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Arizona State University records a placement rate of 85% in the year 2020. The median salaries recorded for both graduate and postgraduate students was between USD 55,000 - USD 65,000. More than 10+ industries across various fields recruited Arizona State University graduates of 2020. Also, 35%+ students who graduated from different levels of study at Arizona State University opted to go for higher education. 

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Arizona State University Placement Highlights 

ASU Placement Highlights 2019-20 



Total Placement Rate 



Median Salary Reported 

USD 55,000 

USD 64,000 

Admitted for higher education 



Internship Rate 



Business School Placement Rate 



School of Engineering Placement Rate 



ASU Graduates’ 20 Placement Location 

As per the career outcomes data, it was found that 62% of the graduates had found a placement in Arizona, 10% were working in California while 27% were working in different states of the US and there were just 1% of the students who were placed internationally. 

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Top Employers at Arizona State University 

The Arizona State University graduates of 2019 were recruited across industries of - Healthcare, K-12 Education, Higher Education, Internet & Software, Government - Local, State & Federal, Restaurants & Food Service, Non-Profit, Electronic & Computer Hardware, Retail Stores, etc. employers who recruited the ASU graduates across these industries were: 

  • Amazon 
  • American Express 
  • Intel 
  • Starbucks 
  • The Boeing Company 
  • Banner Health 
  • Mesa Public Schools 

Arizona State University MBA Class Profile 2020 

Arizona State University MBA admissions for the year 2020 received around 691 applications but enrolled only 15% of the students. The MBA’ 20 class size was 59 out of which 29% of the admitted students were international. More details are elaborated below: 

  • Average age was recorded to be 29. 
  • Average GMAT score was 694 and average GRE was 312. 
  • The average GPA was 3.63. 
  • 69% of the MBA’ 20 students at ASU were males and the rest 31% were females. 
  • In terms of undergraduate majors, the following students had backgrounds in: 
    • Business - 31% 
    • Economics | Humanities/Social Sciences | Science/Maths: 14% 
    • Engineering: 12% 
  • 71% of the students were from the US and 29% were from out of the US. 

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ASU MBA’ 20 Placement Stats 

MBA is offered at Arizona State University through WP Carey Business School and in 2020 it recorded a placement rate of 97% with an average annual salary of USD 134,955. The MBA’ 20 employment and average salary by location is given in the table below: 

MBA’ 20 Employment Location 

% of Placements 

Annual Average Salary  



USD 97,080 



USD 118,168 



USD 92,929 



USD 110,333 



USD 109,375 

Mid - Atlantic 


USD 103,000 

It was noted that the majority of MBA’ 20 graduates of Arizona State University were employed in Arizona - 66% and 24% - Other States, 8% - California and 3% were placed Internationally across other countries. 

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MBA’ 20 Employment by Job Roles 

Around 6 different types of job functions were recorded in which MBA graduates of 2020 were working under. These were related to management only, the following are the job functions in which MBA graduates were working in along with the percentage number of students recruited: 

  • Operations/ Logistics: 27% 
  • Marketing/ Sales: 18% 
  • Finance/ Accounting: 17% 
  • Consulting: 15% 
  • Analytics: 8% 
  • General Management: 8% 
  • Other Functions: 8% 

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MBA’ 20 Employment by Industry 

Technology was the highest recruiting industry for MBA graduates of 2020, the table below summarises the industries that recruited MBA graduates along with the number of students: 

MBA’ 20 - Industries Recruiting 

% Students Recruited 







Health Care Products & Services 


Consumer Packaged Goods 




Retail | Transportation & Logistics Services 


Accounting | Energy | Real Estate  


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Top Employers 

Some of the employers who hired a majority of MBA graduates of Arizona State University in the year 2020 were - Amazon, American Express, Apple, GEP, Dell, Bank of America, Walmart, Intel, etc. Apart from these, there were other employers as well, they are as follows: 

  • Johnson & Johnson 
  • FedEx 
  • Capital One Financial Corporation 
  • Copperstate Farms 
  • CVS Health 
  • Prologis 
  • Nestle USA 
  • Micron 
  • EnPower, Inc. 

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Arizona State University Placement FAQs 

Q. How were the graduate outcomes of the Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering at ASU in 2020?

A. The graduate outcomes for recent engineering graduates of Arizona State University in the year 2020 recorded a placement rate of 81% within 3 months of graduation. The median salary was recorded at USD 69,000. Around 18% of the students were admitted for higher education as well

Q. What were the placement rates and salaries of MS courses of Business school of ASU in 2020?

A. The following specialised masters courses offered at the WP Carey Business School of Arizona State University recorded these placement rates and average salaries in the year 2020:  
  • MS in Finance: 75% placement rate and USD 76,778 average salary. 
  • MS Information Systems Management: 72% placement rate and USD 93,126 average salary. 
  • MS Global Logistics: 93% placement rate and USD 54,917 average salary. 
  • MS in Business Analytics: 92% placement rate and USD 75,214 average salary. 

Q. How many undergraduates of the class of 2020 pursued a paid internship while studying at Arizona State University?

A. There were around 56% of the undergraduates of the class of 2020 pursued a paid internship while studying at Arizona State University.  

Q. Where were the engineering graduates of Arizona State University of 2020 placed?

A. Location wise, engineering graduates of Arizona State University of 2020 were placed in California -23% followed by other US states - 39% and 1% were placed internationally. In terms of employers, these engineering graduates were placed in companies of:
  • Lockheed Martin 
  • PayPal 
  • Qualcomm 
  • Oracle 
  • Northrop Grumman Corporation 
  • Microsoft 
  • General Dynamics 

Q. Did MBA’ 20 graduates of Arizona State University offer internships on campus?

A. Yes, MBA’ 20 graduates of Arizona State University were offered internships on campus and 100% of the class pursued it. They earned an average monthly salary of USD 5,961.  

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