafted SOP can still tilt the admissions committee in your favour. Thus, if you intend to study in a German university, you need to draft a proper SOP to influence the admission committee to select your profile over other candidates.

Drafting a good SOP could be a challenging task and German universities are very strict about a few things when it comes to admission. For instance, German universities have a strong rule about students with backlogs or applicants with no practical experience. Most importantly, you need to remember that most of the German universities will ask for a Letter of Motivation (LOM) for MS courses. You can read more about writing a LOM for Germany here.

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After you have gone through the basics of a LOM/SOP for Germany, you can go through this sample for MS in Germany. Here we have discussed a few captivating introductions, detailed bodies, and how to give a smooth finish touch to your draft.

Introduction: The introduction should be captivating and hold the attention of the reader from the first instance. Here are a few examples:

I always believed that I would become an able Electrical engineer. I aspire to pursue higher education in electrical and electronics by doing my master's at a premier university, thereby making a mark in the field of electrical and electronics. My aspiration is to acquire wisdom from the knowledge and thereby give it back to the scientific community. Since my childhood, my father has been a prominently motivational and inspirational idol to me. Being a Diploma in Mechanical engineering, my father inculcated and taught me the beauty of engineering. I used to visit his office and fieldwork, where we had lengthy discussions on the application of electrical subjects. These discussions left an indelible impression on my mind and made me choose Electrical and Electronics as my undergraduate course. My interactions with my father gave me an opportunity to verify facts and theoretical knowledge I acquired during my undergraduate classes in practical fields. Yet my passion and an unquenchable thirst for engineering drive me to pursue the Master's in Electrical.”

“Presently, I am in the last of the Bachelor of XXXXX from ABC College of Engineering an esteemed institution affiliated to XYZ University. It is one of the premier learning institutions in India, a knowledge affluent zone, producing hundreds of electronic intellects every year. I was always eager to pursue graduate studies in a highly advanced learning environment, such as the programs offered by your graduate school. If I am fortunate enough to join the XXXX course at your institution, I believe it would be one of my most significant stepping stones for my career pursuits.”

“My aspiration to pursue a graduate program in your University is underscored by the fact that it offers the flexibility needed for an in-depth understanding of the vast and rapidly changing field of Engineering Technology. My undergraduate studies in XXXX at XX College has given me a strong hold on core subjects like XX, YY, and ZZ. Apart from this, working in the XXX sector for a period of five years, I have gained crucial practical experience. Thus, I believe now is the time to upskill myself by building upon this core knowledge and join the AAA course at your reputed university.”


Body: Give a detailed view of your education and professional background. Highlight the knowledge and skills you have gained and your learnings. You can talk about your projects, job role, etc to showcase your skill-set and readiness for the course.  

“Over the past two years in the XXX department, I developed a keen interest in Programming Languages and Distributed & Parallel Systems. I have taken many courses related to this field and have done consistently well in them. Courses such as XYZ have given me considerable exposure to this field. Currently, I am involved in my B.Tech. project on ‘XYZ’ under the guidance of professor ABC. In this project, I am handling the ABC and XYZ part. I have proposed a few changes for the XYZ in the project and waiting for its implementation.”

“The four years of undergraduate education have been a great learning and enriching process for me. I studied the rudiments of Electrical Engineering especially in the fields of ABC and XYZ. I have also picked up elective subjects on XXXX to gain in-depth knowledge in the field. Recently, I got the opportunity to attend training in programming languages like C, Embedded systems and operating systems such as WINDOWS & LINUX. Apart from this, my passion and training in the embedded systems helped me to develop and execute a real-time industrial project for a client.”

“Through the college’s campus recruitment program, I bagged a job offer from XXX company, where I worked for the next two years as an XXXX.  My role here involved XXXXX and I also worked on XXXXXX. After working here, I bagged another job offer from XXXX firm where I stayed for two more years before deciding on higher studies. My professional experience of four years in the present day technology-driven workplace groomed me to this next step.”


Why this course and university: One of the most important part of your write-up, this section needs to be on-point and realistic. Here you should discuss your reasons for taking up this MS course, your future goals, and why you picked this particular university.

My goal is to achieve excellence in the field of XXXX. This field interests me because of the scope for breaking new ground, as well as the vast applications possible….. I look forward to graduating from your university to refine my knowledge and skills in my areas of interest.”

“Gathering information from your university’s brochure and web pages, I have come to admire the work of Professor XXXX and am eager to study under his tutelage and share some ideas on his ongoing work on XXXX. Other than him, a number of renowned faculty members of XXX are working on the research frontiers of computer science. It would be my privilege to work with such renowned researchers and contribute something useful to the field of XXXX. Thereby, I look forward to joining your institution and taking my career to a new level.”

“I am confident that the course in XXXX would give me the desired push towards a career in research and an opportunity to do well in my chosen field of interest. I am eager to work under the guidance of the distinguished faculty members of your university. I believe that a graduate program, at your university, will help me reach my goals.”


Conclusion: A strong round-up or summary of your write-up is a good way to end your SOP or LOM.

“I am self-motivated, patient, and diligent and have a penchant to explore new technologies. I feel getting an opportunity in pursuing a master's in your esteemed university enhances my skills and let me apply my skills to contribute to research. The university facilitates to shape my career to crack down my goals and reach the pinnacle of my career.”

“I have always believed that the essence of higher education lies in the synergetic relationship between student and his department. I feel that graduate study at your university will be the most logical extension of my objectives. I am confident that the wholesome education that I receive at your university will stand me in good stead throughout my career.”

”I sincerely request you to consider my application for admission into your reputed university. I would be grateful to you if I am accorded the opportunity to pursue my higher studies and given the opportunity, I am sure that I will be able to able to achieve my goals keeping in touch with the expectations of the university.”


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