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The Manchester Metropolitan University is a public university for higher education and research programmes. The university has a global network of 300,000 alumni from 144 countries. The Manchester Met is a prestigious business school with a diverse community of over 140 countries. The university is famous for its unique architecture, recreational centres, and city view for students and has two campuses. The Manchester Met is also recognised as one of the greenest universities in the UK. The university has several work-based learning modules, world-class research programmes, and teaching excellence for the exceptional academic experience of students.

The university is also famous for its Student Union that hosts various student-oriented programmes. The Student Union of the university governs clubs, organisations, and diverse educational and recreational programmes. The university sports teaching excellence framework to deliver a high-quality teaching and learning experience to the students. The student to faculty ratio is 1:15. The university is an integral part of an elite group of schools and has set a “benchmark of excellence” worldwide. The university was awarded the Queen's Anniversary Prize for the multilingual poetry project “Mother Tongue Other Tongue”.

Table of Contents
  1. Courses Offered
  2. Eligibility & Documents Required
  3. Application & Tuition Fees
  4. Scholarships & Financial Aid
  5. Admission Process
  6. Student Diversity & Preferred Profile
  7. Part Time Work While Studying
  8. Campuses & Accommodation
  9. University Contact Information

Courses Offered

What all courses are available to international students?

The Manchester Metropolitan University offers more than 200 undergraduate and graduate programmes. The university has more than 38,000 students from over 140 countries. The university is categorised into four faculties of Humanities, Languages and Social Sciences. These are as follows:

  1. English
  2. History, Politics, and Philosophy
  3. Languages, Informations, and Communications:
    1. Languages, Linguistics and TESOL
    2. Journalism, Information, and Communication
  4. Sociology

Popular Undergraduate Courses:

Some of the popular undergraduate courses in the university are as follows:

Manchester Metropolitan UG Courses

Popular Postgraduate Courses:

Some of the popular postgraduate courses of the university are as follows:

Manchester Metropolitan PG Courses

Eligibility & Documents Required

What are the eligibility requirements?

The Manchester Metropolitan University selects the students on their academic excellence and performance. Completing a high school degree is necessary to apply to undergraduate programmes and a graduation degree for postgraduate courses.

Eligibility Requirements:

English Proficiency Tests

Undergraduate Courses

Postgraduate and Research Courses


6.0 or above

6.5 or above


79 or above

89 or above

PTE Academic

61 or above

65 or above

Language Cert International

B2 Pass (no component below 33/50)

B2 High Pass (no component below 33/50)

Cambridge English Tests

170 points or above

180 points or above

Courses with Non-standard English Requirements:


IELTS Score Requirement

BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy

6.5 or above

BA (Hons) Architecture

6.5 or above

BSc (Hons) Pathology and Therapy

7.5 or above

LLB (Hons)

6.5 or above

Ph.D. Education

7.0 or above

MSc Public Relations

7.0 or above

MA Multimedia Journalism

7.0 or above

MA Linguistics

6.5 or above

Graduate Diploma in Law

7.5 or above

Other Research Courses

6.5 or above

Note: Requirements may vary with different programmes and specialisations. For exact details on eligibility requirements, please visit the intended programme page on the university’s eligibility webpage.

What all documents are required for the application?

All documents must be in the English language. If not, students must get it translated by authorised officers.

List of Documents:

Note: Requirements may vary with different programmes and specialisations. For exact details on document requirements, please visit the intended programme page on the university’s eligibility webpage.

Application & Tuition Fees

Is there any application fees?

The application fee to apply to any programme at Manchester Metropolitan University is GBP 60. The amount of application is non-refundable. Students may pay the fees via secure online payment facilities of the university. Please note that students facing financial hardships can request a fee waiver.

What is the fee structure of different courses available at the university?

The annual fee structure for different programmes offered at Manchester Metropolitan University to international students for the academic session 2021-2022 is given below:

Manchester Metropolitan Tuition Fee

Source: Manchester Metropolitan University

Note: Fee is subject to change with progressive years. Students may refer to the university’s tuition fee webpage for the latest tuition fees.

Scholarships & Financial Aid

Is there any scholarship or financial aid available for international students?

International students can avail scholarships from two sources:

  • Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Other international organisations

Manchester Metropolitan University provides the following scholarships:

  1. General and vice-Chancellor’s awards – This scholarship is available to international undergraduate and graduate students and is awarded to exceptional students.
  2. Postgraduate scholarships for specific courses – The university faculties provide the scholarships to specific students studying the particular courses in the universities.  The faculties include Arts and Humanities, Business and Law, Education, Health, Psychology, and Social Care, and Science and Engineering.
  3. Research scholarships – International students may get scholarships while working on research projects. These research projects include advanced computing, Advanced Materials, Business and Law, Bioscience, History, Ecology and Environment, Education and Social Research, Integrated Health and Social Care, etc.
  4. Sports Scholarships – The university provides sports scholarships to leading sports players studying in a full-time course.

For details related to the scholarship application process and deadlines, please visit the scholarship page of the university.

Admission Process

When do admissions start?

The majority of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes are offered by the end of January and June. The deadlines of the programmes vary as per the courses. In the case of graduate programmes, there is no fixed deadline. The admission deadline for regular and late admissions are as follows:



Regular Admission


Late Admission


*Deadlines are subject to change with progressive years. We encourage our students to visit the university’s official website for the exact and latest information.

What are the steps to the application process?

