US Student VISA Appointment in India - Step by Step Guide

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US Visa Appointment in India – Students looking to travel to the United States of America for studying, would require a US Student Visa to enter the country. For students wanting to know the US Visa Procedure from India needs only follow the steps mentioned below to successfully book a Visa Appointment for the US with the US Embassy to get their pass to the States. Over the years, the US Student Visa Application process has been made simpler to allow more deserving students get access to the United States of America.

US Visa Appointment – Step by Step Process

  • Submission of Application Form DS-160
  • Generating the CEAC Barcode
  • Payment of US Visa Application Fee
  • Scheduling your US Visa Appointment Date
  • Check the status of your Visa Appointment for US

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  • Submission of Application Form DS-160

Candidates looking to get entry into the US would first need to schedule an US Visa Appointment date with the embassy/ consulate. Prior to that, the candidates would be required to submit an online Visa Application Form (DS-160). To successfully complete the online application form, students would require to keep handy their valid passport and their I-20 Letter (which is a document that validates the successful admission to a US University). Candidates would also be required to upload their photographs within the specified guidelines. Applicants are advised to carry copies of the same photograph to the embassy/consulate on the day of the US Visa Interview. While completing the Form candidates should be careful to only provide accurate information on the visa application form. As Form DS-160 is an online application form, candidates are required to save the form often to avoid any loss of data. They should thoroughly go through the entire form before hitting the submit button. All incomplete forms would be rejected at the start.

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  • Generating the CEAC Barcode

On the successful submission of Form DS-190, a confirmation sheet would be generated containing the CEAC Barcode. The DS-160 CEAC Barcode confirmation page should be kept safely for future reference. Students would also require the CEAC Barcode during the scheduling the US Visa booking Appointment date and payment of US Student Visa Application Fee. Candidates are advised to mail a copy of the completed Form DS-160 along with the CEAC Barcode to their email id for safe keeping and also take a print out of the same. The Form DS-160 with CEAC Barcode would be in PDF Format and students would require the latest version of the Adobe Reader to view the file correctly.

  • Payment of US Visa Application Fee

The next important step in the US Visa application procedure from India is to successfully pay your Student Visa Application Fee through the various methods of payment listed on the official website. Students should create a profile and choose the ‘Schedule an Appointment’ option in order to ensure the proper amount is paid and activated in a timely manner. The payment page would provide you with options to make the transaction successful. Students would have to allow the system up to 2 business days to process the payment and generate the receipt for the same. In short, students would have to log into the student portal of the official website, create a Student Profile, schedule a US Visa Appointment Date from the available dates and pay the US Visa Application Fee.

  • Scheduling your US Visa Appointment Date

Once you have successfully paid the US Visa Application Fee, you would be then required to schedule your US Visa Appointment date from the available dates. Before choosing the preferred date and time of Visa Appointment for the US, candidates would be required to provide the bank receipt number. All students looking to visit the USA are required to appear in person for the appointment at the designated centres in their city along with the documents mentioned.

Candidates would be required to carry the following documents with them at the US Visa Appointment Centre:

  • DS 160 Confirmation page
  • I-20 Letter (duly signed)
  • Visa Appointment Letter
  • Visa Application Fee
  • Original Passport
  • How to Check your US Visa Appointment Status?

Candidates who are looking to visit the United States of America for further education are required to apply for their US Student Visa well in advance to avoid any unnecessary confusion in the last moments. They would have to successfully submit their Form D-160, pay the visa application fee and choose a day for their Visa Appointment for their US visa appointment biometric and interview. This is a fairly simple process, however, a lengthy one. Hence, candidates who have applied for their US Visa Appointment can check the status of their US Visa Application Process by visiting the official website and logging in to their personal account with their credentials. Students are also advised to keep the documents needed for US Visa VAC appointment. 

 What are the documents required for US Visa Appointment from India?

Here is a list of important documents that should be kept handy for students looking to undertake the US Visa Procedure from India:

  • Original Passport
  • I-20 Letter (Duly Signed)
  • Bank Statements for last 6 months
  • US Visa Appointment Letter
  • US Visa Application Fee
  • Education Qualification Documents
  • Certificate of excellence in Extra Curricular Activities
  • SAT/ GRE/ GMAT/ TOEFL/ IELTSPTE Academic scores if applicable
  • Passport size photograph that was used for Form D-160
  • Proof of work experience if any
  • Income Tax Returns (Last 3 Years)

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Often described as the land of dreams, the United States of America with its booming economy is a learner’s treasure trove. The country provides state-of-the-art education, flexible part-time working options and liberal post-study work options for students to benefit from. Students can take maximum advantage of the various scholarships in USA available in the country to study in some of the top universities in the US. Still confused about VISA Appointment for the US in India, contact our Study Abroad Shiksha Overseas Admission Counseling services, to clear your doubts.

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