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Aston University, situated in Birmingham, England, is one of the leading public research universities in the UK. The university campus is located in the heart of Birmingham, spread over a land of 60 acres in the Gosta Green area. The campus includes a swimming pool, sports centres, a library, restaurants, cafes, shops, a health centre, a hairdresser and a lot of green space. Aston University is widely known internationally for its research and education excellence.

Aston Business School is amongst the oldest founded business schools in the UK and still the largest, with triple accreditation awarded by the three leading accreditation associations for business schools in the world. There are only 73 schools worldwide with triple accreditation.

Aston University has more than 250 partnerships in around 45 nations with a host of prominent establishments across the world. These partnerships cover more than 140 universities. Countries like India, China, and Hong Kong are among the 45 countries.

Table of Contents
  1. Courses Offered
  2. Eligibility & Documents Required
  3. Application & Tuition Fees
  4. Scholarships & Financial Aid
  5. Admission Process
  6. Student Diversity & Preferred Profile
  7. Part Time Work While Studying
  8. Campuses & Accommodation
  9. University Contact Information

Courses Offered

What are the courses available to international students?

Aston University offers graduate and postgraduate courses in its different schools. It offers 109 undergraduate courses and 97 postgraduate courses. It offers a number of postgraduate degrees, including Accounting, MBA, Clinical Psychology, etc. Some of the popular majors offered in degree programs are:

Aston Popular Courses

The university also has several online programs wherein international students may find their dream courses.

Eligibility & Documents Required

What are the eligibility requirements?

Aston University understands that the education system of each country differs and accepts applications from more than 120 countries. Hence, the university has stated the criteria separately for different countries.

Indian Academic Criteria

The academic requirements of undergraduate and postgraduate courses for Indian students are given below:



Undergraduate Requirements

The aggregate of the 10th and 12th examinations should be a minimum of 75-85% aggregate

Postgraduate Requirements

Graduation from a recognised Indian university in relevant subjects with at least 60% aggregate or above

MBA Requirements

First-class in graduation, along with a minimum of three years of managerial work experience

GMAT or GRE score increases chances of acceptance

Non-Eligible Candidates

Candidates with non-standard academic foundations might be welcomed for an informal interview by the Admissions Tutor. Other eligible candidates are welcome to go to a UCAS open day. Students who apply to Science courses and standard Engineering courses who have not examined the fundamental subjects might be considered for entry to the Foundation Year.

English Proficiency for Indian Students

Apart from the aforementioned requirements, international students from non-English-speaking countries like India must prove their language proficiency. While the university accepts the most popular exams such as TOEFL (iBT), IELTS Academic, and PTE Academic for all courses, a few courses also accept the Aston Online English Test and Duolingo English Test (DET).

Please note that the scores requirements at Aston differ with differ schools. The minimum scores required in IELTS/TOEFL/PTE for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses offered by different schools are given below:

Aston Schools

Minimum Score for Undergraduates

Minimum Score for Postgraduates

TOEFL iBT Exam Scores

Aston Medical School



Aston Business School



Engineering and Applied Science



Life and Health Sciences



Languages and Social Sciences



PTE Academic Exam Scores

Aston Medical School



Aston Business School



Engineering and Applied Science



Life and Health Sciences



Languages and Social Sciences



IELTS Academic Exam Scores (in Bands)

Aston Medical School



Aston Business School



Engineering and Applied Science



Life and Health Sciences



Languages and Social Sciences



Note: Some of the courses may have higher score requirements or different academic and language requirements. Please refer to the intended course page on the university website to check the exact limit on each course.

What are the documents needed for the application?

The documents required at the time of admission at Aston University are given below:

Documents for Undergraduate Application

  • Completion certificate of secondary and higher secondary school
  • English proficiency test score
  • Financial statement of a guardian or your financial statement, depending on who pays the fees
  • Passport copy
  • Health insurance
  • Foreign transcript evaluation

Documents for Postgraduate Application

  • Official transcripts of all academic documents
  • Two references
  • A personal statement
  • English Proficiency test score
  • Financial statement of the guardian
  • Passport copy
  • Health insurance
  • Work experience details (for MBA application)
  • GMAT or GRE score to increase the chances of admission (for MBA application)

Note: Document requirements may vary with different programs. To check the exact requirements, please refer to the intended course page on the university website.

