Student account of admission process to US: Neha Gulati

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Piyush Kohli
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Updated on Apr 11, 2020 15:13 IST

1. Tell us something about your education and work background.

I did my bachelors in Journalism and Mass Communications, then I pursued a diploma course in Public Relations. This was followed by a masters degree in Mass Communications.

Regarding my career, I started out as a content editor. Later I joined a web solutions based company as Associate in Corporate Communications Department. I was an Assistant Manager in the Research and Marketing department when I left.

2. Why did you decide to go for such a course in US?

I have already been to the US twice, and I came back recently from a trip. I got to experience the life over there as I have my sibling studying in US. So I have come to understand the culture in US. It was my childhood dream to study abroad. Moreover I needed a career change. I have been into Mass Communication and content editing till now, and I want to make a switch to Marketing. The best part about studying abroad, as compared to studying in India, is that you have the flexibility to choose the courses. Unlike in India, if you have a bachelors in one stream, you have to go by the subjects mentioned in it; it is a must for everyone. In US, I have the flexibility to choose the course I want. For example, some people like Mathematics and others don’t. So they can pick Math for the time being and focus on that particular subject.

3. Which colleges were your initial choices? And why?

My initial choice has always been Tarleton State University because my brother has also done his under graduation from the same school. However, there was one apprehension about whether I should pursue a masters degree or an under graduate degree. Since my brother is living in Florida, I was also aiming for Florida State University. But Tarleton seemed more attractive to me because the tuition fee and the cost of living is quite affordable at Tarleton. I also have an idea about the campus life over there, I have already spoken to the alumni. So it’s like a tried and tested option for me.

Being the most pampered girl at home, going out of India on my own and living an independent life in the countryside will give me the confidence that I want and will help my hone my skills as well.

4. How did you start with the college application process?

It was not complicated as everything was done online. After I decided on my course, I started filling out the online application. I had to write an essay, a Statement of Purpose about why I wanted to go for the chosen course. I also had to submit my TOEFL scores, credit evaluation transcripts and bank statement.

5. Which was the most difficult part of the admissions process?

Getting my credits evaluated! I got them evaluated from Global Credential Evaluation (GCE).

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6. How did you conduct research for the required information?

For everything I used the internet, of course. Plus I have my sibling there, which was a great help for me. On top of that, the people working at the international office at Tarleton were very helpful. I connected to them through phone calls and e-mails. They gave me very prompt answers to my questions, which I found to be very incredible.

7. How easy/difficult was the visa application process?

Not so difficult. I filled out the application form after receiving the I-20 and DS-160 forms from the university. So overall, it was a very easy process.

8. How did you prepare for the college/visa interviews?

There were no college interviews at Tarleton. And as far as the visa interview is concerned, I didn’t prepare for it. I was aware of the kind of questions I might be asked. There were a lot of apprehensions in my mind, because I’m 25+. Coming from a country like India, you are expected to get married around that age. So that was one of the biggest apprehensions, as all the embassies understand the culture of the local country. So it was a big apprehension for me.
Secondly, I already hold a masters degree and I’m going for my post-baccalaureate. Since this is for the career change, post baccalaureates in India are not very common, and many don’t understand the concept of it.

Third, the embassy people think that people around my age might just settle down abroad. I was very happy once they told me that I have got my visa.

9. What are your expectations from the college life in the US?

I’m expecting a lot from Tarleton because I have heard a lot about the university. I did communicate with a couple of professors through e-mails and I believe they’ll be very helpful to hone my skills and make me a better professional, so I can live an independent and happy life. Since it is a career change, I’m hoping it will satisfy me.

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Hello madam.i am sartaj ansari and I m doing MCA but after complete. My MCA I want to do MBA(IT) from Abroad as UK or my humble request to you..tell me about some I will take entry in MBA(IT)......thank you

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here you can see the MBA colleges UK and Canada. please go through them and shortlist accordingly


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aashish kumar

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Anyone tell me please i want to study in America
But i have no guide and way of this. plz somebody help i m requesting contact and what's app me please

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Tell me ur profilee .

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