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Updated on Jul 22, 2022 11:30 IST

Many international students are dreaming to get admission to a Bachelor of Science degree in the UK. Universities in UK are popular for their undergraduate programs. B.Sc. in the UK comes is the common degree for the first year of college. This three years duration program helps students to develop their mathematical and problem-solving skills.

The Bachelor of Science degree awarded in the different specializations of Natural Science, Engineering, MBBS, Agriculture, etc. It is a complete program set of academic studies and is known for its different titles like B Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Engineering, and many more. 

B.Sc. in UK Highlights

Number of Bachelor of Science Colleges in the UK

100+ (approx.)

Bachelor of Science Cost in the UK

1st Year Average Tuition Fees is INR 20.37 lakh

Average Living Expenses is INR 5.89 lakh per year

Top Specializations

Biology, Mathematics, MBBS, Agriculture, Nursing, etc.

Admission Process


Universities in the UK are highly recognized in the world due to their classic academic education. Studying in the UK gives you a highly multicultural environment and a chance of pursuing a lucrative career after completing the Bachelor’s degree.  

Top 10 B.Sc. Universities in the UK according to QS Rankings

The United Kingdom is the home of world-ranked universities known for their excellent academics. We have listed below the top 10 B.Sc. Universities in the UK where internationals can apply to complete their Bachelor’s degree.


QS Ranking (by subject) 2022

Harvard University


University of Oxford


Johns Hopkins University


University of Cambridge


Stanford University


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


Karolinska Institutet




University of California, San Francisco


Imperial College London


(Source: QS)

Top B.Sc. Universities in the UK by US News

The UK is the home of world popular universities that achieve an impressive ranking. International students can check the below list of some top B.Sc. Universities in the UK as mentioned by the US News Ranking.


US News Ranking (by subject)

University of Oxford


University College London


Imperial College London


University of Cambridge


University of Edinburg


University of Surrey


Lancaster University


University of Manchester


University of Birmingham


University of Southampton


(Source: US News)

Bachelor of Science Specializations


Biology (Sciences)

Food & Health Science


General Studies


Nursing & Paramedical



Applied Science


Computer Science & Engineering

Bachelor of Science Fees in the UK

Universities in Uk offer the Bachelor of Science program at an affordable budget. International students can find low-cost universities in the country where they can complete their degree in under INR 40 lakh.

  • The average Bachelor of Science Fees in the UK is INR 20.37 lakh (1st Year). The average fee is calculated from the B.Sc. courses in the UK.
  • The average living cost in the UK is INR 5.89 lakh per year. You can see the average cost of living in UK  based on 254 colleges.

Student’s Visa cost for the UK

International students need to pay around INR 31,000 as a student Visa cost for the UK. Applicants who are going to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree from UK Universities require a Visa. Applicants can check the Requirements for Students Visa in UK and apply for it.

The United Kingdom Government has two categories of student visas i.e. Tier 4 (General) Student Visa, and Tier 4 (Child) Student Visa. Indian students can select the UK as their dream location to Study Abroad and complete a Bachelor of Science degree in multiple specializations.

Bachelor of Science Colleges in the UK: Eligibility Criteria

Are you planning to get admission to Universities in the UK for your undergraduate program? Then you need to fulfill the basic criteria mentioned by the universities in the country. Below we have the basic criteria for admission to the B.Sc. program in the UK:

  • Complete the Higher Secondary Education from a recognized board or institute.
  • Must score at least or above 60% marks in 10+2 class. Kerala board students must score above 65% in their HSE
  • International students are required to submit their scores on the following English proficiency tests IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, and Duolingo
  • Submit the Letter of Recommendation and Statement of Purpose for the bachelor’s program.

Work permit after Bachelor of Science in the UK

Recently, the Government of the United Kingdom has opened the Post Study Work (Graduate Route Visa) for foreign students. This will allow international students as well as the Indian students to study in the country for work after completing their undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering.

  • Students can work up to 20hours in a week (only degree level or more students).
  • 10-hour work permit during course term for language center students.
  • The work permit visa is valid only for 2 years.

Bachelor of Science Scholarship for the UK

International students get Scholarships in UK through different firms or organizations available in the country.  Over 100 scholarship programs that candidates get in their Bachelor of Science program. We have listed below some of the highest-paid scholarship programs for students.

