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Baylor University is a private Baptist research university located in Waco, Texas. The university has a vibrant campus and offers interdisciplinary research, educational excellence, a faculty committed to teaching, and international standing to its students. The university’s mission is to educate its students to instil leadership qualities and integrate academic excellence. It is a member of NCAA Division I and offers 19 varsity sports to both men and women. The sports include football, baseball, basketball, cross-country, soccer, football, golf, swimming, and more. The university’s campus has more than 330 clubs and organizations, including 40 national and local sororities and fraternities. Baylor is among the 10 per cent of U.S. universities with a Phi Beta Kappa chapter. Baylor students, faculty and staff annually volunteer more than 150,000 hours of community service locally.




Table of Contents
  1. Courses Offered
  2. Eligibility & Documents Required
  3. Application & Tuition Fees
  4. Scholarships & Financial Aid
  5. Admission Process
  6. Student Diversity & Preferred Profile
  7. Part Time Work While Studying
  8. Campuses & Accommodation
  9. University Contact Information

Courses Offered

What all courses are available to international students?

The university offers various courses to international students, including more than 126 undergraduate degrees, over 79 masters, and 47 doctoral courses.

Popular Areas of Study

Arts and Sciences



Engineering and Computer Science

Health and Human Sciences

Museum Studies



Social Work


  • Great Texts of the Western Tradition
  • University Scholars

Eligibility & Documents Required

What are the eligibility requirements?

The eligibility requirements for international students are as follows:


Undergraduate Admissions

Students are required to have a high school certificate or diploma from a recognized institution or school. Baylor does not have any specific requirements for the courses for admission consideration. However, it recommends that students complete the following courses as a part of the high school curriculum:

  • English: 4 year
  • Foreign language: 2 years
  • Mathematics: 2 years
  • Natural Science: 4 years
  • Social Science: 3 years


Applicants can also choose to apply with SAT or ACT scores. However, this is optional and students who do not submit these test scores will not be at a disadvantage. 

International applicants must also meet the English language requirements and apply with any one of the test scores: 

English Language Tests Accepted

Minimum Score Required


80 or above


6.5 or above


60 or above



SAT Critical Reading (old)


SAT Reading (new)


ACT English

20 or above


Graduate Admissions

Students are required to have an undergraduate degree (US equivalent) from an accredited university with a minimum GPA of 3.0. Indian applicants require a four-year bachelor degree in Medicine, Engineering, or Technology earned at an institution recognized by the Ministry of Education or a master’s degree to be eligible for application. 

Baylor Law School and Truett Seminary have separate admissions requirements and processes. Applicants need to visit the respective websites for more information. GRE and GMAT scores are required as per course requirements. English language requirements for graduate students are as follows: 

English Language Tests

Minimum Score Required

Minimum Score for Business/Engineering


80 or above

Business: 100

Engineering: 60


6.5 or above

5.5 for Engineering

Business: 7.0

Engineering: 5.5




What all documents are needed for application?

The university requires official academic records for all applicants. Academic records must be received in the original language format and accompanied by a literal English translation if the original is not in English. Unofficial transcripts are accepted by the university to complete the application file, however, during final enrollment at Baylor, official transcripts are required. Official transcripts can be mailed from the issuing institution in a sealed and signed envelope or sent digitally through a secure electronic source (, Parchment, CommonApp, or TRex).


Undergraduate Documents:

  • Academic records for years 9, 10, 11, and 12
  • Official copy of the Grade 10 and 12 exam results
  • Official SAT/ACT scores
  • Proof of English language proficiency
  • Application essay
  • Letters of Recommendation (LORs)
  • Audition or portfolio, as per course
  • Passport copy
  • CSS/Financial aid profile, if seeking need-based financial assistance
  • Financial documents


Graduate Documents:

  • Official semester-by-semester mark sheets (preferred) or consolidated mark sheets from all post-secondary institutions attended
  • Official diploma(s)/degree certificate(s)
  • Official GRE/GMAT test scores
  • Proof of English language proficiency
  • Reference letters (LORs)
  • Resume
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP) or essay
  • Course-specific supplements
  • Passport copy
  • Financial documents

Application & Tuition Fees

Is there any application fees?