Application & Tuition Fees

Is there any application fees?

Admission to undergraduate courses at Aston University is done through the UCAS application portal. The application fee for UCAS is GBP 20 for one course and GBP 26 for multiple courses.

Postgraduates may apply to the university online directly via university’s admission portal which charges GBP 18 per application.

What is the fee structure of courses offered by the university?

Tuition fee for courses at Aston University vary as per the level of degree and programme chosen by a student. Here is a graphical representation of an estimate of the least and highest fee based on the level of programme offered at the university in the academic year 2020-2021:

Aston Tuition Fee

Source: Aston University

Note: Tuition fees might be different for different courses and majors. Additionally, the overall cost of the study is likely to include additional charges such as books, supplies, health insurance, student fees, living expenses, and miscellaneous expenses. University reserves all rights to revise the tuition fee before a new academic session. To learn about the latest course fees, it is recommended to check the university website.

Scholarships & Financial Aid

Is there any scholarship or financial aid available for international students?

Aston University offers scholarships to undergraduate and graduate applicants based on academic excellence, overall personality to represent the university, and to those with a consistently good academic record.

Scholarship Details

  • There are mainly two types of scholarships available for international students studying at Aston University
    • Tuition Fee Loan
    • Living Cost Loan
  • With scholarships ranging from GBP 3,000 to GBP 8,000, Aston stands out, supporting international students studying abroad
  • Students can also get external financial aid and scholarships in the UK
  • Around 98% of students get some kind of scholarship at Aston University

All postgraduates are considered for a 20% discount instantly after being selected depending upon the course-specific criteria.

Note: Scholarship deadlines and amounts may vary. For more details on the scholarship application process and deadlines, please visit the university’s scholarship webpage.

Admission Process

When do the admissions start?

The university has a single intake session for undergraduates in the Fall Semester. The tentative deadline for the same is mid-January via UCAS Application Portal. Deadlines for postgraduate courses keep on changing throughout the year. Students are encouraged to check the school/department’s website for exact deadlines.

Undergraduate applications are taken once a year at Aston. The university strictly suggests that international students fill in their application form for admission in the deadline to get enough time to apply for a visa. Although application forms are still available after the deadline, admission may get delayed due to late form filling.

Aston University is very strict about late admissions and does not entertain such behaviour. Applications for certain undergraduate and postgraduate courses may be closed after the tentative deadline if there are enough applicants already.

What are the steps to the application process?

International students may apply to the university online via dedicated undergraduate and postgraduate portals. Students are suggested to fill up the application form and keep documents ready well in advance.

Undergraduate Application Steps

Using the UCAS application portal, international undergraduates may apply digitally. To start a foreign application, new users need to register first with personal information. Applicants can review and track their applications online through the UCAS track or the university’s application portal. Refer to the applications steps at:

Postgraduate Application Steps

For a postgraduate programme at Aston University, international students may apply via the university’s application portal.

Step 1: Visit and create a new account using your basic details.

Aston Application Steps

Step 2: Add personal details such as country of birth, nationality, and gender.

Aston Application Steps

Step 3: Enter your complete address with city and postal code. Also, add a mobile number.

Aston Application Steps

Step 4: Add academic qualifications and proof of English proficiency.

Aston Application Steps

Step 5: Enter passport and visa details.

Aston Application Steps

Step 6: Add two credible references.

Step 7: Preview the application form and submit it.

Next, wait for the results.

When will I hear from the university after I submit my application?

After filling in and sending the completed application, the University will send a confirmation mail within 5 working days via email. Therefore, it is recommended to register with an active email ID and check it frequently for the latest updates on admission related information. Also, students must remain active on the official website of the university to stay updated with any admission related announcements.

Student Diversity & Preferred Profile

What are the chances of getting into this university? What is the acceptance rate for international students?

With an acceptance rate of 82.5%, Aston gives the student a fair chance of getting into their dream college to all its national and international applicants. When it comes to accepting students for its Business School, the university prefers students with relevant work experience and an impressive GMAT/GRE score.

