Things you should include in your MS Resume

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MS Applications are rather more or less technical. Also, majority of the students applying for MS applications do not have a work experience to talk about, leaving for them, a big gap in your resume. However, it is important to note that Resumes for MS application need not be bare. On the contrary, there are many things which you can include in the same. And apart from the regular, the other two component which are the hero of your MS Resume is – Research and Project Based Experiences.

Things you should include in your MS Resume

Remember, an MS resume devoid of technical/practical experience is no different than an undergraduate resume. So ensure that you stand out by suggesting what all you have done in the subject you wish to pursue your MS in.

An MS applicant must focus on including as much research experience in the SOP as possible. The major projects the applicant may have undertaken will add much value to their SOP and thus, must be mentioned in detail. In addition, you must include the internships, presentations, workshops, publications, honours, certifications, funding, professional experience, etc. For more information on this, you may consider reading How to Prepare Resume for MS Application.

Here are a few heads that should be included in your Resume for MS Applications:

Academic Projects: The academic projects must be mentioned in such a way in your resume that it clearly reflects your individual role and contribution to the project. Thus, you must clearly mention what YOU did in the project and not just what your team did.

Internships/Training: Internships are another important aspect of your resume. You must mention explicitly your learning and knowledge gained during the various internships may have undertaken. Also, don’t forget to mention your individual contribution to the projects undertaken by you during the internships/training.

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Presentations/Workshops: you must elaborately mention the presentations or workshops or both in your resume. Make sure you mention the knowledge imparted as well as gained by you during your participation in these presentations or workshops. Write the topic of presentation/workshop, when and where you presented it and what you learnt from it.

Conferences and Seminars: These are also one of the key attributes to be considered while preparing your resume. List the most relevant conferences/seminars you may have attended in your academic/professional history. Mention your role in the seminars/conferences. Write whether you delivered, attended or were a part of the judging panel. Also, write the knowledge relevant to the field you gained or imparted during these events.

Publications: Include any publication you may have published/patented during your academic/professional experience. Also, mention the journal where it is published.

Recognitions and Honours: Showcase any prize, awards, honours, acknowledgement, etc. you may have achieved along with the organization/body that granted it to you.

Professional History: Mention in detail your professional qualification/experience. You must mention your designation, organization name and duration of your job at the organization. Also, your role and responsibility at this organization must be elaborated upon including the projects you may have undertaken here, clients you may have worked with, your professional achievements, etc. Always remember to quantify your achievements.

Other skills and qualifications: Other than the above mentioned major headings, you must also mention the other skills you gained otherwise like your computer skills, certifications, etc. These also play a vital role in establishing you as a prospective student in the eyes of the Admission Committee. Read How to Prepare an Impressive Resume for more information on this.

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Can I mention my Internships in the employment section while applying to any university?

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Yes. Internships are part of practical experience.

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