International undergraduate applicants do need to pay any application fee for Baylor. Graduate applicants need to pay a non-refundable application fee as per their chosen course. For a majority of graduate courses, the university charges USD 50 and for MBA, it is USD 100. Programs using a professional organization's common application system (CAS) will have additional costs from the CAS.

What is the fee structure of courses offered by the university?

As a private institution, Baylor's costs are the same regardless of your residency status. Baylor charges tuition at a flat rate of USD 52,822 per academic year (including general student fees for fall and spring) for students taking 12 hours or more per semester through the Guaranteed Tuition option. For the 2021-22 academic year, undergraduate applicants need to pay USD 50,232 as annual tuition and USD 12,682 as housing and dining expenses.


On the other hand, graduate tuition fees differ as per school and program as shown below: 


Tuition Fee (in USD)

Graduate School

2,093 per semester hour

Professional Education

1,785-2,000 per term hour

Hankamer School of Business

25,116 per semester


61,782 per year

Diana R. Garland School of Social Work

25,116 per semester

George W. Truett Theological Seminary

535.50-1,071 per hour

Source: Baylor University


The tuition fee tends to change with every year, and some additional charges might also be included in it. Also, the tuition fee can vary as per program. Therefore, it is recommended that the students visit the official website for the current academic year fee structure.

Scholarships & Financial Aid

Is there any scholarship or financial aid available for international students?

The university offers various scholarships to international students. The scholarships are based on merit, academic excellence, and financial need. Students are advised to check the university’s scholarship webpage for more information.


Academic Scholarships: Academic scholarships are automatically awarded to the students based on their academic performance in high school. Students are required to maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher to renew these scholarships. The value of the scholarship ranges from USD 1,000 to a full tuition fee waiver. The scholarships offered under academic scholarships are as follows:

  • President’s Scholarship
  • Provost’s Scholarship
  • Deans’ Scholarship
  • Founders’ Scholarship
  • Independence Scholarship


Study Abroad Scholarships: These are offered to international students enrolled in a full-time program at the university. Applications for Study Abroad Scholarships are reviewed based on the merit and financial need of students. The value of the scholarship varies from one program to another.

Admission Process

When do the admissions start?

Baylor University offers admissions in the August (fall) and January (spring) intakes. However, some programs have only one intake, which is usually the fall session. International applicants are advised to apply well before the deadline so that they have enough time to complete all visa related processes if they are accepted.


General deadlines for undergraduate applicants are given below, however, the university strongly advises international applicants to apply by early November. This will allow the admissions team enough time to review your application and revert timely with a decision: 


Application Plan



Early Decision


Regular Decision






Graduate applicants can contact the department to confirm their final application deadline and whether they review late applications as the deadlines vary by program. Some departments have very strict deadlines, while others admit on a rolling basis. The Graduate School's general deadlines are below, but some individual programs may have different deadlines:







What is the UG application process?

International undergraduate students have three different options through which they can apply to the university online:

  • Common Application
  • ApplyTexas Application
  • Baylor Application

Only one application from either of the application portals will be accepted. International applicants are advised to use the Common App or ApplyTexas portal if they are planning to apply to other US universities as well.

Regardless of the application choice, applicants must create a goBAYLOR account to track their application status. This is where the university will send communications regarding the application file and additional enrollment steps for accepted students.