International applicants may apply to different programmes at the Manchester Metropolitan University (Man Met) online. Refer to the step-by-step application steps given below:

Undergraduate Application Steps

International undergraduates can apply via the UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Services) application portal referring to the following:

Note: Students can apply for up to five courses at the university. The code for Manchester Metropolitan University is 'M40'. Also, note that if the online application does not have your preferred course listed, complete your postgraduate application form and submit it at and attach all the documents in PDF format.

Postgraduate Students

International postgraduates may directly apply via the university application portal. To apply follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Open the university’s postgraduate admission link and search for the course for which you wish to apply at

Man Met Application Steps

Step 2: Fill in all the information mentioned on the webpage. The details include personal information, contact information, demography, citizenship status, email address, residential address, etc.

Man Met Application Steps

Step 3: Complete your application requirements, submit the essay, work experience, portfolio, if any.

Man Met Application Steps

Step 4: The last step is to accept the declaration, terms, and conditions. After accepting, submit it.

Man Met Application Steps

Next, wait for the results.

When will I hear from the university after I submit my application?

The university assesses the applications with their respective rules and regulations.  It takes about four to eight weeks to receive a decision. It can take a longer time, depending upon the field of study. You can check the university’s website for more updates on the time slot.

Student Diversity & Preferred Profile

What is the acceptance rate of the university?

The average acceptance rate of Manchester Metropolitan University is 56%. However, the university is very selective of its candidates. Due to high competition, the acceptance rate varies every year. Some courses might require auditions and additional interviews.

A strong academic record is required for smooth admission to the university. International applicants need to meet the eligibility criteria and have more than the average score in English Proficiency Tests for easy admission.

How many Indian/international students are studying at the university?

The Manchester Metropolitan University has more than 33,000 students, including undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral students. Out of the total student population, over 1,600 students are international from more than 140 countries.

Manchester Metropolitan Student Body

Source: Manchester Metropolitan University

The chart above shows that 1,600 international students make up to 5% of the total student body at the university.

Part Time Work While Studying

Can I work while studying here?

International students can work on and off-campus. International students must have a legal work permit to continue to work in the UK. The timing of off-campus work includes 16 hours of work per week during a regular session. Those who wish to work for more than 16 hours per week are advised to check out the restrictions against their study course and term time of the course. The maximum part-time work hours include 20 hours if students are studying at the Manchester Metropolitan for undergraduate or graduate courses.

During holidays and summer vacations, a candidate can work more than 20 hours a week.

Student Visa working Restrictions:

If a candidate is a Tier 4 student visa holder, the following restrictions are applied:

  • A candidate cannot fill a full-time vacancy
  • No self-employment or freelance work
  • Cannot set up an independent business
  • No job/work as a sport person

International candidates should have:

  • Legal study Visa
  • Meet the eligibility criteria of the off-campus study programme
  • Study programmes for over 6 months
  • Have already started the degree programmes

Students can search for work in the following ways:

  • Job platforms
  • Career services
  • University magazines and newspapers
  • Notice boards in the university
  • Private Job Agencies
  • Listed vacancies
  • Social media platforms

Note: For detailed information on working while studying, international students may refer to the UK Student Visa Guide. Also, students must refer to the university's website for more details and check with their respective departments before taking up any on or off-campus jobs in the UK.

Campuses & Accommodation

How many colleges and campuses does the university have?

Manchester Metropolitan University has two major campuses in the city.

It also includes the Manchester School of Art, the Manchester School of Theatre, and the Manchester School of Architecture in collaboration with the University of Manchester.

The university also has four research centres, listed as follows:

  1. Arts and Humanities
  2. Education, Business and Social Sciences
  3. Health and Social Care
  4. Science and Engineering

International students are free to take up research in any of these areas.

Is on-campus housing available? How much does it cost?

Manchester Metropolitan University offers both on and off-campus facilities. The on-campus accommodation includes student resident halls consisting of a study bedroom, shared kitchen, and bathrooms. The living options in the residence halls include single rooms, doubles, studios, suites, etc. Students can select as per their requirements. International students are advised to apply for booking in advance with the reservation fee of GBP 200. The accommodations are available in Briarfield, Cavendish, Cambridge South, Cambridge North, Oxford Court, and Needham Court.

Off-campus accommodations are available at the university. Students can check the private listings on the website and near housing options. The information on private housing accommodations is available on the university’s website; students can check the listings. Students can also choose to stay in independent apartments, flats, hostels, etc., with their friends or family.

International Students Accommodation Fees 2020-2021

Given below are the estimated weekly and annual costs of accommodation for different locations and different types of rooms.

Place/Room Type

Annual Rate* (in GBP)

Weekly Rate* (in GBP)


Premium En-Suite



Premium Shared




Premium Shared






Premium Plus



Cambridge South




Classic En-suite



Classic Plus



Cambridge North




Classic En-suite



Oxford Court

Premium Plus



Premium En-suite



Needham Court

Premium En-suite






Source: Manchester Metropolitan University

Average Cost of Living 2020-2021

Refer to the table below for the monthly cost of living:

Basic Expenses

Monthly Cost* (in GBP)



Household bills




Transportation costs


Mobile charges


Source: Manchester Metropolitan University

*Cost is subject to change with progressive years. Students may refer to the official website of the university to get the latest costs.

University Contact Information

Whom should I contact in case of any doubts?

Students can contact the university in case of any doubts:

Address: Manchester Metropolitan University, All Saints Building, All Saints, Manchester M15 6BH, England 


Telephone: +44 (0)161 247 2000

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