Reasons for Rejection of Sweden Student Visa

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Sweden Study Visa Rejection: Sweden has over the years emerged as a favourable study abroad destination and rightly so. They have a very student-friendly approach, state of the art facilities and above all an adequate education system. The number of Indian students studying in Sweden currently stands at 2,000 (July 2021) as per a report by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India.

Students looking to study in Sweden or anywhere across the world would require to have a study pass often termed a student visa to be legally allowed to enter a foreign country for the purpose of education. Similarly, in Sweden, students would require a Sweden Student Visa to legally enter the country for the purpose of education. However, before they can have their dreams come true, they face a major hurdle which is a Visa Interview, where there is a slight probability of their study visa getting rejected for reasons mentioned below. However, students should know that a visa being rejected would only mean that there is an underlying problem with your Sweden study visa application that needs rectification. Read on to know how to avoid any such mistakes to have your study visa processed successfully.

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Top Reasons for Rejection of Sweden Study Visa

Here we are going to talk about some common mistakes that candidates make while applying for their study abroad student visa, and how to best avoid them. This way, the visa would never be rejected in the first place.

Not understanding the questions properly

For a lot of students, it is the first time they are actually filling out a visa application form. A lot of the terms in the visa application are technical and others require very specific information. So there is always room for students to misinterpret the question. Hence it is always advisable that students understand the question before filling out their Sweden Student Visa application form.

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Submission of incomplete application form

Another mistake with the visa application is leaving out important/relevant questions in the form. Students got to understand that the visa application form is the document that would represent them at the consulate. Hence it is important that the visa application form is able to paint a just picture of the candidate visiting the foreign country for study.

Less research

A lot of times, students do not have information on the course they are preparing for, the college or the destination they are visiting. It is important for the candidate to do his homework well. Officials at the visa centre would be very interested to know whether the candidate is genuinely interested to visit the country to study or does he have other intentions in mind. Hence, it is important for the candidate to know about his university/college, his course and the destination of his education.

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Submitting Incomplete Documents 

A Visa application is always submitted with a set of supporting documents to further the student’s cause of education in a foreign country. Hence it is important that the student submits all the documents that the form requires. Candidates should keep in mind that the documents would also need to be in compliance with international standards. Hence, it should not be in any foreign language and should comply with international standards.

Insufficient Financial Proof

Another important thing the application form would require you to mention is your financial information. It is very important for candidates to be honest about their financial information, as any irregularities in the information could lead to the cancellation of the application of the candidate.


Candidates would also have to state their academic background, immigration background among many others. The prime job of the visa officer is to allow students who can blend into the standard of the country and also study and benefit most from it among other things. Hence, it is important that candidates provide accurate information.


Most importantly, it goes with all application forms and not just pertaining to a visa application form is honesty. Be it on the form or at the personal interview round candidates are required to be honest as any discrepancies could lead to the cancellation of their visa application form.

Earlier Visa Refusal

If your previous visa application was refused and your situation has not changed since or the candidate has failed to provide information as to why their Study Visa application should be accepted, is a good ground for a visa refusal.

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Personal interview

The personal round is where the candidate has a face to face interview with the visa official. The candidate should always appear sharp and confident. He would be posed questions or asked to clear doubts the visa officer may have during the time of reviewing his visa application form. The candidate should appear calm and dapper and answer the questions posed to him. At the end of the interview, the candidate would be informed about the state of his visa application.

What happens if your visa gets rejected?

Most of the time, the visa application is rejected due to the reasons mentioned above. The visa officer would inform you about the reason for the rejection and ask you to apply after the cool-off period. Candidates are required to rectify their mistakes and apply to the visa application centre after the cool-off period. The cool-off period in question is the requisite gap between two visa application submissions that candidates have to follow before applying for their visa again. for more help, talk to our Overseas Admission Counseling.

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