If you meet the criteria and perform well in the interview, there is a fair chance of you getting into Aston University. The university considers the overall personality of the applicant while making the admission decision. Factors such as academic performance, extracurricular activities, communication skills, and interpersonal skills are considered for admission.

How many Indian/international students study at the university?

As per the 2020-2021 student enrolment data, students from more than 120 countries applied and got selected at Aston. In a university of approximately 13,000 students, there are over 3,000 international students, making it a place of diversity.

Aston Student Body 2020-2021

Given below is a graphical representation of Aston students:

Aston Student Body

Source: Aston University

Students from over 120 countries, including India, stay together in harmony at Aston’s campus.

Part Time Work While Studying

Can I work while studying here?

Yes, international students at Aston University are allowed to work. Students holding tier 4 visas are allowed to work under certain restrictions, which are explained programme-wise below:

International Undergraduate Working Rules:

  • A maximum of 20 hours per week
  • Full-time work is allowed only during vacations
  • No self-employment
  • You cannot work as a professional sportsperson

International Graduate Working Rules:

  • A maximum of 20 hours per week
  • Full-time work is allowed only during vacations
  • No self-employment
  • Can take up teaching assistantship or research assistantship
  • You cannot work as a professional sportsperson

International Research Students Working Rules:

  • A maximum of 20 hours of work per week until the degree, i.e., until the bound thesis is submitted
  • No self-employment
  • Can take up teaching assistantship or research assistantship
  • Cannot work as a professional sportsperson

Working Hours

A limit of 20 hours of paid or unpaid work each week during the exposition component of the course other than during formally endorsed excursions and days when the college is officially shut for Christmas, Easter, and bank holidays

Note: International students are advised to check the conditions of working in a foreign country on their study visa. They are also advised to confirm any specific instructions on the same from their respective departments and faculties. Under no circumstances should they be found compromising with the law and order of the country.

Students must also get familiar with the rules and regulations of working in a foreign country and learn about the minimum wages they are entitled to. For more details, students can check the on and off-campus opportunities on the university website. Also, refer to the UK Student Visa Guide.

Campuses & Accommodation

How many colleges and campuses does the university have?

Aston University has only one campus that features:

  • A campus covering 60 acres of green land
  • 12 schools and colleges divided as per the discipline
  • More than 130 clubs and groups run by university students

The Birmingham International Airport is situated in close proximity of 14.5 miles from Aston University.

Is on-campus housing available? How much does it cost?

Aston University gives excellent accommodation on its campus in association with Unite Students. First-year students are guaranteed accommodation on campus. New college students who meet the required standards are guaranteed a room in Aston Student Village.


Aston University provides 5 and 7-bed convenient alternatives in James Watt, William Murdoch, and Mary Sturge homes. All rooms are furnished by the university, accompanied by 24-hour security and free high-speed Wi-Fi.

Students can choose to live on campus and can select from among the various meal plans offered. Using meal plans, they can eat in the campus’s cafes without the need for cash.

Accommodation Charges*

Students need to pay 250 GBP as confirmation. The off-campus accommodation is coordinated through Aston Students' Union, which will help you find rental spaces across the city. The living expenses at the university are GBP 5,661. The lease of this convenience is given below:


Rent* (in GBP)

James Watt (5 bed/ 7 bed)

6,269 – 6,541

William Murdoch (5 bed/ 7 bed)

6,269 – 6,541

Mary Sturge

6,269 – 7,293

Source: Aston University

*Living costs vary depending on students’ lifestyle choices. Additionally, housing and dining rates are subject to change with progressive years. To know the exact costs of on or off-campus accommodation, please check the university’s accommodations webpage.

Note: Students must run a security check on any off-campus accommodation they choose. Also, they must prepare for the additional charges and facilities offered in off-campus housing. Since accommodations are offered on a contractual basis, it is recommended to do a thorough check before investing a huge amount in an unknown place.

University Contact Information

Whom should I contact in case of doubts?

Students can contact the university in case of doubts and queries at:


Address: Aston University, Aston St, Birmingham B4 7ET, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 121 204 3000


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