Student Visa Processing Time: Country-wise Processing Time and Spring Intakes

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Updated on Mar 20, 2023 23:58 IST
Student Visa Process

With admission season around the corner, there are a lot of queries pouring in regarding the processing time for student visas and we are here to answer just that for you. Indian students who are looking to study abroad would require to obtain a study pass often termed a student visa to legally enter any country for education. Candidates are advised to apply for their student visa well before their academic session starts as the Student Visa processing time varies from country to country. Moreover, in the event the candidate is unable to submit all the supporting documents, the processing time is going to take longer than usual. Candidates are advised to apply well before time to avoid any unrequired hassle towards the end.

Things to remember

  • It is important the candidate receives his admission letter before applying for his student visa
  • Every country has a time frame when you can enter the country before the commencement of your course. Hence, it is important you check that before you plan your travel
  • If your student visa is rejected the authorities generally inform you about the reason for rejection and you would be allowed to reapply after the cooling period.
  • The cooling period is the duration between two student visa applications that can be submitted by students to the VAC.

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Student Visa Processing Time

Now let us talk about the Student Visa Processing Time for countries that see the largest number of Indian student footfalls over an academic year.

Student Visa Processing Time Australia

Candidates looking to study in Australia would be relieved to know that 75% of student visa applications are processed in under 28 days. While 90% of  Australian student visas are processed in under 48 days. Your student visa processing time for Australia could take longer if the student has not correctly filled in his student visa application form if he has not included all the documents/information required by the visa office or if it takes extra time for the management to verify the documents. Candidates should note that the student is required to pay the correct visa handling charge for his Australian student visa to be processed successfully.

Student Visa Processing Time Canada

Candidates looking to study in Canada would require to apply for their Canada Student Visa. As per the official website, the Student Visa Processing Time for Canada is clocked at an average of 3 weeks. This is an approximate time frame set by the Canadian embassy. Candidates should know that it could also take longer and does not take into account the time when your application is with the Visa Application Centre. This is the processing time for when your Canadian student visa is processed in the embassy.

Student Visa Processing Time UK

For candidates wanting to study in the United Kingdom, the student visa processing time for the UK is about three weeks from the date of attending your appointment at the visa application centre (VAC). The time frame is for all short-term study visas, general student visas and child student visas. You might be able to get your visa faster, however, this is the average time taken for the processing of your UK student Visa.

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Student Visa Processing Time Ireland

Candidates wanting to study in Ireland would have to give the authorities a minimum of two weeks for the process of their Ireland Student Visa. Candidates should keep in mind that during peak seasons such as summer intakes and Christmas the processing times may increase beyond the stated timeframes above, therefore candidates are advised to submit their application well in advance of the travel date during peak season.

Student Visa Processing Time New Zealand

Candidates wanting to study in New Zealand would have to apply for a New Zealand Student Visa. The Student Visa Processing Time for New Zealand for the different study institutions (education providers) have been clearly defined for a better understanding of the applicant. Candidates can check the table below, to understand the approximate duration for their New Zealand student visa processing time. The New Zealand immigration office is committed to delivering the fastest possible service for visa applicants.

Student Visa Processing Time Germany

Candidates wanting to study in Germany should be aware that the student visa processing time for Germany is up to 25 working days for your student visa to be processed. Candidates are requested to submit all the supporting documents along with the required student visa fee (if any) along with their student visa application for the smooth processing of their German Student Visa application.

Student Visa Processing Time Singapore

Candidates wanting to study in Singapore would be excited to know that the Singapore student visa processing time for the country is as short as two weeks however it is safer to assume that it will take up to 4-5 weeks until approval.

Student Visa Processing Time Sweden

The student visa processing time for Sweden has been pegged at 3 weeks. It could also take less time. However, as mentioned for other countries it does not hurt to apply well in advance to avoid any last-minute hassle for candidates wanting to study in Sweden

Student Visa Processing Time Netherlands

Candidates wanting to study in the Netherlands are allowed to apply for their Netherlands Student Visa not before 3 months from the intended date of travel. And they should apply not later than 3 weeks from the intended date of travel. The decision on the Netherlands student visa would be made within 2 weeks from the date of receiving your visa application at the embassy. However, candidates are advised to apply early. In rare cases, visa applications could take up to 30 days if more time is needed, and up to 60 days in exceptional cases, for example, if extra documents are required.

Student Visa Processing Time France

Candidates wanting to study in France would be required to submit their France Student Visa, not before six months and not later than 3 weeks prior to their intended travel. The visa application could take longer if supporting documents are not provided along with the student visa application.

Student Visa Processing Time USA

Students wanting to study in the US on student visas F and M can apply up to 120 days in advance of the start date for a course of study. However, they will not be allowed to enter the United States on their student visa more than 30 days before the start date. 

* Note: Candidates should note that visa issuing offices continue to deal with a significant backlog of visa applicants who could not travel in 2020 and 2021, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to this, the visa processing time can take longer than what is mentioned above.

Timeline for Fall & Spring Intakes

Study in the US: Timeline for September intake

Study in Canada: Timeline for September intake

Study in Australia: Timeline for July intake

Study in the UK: Timeline for September intake

Candidates should ideally pay for airline or other travel tickets only after their student visa has been successfully processed. Candidates should note that no visa office is in a position to expedite applications. All applications are given personal attention and will be seen case-by-case basis. The days mentioned above would only include working days, all public holidays and the weekends are extra days and are generally not included in the processing time period.

Applicants are requested to ensure that their application is fully completed and submitted with enough time for a decision to be made before the date of travel. The information above has been sourced from the official immigration website and they have strongly advised students to submit their applications well in advance of the processing time. Whilst the visa office tries to minimize delays, it cannot be guaranteed that all applications will be processed on time as requested.

For more information on Student Visa, readers are most welcome to write to our study abroad counsellors or leave their queries in the comments section below.

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