  • Global Study Awards – 10,14,000
  • QS Undergraduate Scholarship – 3,68,800
  • Golden Key Graduate Scholar Award – INR 1,85,975
  • Early Bird Discount – 1,52,100

Bachelor of Science Jobs & Salaries for the UK

There are multiple highly salaried profiles available for Bachelor of Science candidates in the UK. Every year, so many recruiters hire undergraduate students in the B.Sc. program and offer them the best salary package in the industry. We have listed below some of the most paid profiles for international students.


Average Package (in £)

Software Engineer


Data Analyst


Project Manager


Data Scientist


Research Scientist


Director of Analytics


(Source: Payscale)

List of Top publicly funded universities in the UK

Check the list of top publicly funded universities in the UK that offer the B.Sc. program in different specializations.


1st Year Course Fee (in Lakh)

University of East London


Teesside University


Coventry University


University of Greenwich


University of Hertfordshire


King's College London


University of Manchester


University of Birmingham


London Metropolitan University


Imperial College London



Top Bachelor of Science Recruiters

The top recruiters in the UK hire undergraduate students in the Bachelor of Science program. Applicants get the best salary offer based on their talent and knowledge. We have listed below some of the popular recruiters in the country for international students.

  • Eppeok Solutions Private Limited
  • Yuvisha Technologies
  • JMD Railtech Pvt. Ltd.
  • Arrow Electronics
  • EZE Software Group
  • Espire Infolabs


Bachelor of Science in UK FAQs

Q. Which is the best Science degree in the UK for students?

A. According to research conducted in August 2018, Aeronautical engineers topped the list of highest-paid jobs in the UK. The average salary that an Aeronautical Engineer get is around £51,448. Other science degrees like civil or chemical engineering individually get £47,503 and £45,527.


Q. Is a Bachelor of Science degree good?

A. Yes, a Bachelor of Science degree is good as it allows students to work in fields like business, education, sciences, or technology. Students who have completed their undergraduate degree in B.Sc. get varieties of fields i.e. engineering, computer programming, finance, etc.

Q. Which are the top courses to study in the UK?

A. 7 Best Courses to study in UK are Computer Science, MBA, MBBS, Finance, Law, Engineering, and Fashion designing. International students can get admission to any of the above programs after meeting the criteria.

Q. Which are the most popular specializations of B.Sc. in the UK?

A. Biology (Sciences), Mathematics, Pharmacy, Agriculture, MBBS, Applied Science, Computer Science & Engineering, and General Study are some of the major specializations in B.Sc. in the  UK.

Q. What is the average tuition fee of the Bachelor of Science program?

A. International applicants who have applied to the Bachelor of Science program in the UK need to pay around INR 20/- lakh (average) per year. This average fee is based on over 1200 BSc. Course available in the UK.

Q. What is the living cost in the UK for Indian Students?

A. Living Cost in UK for Indian students is around INR 5.89 lakh yearly. This calculation is based on over 250 universities available in the UK. The average accommodation is around INR 1100 per week.

Q. How do I get admission to the B.Sc. program in the UK?

A. To get admission to B.Sc. program in UK international students are required to fulfill all the admission criteria. Applicants need to complete their higher secondary education with a good score and qualify for the English proficiency examinations.

Q. Which are the low-cost universities in the UK to study B.Sc. program?

A. Teesside University, BPP University, University of Bolton, the University of the West of Scotland, University of Huddersfield, etc. are the low-cost Universities in the UK to study the B.Sc. program.

Q. Who much a Bachelor of Science student can earn in the UK?

A. A Bachelor of Science students can earn up to £40,000 per year. There are so many job profiles for B.Sc. graduate candidates in which students can high salary packages.

Q. Do international students get scholarships in the UK during the B.Sc. program?

A. Yes, International students get a scholarship during their B.Sc. program. There are over 100 scholarship programs for undergraduate students. Just check the eligibility criteria and apply for the scholarship in the UK.

Q. Is Uk good for Study Abroad?

A. Yes, the UK is the best choice to Study abroad. This country has the highest number of world-ranked universities that offer the best academic program to international students. Students get scholarships and lots of opportunities in the country.