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Updated on Jan 14, 2020 11:05 IST

Disclaimer: The following conversation transpired in May 2018.

In conversation with Joniko Cao – Promotion & Recruitment Manager, Emlyon Business School, France; discussed the prospects of pursuing management programs at Emlyon Business School. Cao spoke at length about the college ranking and accreditation, the admission process, eligibility criteria, course and fee structure and job opportunities post-program completion were discussed with candidates in the session.

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Q. What are the available management programs at Emlyon Business School, France?

A. Here is a list of available programs with their duration at Emlyon Business School. These include,

Global Management Master Degree

  • MSc in Management – European Triple Degree (0-year work exp.) – 2 years
  • MBA (require a minimum of 3 years work exp.) – 1 year

MSc programs focus on one specialization

  • MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing – 16 months
  • MSc in Sports Industry Management – 16 months
  • MSc in Digital Marketing & Data Science – 16 months
  • MSc in International Hospitality Management – 16 months
  • MS in Quantitative Finance – 12 months

Q. What are the admission requirements for admission to the management programs at Emlyon Business School, France?

A. Candidates would be required to provide the university with the following as part of the application process:

  • Application Form
  • Bachelor Degree from a recognized university (percentage would vary depending on course)
  • English Proficiency test scores (IELTS/TOEFL)
  • And this would be followed by an interview

Q. Any other essential information for students looking to apply for further studies at Emlyon Business School, France?

A. GMAT is an essential exam for candidates looking to study at Emlyon Business School, however, it is not mandatory. Students are required to check the courses and their eligibility criteria. Students appearing for their IELTS exam are required to secure a minimum IELTS score of 6.5 to be eligible to apply. An internship is mandatory for all programs except for students opting for the MBA program. The average pay for an internship program is €1500 per month.

Q. Is knowing French mandatory for pursuing your education at Emlyon Business School, France?

A. No. Students would be glad to know that it is not mandatory for them to know French for pursuing their higher education at Emlyon Business School. Moreover, the school offers its students a chance to learn French through its language centre as a third or fourth language.

Q. Could you brief us a little about the fee structure of the courses available at the Emlyon Business School?

A. Candidates wanting to pursue MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing are required to pay €32,000 for the entire duration and students wanting to pursue MS in Quantitative Finance are required to pay €22,500 for the entire duration. Candidates can look at the courses available, fee structure and eligibility criteria of all the available courses at Emlyon Business School.

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Q. Are scholarships available at the Emlyon Business School?

A. Scholarships are available for deserving students. Candidates are required to check with the Emlyon Business School for their eligibility and other details.

Q. What would MSc in Sports Industry Management module include?

A. For students wanting to pursue MSc in Sports Industry Management, their course would include the following. In the 16-month period (minimum) you will study management as it relates specifically to the sports business, and share the classroom with students from all over the world.

Starting your studies in Paris, you will acquire the fundamentals of management in a global environment and benefit from industry-specific courses all the while learning and applying Emlyon Business School’s innovative and entrepreneurial early maker pedagogy.

To deepen your knowledge, expertise and help you manage the specifics of the sports industry, you will also benefit from field trips to London (UK), Munich (Germany) and the French Alps throughout the first few months of the program. After your time in Europe, where you will have the opportunity to visit companies, meet and hear from experts, and gain a special outlook on the outdoor industry, you will move on to Emlyon Business School’s Shanghai campus, for the “Asian Business Environment” module.

Q. What are the employment opportunities for students looking to pursue their education at Emlyon Business School?

A. The majority of the graduates (98%) from the Emlyon Business School, France find jobs within three months after their graduation. However, if you wish to work in France, a B2 - C1 language level is mandatory.

Q. Where are Emlyon Business School graduates employed?

A. Emlyon Business School graduates are employed with companies like Accenture, AXA, Bioderma International, GL Events, HSBC, Interpol, Morgan, P&G, Sodexo among many others.

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Candidates looking for more information about admission to the  Emlyon Business School, France can write to Joniko Cao at

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