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A member of the esteemed Russell Group, the University of Southampton has gained an international reputation among global organizations/agencies due to its excellent graduate outcomes. In 2020, the university yielded some of the highest-earning graduates in the UK with an average pay package of £29,044. In the graduate employment parameter, Southampton stands 4th in the Russell Group. According to (HESA Graduate Outcomes (2020 publication), after 15 months of graduating, 96% of the graduates were into full-time jobs or continued their studies further.

As per the latest ‘Destination of Leavers’ survey, 94% of full-time undergraduates of Southampton who have been conferred with their respective degrees got a placement with a reputed employer or decided to continue their studies within 6 months of passing out.

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University of Southampton Placement Highlights 2022 

Full-time undergraduate placement


Full-time graduates into jobs or continuing studies


Employment through undergraduate education programmes


Graduate average pay package

Between £15,000 to £18,000

Average salary for MBA graduates


Top companies hiring graduates

Dyson, BBC, PwC, JP Morgan, NHS, eBay, Sony

University of Southampton Class Profile 2022 

The total number of students enrolled in the university is 22,000, out of which 14,400 are students pursuing undergraduate courses and 7,600 are studying post-graduate courses. Out of these:

  • The total percentage of female students is 53%.
  • The total percentage of male students is 47%.
  • The total percentage of international students is 34% (from more than 130 nations).
  • The employment rate of UG education course students is 100%.
  • The average salary package of graduates is Between £15,000 to £18,000.

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Top Employers for Southampton Business School 2021-2022 

Undergraduates and graduates from Southampton University have been getting exciting job offers from some of the best global companies. The university is ranked 17th amongst those institutions which are eyed by the highest number of reputed and ranked organizations and agencies. The table below displays the names of some of the employers hiring from Southampton Business School.



JP Morgan

Morgan Stanley


Blue Chip Marketing


Fresh Relevance



The Walt Disney Company







The Body Shop

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Southampton Business School Average Salary 2020

Southampton University’s remarkable employment status and salary packages have helped it improve its ranking by 25 places since 2018 in QS World University Rankings 2022. In the UK, the university is considered one of the top 30 universities for initial graduate salaries. Overall, Medicine and dentistry yielded the highest-earning graduates in 2020. Those pursuing mass communication, agriculture, and creative arts and design were reported to be earning not more than £39,000. The degree with the lowest salary on offer is that of Masters of Arts, with its alumni earning $47,000 per annum.

If we talk about its Business School, the program that pays the best is Masters in Management, with its alumni getting an average annual salary of $132,000.

The table below shows the pay package which different degrees lead to.





Masters in Management


Masters in Finance






The Southampton Business School MBA graduates witnessed a 20-39% increase in average salary. The table below shows the pay packages of graduates as per different job domains of business school.


Average Salary

Financial Services


Legal & Paralegal




Executive Management and Change


Compliance, AML, KYC, and Monitoring


Finance Control and Strategy


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University of Southampton Campus Placement Support

A university’s campus support services or placement cell plays a significant role in equipping students with the right strategy and plan to sort out their career choices. At the University of Southampton, the careers and employability service ropes in good and reputed employers from around the world in order to hire its undergraduates and graduates for full-time employment as well as internships throughout the year.

The placement cell at the university connects students with potential employers and provides every support they require to obtain the talent and knowledge one needs in today’s competitive job market. Top employers such as BDO, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Deloitte, and more are invited for a placement drive.

Campus placement facilities

A Year in Employment Placement: Applicable on a few courses, full-time undergraduates on a student visa can opt for this ‘A Year in Employment Placement’ (additional costs involved).

UoS Career Hub: Through this, students can access a mock interview simulator, an online resume review tool, and 100s of videos and good-quality job-related content curated by various professionals and employers. Paid internships are also offered, which are approved by the university, helping students gain good work experience. 100s of internships are on offer every year for 2-12 weeks. Students have the option of working with local as well as national SMEs, MNCs, public agencies and more.

Career Readiness Test: This has especially been designed for university students to provide them with an insight into their job route planning. Both undergraduates and graduates can take this test.

Career workshops: Various workshops are organized by the career support team as a part of their “Design Your Future” series. Students can watch short, information-based videos on the official university website. These workshops are much more interactive and students can participate in Q&A sessions with the available advisers.

Careers Fairs: Students can attend career fairs to get acquainted with potential employers, organizations, work culture, job market, and more.

Career Mentoring Program: Through this program, students and recent graduates are connected to professionals from varied domains. A mentor or a guide is assigned who helps students in figuring out their career routes.

