SOP for New Zealand Student Visa – Guidelines and Format

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Srishti Chatterjee
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Updated on Nov 10, 2021 16:40 IST

There is not much difference between the format and guidelines of an Australian and a New Zealand Student Visa SOP. Yet it is more difficult to get a New Zealand Visa acceptance over an Australian Student Visa approval. Check out the formats, guidelines, writing tips, and FAQs related to an SOP for NZ Study Visa.

SOP for New Zealand Student Visa – Format

Document Required: Visa SOP

Font: Times New Roman 11 or 12

Length: Single-spaced document not more than 2 pages

Language: Professional English

Description: An NZ Student Visa SOP should cover the following points:

SOP for New Zealand Student Visa – Guidelines and Format

New Zealand Student Visa SOP Body – Writing Tips

Discussed below are the format and body of the NZ Student Visa SOP and tips on what and how to write in each of its sections:

Section 1: Introduction

  • Introduce yourself, write your passport number
  • Write your date and place of birth and residence
  • Mention our intention behind writing the letter
  • State the name of the university and complete course that you intend to join
  • Write the date of joining the course

Section 2: Background (Family, Academic, and Professional History)

  • Your background in your home country
  • About your family
  • Your academic history
  • Your professional experience
  • Their relevance to your chosen course of study

Section 3: Course Selection/About the Course

  • The course you intend to study
  • Why do you intend to study this particular course?
  • Your eligibility to study in this particular course

Section 4: Country Selection/Why New Zealand

  • Why not India? (cover information on same course availability in your home country)
  • Why would you want to study in New Zealand?
  • Why not the USA, UK or Australia?

Section 5: University/College Selection

  • Reasons for choosing the intended university/college
  • What do you like about the chosen programme?
  • Outline of the course curriculum you would be studying stating its relevance for your profile

Section 6: Career Goals/Professional Plans

  • How would this benefit you in terms of career opportunities/pathway
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years and then 15 years down the line

Section 7: Financial Capability/Economic Circumstances in Home Country

  • How would you pay for your course tuition and cost of living?
  • Your personal and economic circumstances in your home country
  • If you are a minor, the intention of your parents or legal guardian needs to be discussed

Section 8: Conclusion

  • Any other information supporting your student visa application for study in New Zealand
  • Thanking and acknowledging that you would stay at your best behaviour while studying in NZ

Once the format is set and clearly understood, you can proceed to the writing part.

SOP for New Zealand Student Visa – Guidelines

Some of the important points to remember while drafting your New Zealand Visa SOP are:

  • Keep your Academic CV handy for reference
  • Keep handy all the supporting documents that you are about to attach with the visa SOP
  • Cover all the possible expenses such as tuition fees, living costs, miscellaneous expenses
  • State the total family income per annum, savings, loan expected, amount of property, etc.
  • Mention all the approximate figures in both currencies, Indian (INR) and New Zealand (NZD), for the funds you require to study and stay in NZ
  • Under all conditions, follow the format discussed above

Keeping these points ready while drafting your Visa SOP would save your time while ensuring that nothing is left attended.

Writing SOP for New Zealand Student Visa – Dos and Don’ts

Check out the major Dos and Don’ts of a study visa that affect your application:



Give strong reasons for choosing New Zealand over the other popular countries known for being preferred study designations, especially Australia.

Never start directly with your fantasies or introducing the field of study in your Visa SOP like you do in university SOP.

Discuss the opportunities you would get during your studies in New Zealand.

There is a huge difference between Visa SOP (Cover Letter) and University Admission SOP. Both serve different purposes, and hence, require different writing approaches.

Explain your post-study aspirations or career goals clearly.

Don’t explain anything too much. Too much information is harmful. As the visa officers are not interested in your past that much.

FAQs for New Zealand Student Visa SOP

The common questions related to New Zealand Study Visa SOP and its application are given below:

Q. How difficult is it to get a New Zealand Study Visa? What are the chances of acceptance of a New Zealand Student Visa?

A. Getting a New Zealand Student Visa is quite difficult because finding a perfect course is as difficult in the country. The education system of the country is quite different from the other countries, which makes it difficult to find long-term courses in New Zealand. Refer to the Levels of Tertiary Education in New Zealand for more information.

Q. How to apply for a New Zealand Student Visa?

A. Applying for a visa is a lengthy process that requires you to through the intricacies. Refer to the New Zealand Student Visa Guide for detailed information.

Q. Is a cover letter required along with the New Zealand Visa SOP?

A. No. A cover letter covering the requirements of a student is visa not mandatory or required along with a Visa SOP. Applicants are advised not to complicate their visa process by creating a Cover Letter along with a Visa SOP unless specified as a requirement by the visa officers. The officers do not spend hours on a single application and do not prefer going through the unrequired documents.

Q. Is a GTE Form or any other document needed apart from the New Zealand Visa SOP?

A. Though there are many similarities between a New Zealand and an Australia Visa SOP, a GTE Form is something that is required in only Australian Student Visa application.

Q. What to do if my New Zealand Student Visa gets rejected?

A. There are numerous options to try after a visa rejection and everything needs to be done on its own time. Find out the Steps to Follow – If a Student Visa Gets Rejected.

Q. What are the common reasons for New Zealand Student Visa rejection?

A. If your visa is rejected, you must find the reason behind its rejection. Check out the reasons for the rejection of a New Zealand Student Visa and how to tackle them.

Q. What to do after I receive a visa acceptance on my New Zealand Visa?

A. After the acceptance of your visa, you want to ensure that you have everything ready to fly to your dream country. Check out the International Student Pre-Departure Checklist, here.

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All the best!

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