Study in Malaysia: Introduction

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Rahul Singha
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Updated on Apr 11, 2020 18:49 IST

A lot of international students are drawn to study in Malaysia these days, from all over the world and not just India. Malaysia is a land of opportunities as far as postgraduate studies are concerned. Malaysian govt. has embarked on an aggressive pursuit to make the country the best destination to study medicine, online information services, electronic commerce, digital broadcasting, and many other industries.

The Malaysian government has also launched biotechnology initiatives on a big scale in terms of research and development. Recently Malaysia has become a number one destination in the world for foreign Muslim students. Africans, Indians, Chinese, Japanese and western students are flocking to the southeast Asian country to get their education. Presently there are more than 36,000 foreign from over 150 countries are pursuing their tertiary Education in Malaysia.

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Malaysia is affordable, its colleges have world-class facilities, is a racially diverse and peaceful country. Another benefit of pursuing studies in Malaysia is that students can bring along their family. The visa regulations of Malaysia allow a student’s immediate family (parents, spouse, and children) to stay with the student as long as the student is studying in Malaysia. The application for a dependent/spouse visa is simple.

Additionally, the tuition fee at Malaysia is among the lowest compared to the fees laid down by universities in UK, US, Australia, New Zealand, and other countries. One of the biggest advantages of studying in Malaysia is its location. Malaysia has close access to Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines, apart from being near to India. It is quite feasible for a student studying in Kuala Lumpur to take a cheap weekend vacation to Singapore or Bangkok. You can easily fly to India in about three hours. If you want to stay near home and want world-class education, then Malaysia is the perfect choice for you.

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