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University of Southampton Placement FAQs

Q. How successful has the University of Southampton placement cell been in helping students obtain employment?

A. The university’s placement cell has helped students get placed with some of the best companies. In the graduate employment parameter, it ranked 4 th in the Russell Group. As per HESA Graduate Outcomes 2020, after 15 months of graduating, 96% of the graduates were into a full-time job or continued their studies further.

Q. How soon does an undergraduate at University of Southampton gets placed?

A. 94% of full-time undergraduates who have obtained their respective degrees got a placement with a reputed employer or decided to continue their studies further within 6 months of passing out. This means that the outcome rate at University of Southampton is 94%. A high outcome rate reflects the seriousness of the university towards advancing the careers of their students.

Q. Which are some of the best companies that offered placement to students at University of Southampton?

A. The university is ranked 17th amongst those institutions which are considered for hiring by the highest number of reputed and ranked organizations and agencies. Some of the top recruiters include Amazon, eBay, Sony, Deloitte, Nissan, PwC, QVC, Babcock Marine, ARUP Partnership, British Maritime Technology (BMT), Exxonmobil, Global Maritime, Hewlett-Packard Ltd ( Bracknell ), Martime & Coastguard Agency, Mott MacDonald, Xerox the Document Company, just to name a few.

Q. Which degree provides the highest salary at University of Southampton?

A. All the degrees, offered at University of Southampton, carry a good market value and high employability chances. A lot depends on the networking skills, professional skills, and interview skills of the student. However, if we look at the degrees that offered highest average remuneration, overall, medicine and dentistry yielded the highest earning graduates in 2020. The degree with the lowest salary is that of Masters of Arts, with its alumni earning $47,000 per annum.

Q. What help does University of Southampton placement cell offers?

A. The university placement cell helps connect students with potential employers and provides every support they require to obtain the talent and knowledge one needs in today’s competitive job market. The careers and employability service ropes in good companies, both national and international, in order to hire its students. Moreover, students also have access to a range of resources that include e-books, career guides, various publications such as target jobs publication covering sectors such as Teaching, Property, IT & Technology, etc.

Q. What are some of important points that University of Southampton students must keep in mind before applying for placement?

A. Before applying for placements, students must make sure that they have prepared well for their interviews. In addition, they must have clarity about what job role they wish to obtain and what industry they want to work in. Students must take full guidance of the career services center and its experts in job search, document updation, and interview preparations. Moreover, documents such as resume, recommendation letters, cover letter, etc. must be updated and should be reviewed by experts.

Q. What is the University of Southampton acceptance rate?

A. University of Southampton acceptance rate is somewhere between 77% and 84%. This means that it 100 students are applying, then 77-84 out of them will get selected in the University of Southampton courses. A 77% to 84% acceptance rate is pretty high, which means that the university is not very selective and has relaxed admission norms and entry standards. However, students must leave no stone unturned in their application. Right from course selection to application document preparation, everything must be done with absolute care.

Q. Are there any online career support services provided by University of Southampton?

A. There are various career services that are provided to the students and alumni. Many of these services are offered on online mode. Some of these include:
  • Prospects: It is a web resource that offer advisory services on industry sectors, resume tips, interview information, etc.
  • Targetjobs: This too offers valuable advice on industries, sectors, etc. along with career and documentation advise
  • National Careers Service: With the help of this portal, students can get access to information and guidance across England. It will help them make important decisions on learning, training, and work
  • FeistyJobs: This portal provides information about various roles from Small/Medium Enterprises (SMEs) or Startup companies

Q. Will doing an internship, while studying at University of Southampton, help me in my career path?

A. It is essential for the students to take up internships opportunities. Some of the benefits of taking up University of Southampton internships include:
  • Explore different career opportunities
  • Gain real-life work experience
  • Earning stipend to reduce your overall cost
  • CV/ Resume enhancement
  • Improvement in employability

Q. I am pursuing an undergraduate course from University of Southampton; will I be allowed to take up an internship?

A. As per the official website of University of Southampton, the following students can avail its internships:
  • Undergraduate students
  • Students pursuing Master’s course
  • PhD students, after receiving a confirmation from their PhD supervisor
  • Recent graduates and alumni. They must have completed their graduation within 12 months before the starting date of internship
  • International students
  • Turing Scheme and students on a year abroad

Q. Can University of Southampton alumni access career support services?

A. University of Southampton has an alumni base of more than 220,000 alumni from more than 180 countries. These alumni can stay in touch with the university through the Alumni Department. Moreover, University of Southampton alumni can avail various career services from the Careers, Employability and Student Enterprise team. Some of these services include workshops, career fairs, career mentoring, etc.

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