The university has outlined the following timeline for international students to help them begin their application preparation:

  • Two Years Before Applying to Baylor: Begin by taking the SAT/ACT as well as the TOEFL/IELTS exams. The university superscores, which means it combines your best Math and best Critical Reading scores from different tests when considering you for admissions and scholarships.
  • One Year Before Applying to Baylor: Create a goBAYLOR account and submit Baylor's free online application, which is usually available by the first week of August. The university recommends international students start the process as early as possible to ensure application materials are received on time. In addition, meeting the first application deadline ensures that you have ample time to secure a visa and other international documentation.
  • November Deadline: International students can apply for Early Decision 1 or Early Action by this deadline. The application file must be complete by this date.
  • February Deadline: Baylor's application deadline for Early Decision 2 and Regular Admission.

What is the PG application process?

All graduate applicants need to apply via the Baylor application portal. International applicants using the Baylor portal for undergraduate or graduate application can use the respective links to visit the portal directly:

  • Undergraduate: or
  • Graduate:

New users need to create an account first. After creating an account, save the details and log in to complete your application.




When will I hear from the university after I submit my application?

Undergraduate applicants who have applied by the Early Decision 1 deadline, will received decisions within a few week. Early Decision 2 students who complete their application files by this date will be notified of their admissions status by first week of March. Regular Admission students will receive their admissions status by mid-April. Graduate applicants need to check with the respective department for decision dates as each department has a different timeline for reviewing applications and making admission decisions.

Student Diversity & Preferred Profile

What are the chances to get into this university?

Baylor University is known for its competitive learning and research environment. So it does not come as a surprise that it has an acceptance rate of 45%. The admissions team considers a student’s academic history, test scores and GPA. However, these are only a part of the review process and the team also reviews the recommended items such as essays/SOPs, LORs, and resume. the university searches for students who:

  • are excited and motivated about intellectual activity
  • want to be part of a community that values faith and personal calling
  • have challenged themselves academically and embraced opportunities outside the classroom
  • recognize that life, learning and service go hand-in-hand beyond the four years of college

Overall, the university looks for students who can gain the most from a Baylor experience. Students should have a demonstrated interest in becoming a Baylor Bear and be a fit spiritually, academically and financially.


The class profile of incoming freshmen in Fall 2020 will give you an idea of what kind of students are selected. Almost 79% of the students entering the freshman class were in the top quartile of their graduating high school class and had the following test scores: 

Median ACT score range


Median SAT score range

(Math & Critical Reading)


Source: Baylor University


Similarly, Baylor’s MBA program received 176 applications for Fall 2020, of which 117 were accepted and the size of entering class was 78. Here are some facts about the student and class profile of Baylor full-time MBA Class entering in 2020: 

Average GPA


Average GMAT


Average GRE


Women population


International population


Source: Baylor University

How many Indian/international students are studying at the university?

Baylor University welcomes diversity among its students and staff. It is home to students from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and 91 countries. In Fall 2020, the university enrolled a total of 19,522 students, including 14,399 undergraduates and 5,123 graduate/professional students. Of the total undergraduate, 3,731 new freshmen were enrolled in the fall of 2020.

Part Time Work While Studying

Can I work while studying here?

International students are allowed to work in the country while studying if they have an F-1 or a J-1 visa status. Students with an F-1 visa status can work for a maximum of 20 hours a week on-campus while the semester is in session. However, during vacations and holidays, they can work full-time or 40 hours a week. Students are required to submit the On-Campus Employment Form via GlobalBears.


Students can find various job opportunities in the departments of the university. Some of the most common jobs are at bookstores, dining services, libraries, tech services, athletics department, and other related employment vacancies.  For more information, students can refer to the university website.

Campuses & Accommodation

How many colleges and campuses does the university have?

Baylor University is a single-site university with an approximately 1,000-acre campus located on the Brazos River with 12 nationally recognized academic divisions.

Academic Divisions

College of Arts and Sciences

Diana R. Garland School of Social Work

Louise Herrington School of Nursing

School of Education

School of Music

Hankamer School of Business

Baylor Law School

Honors College

Robbins College of Health and Human Sciences

George W. Truett Seminary

School of Engineering and Computer Science

Graduate School

Is on-campus housing available?

On- and off-campus housing options are available at the university. The university has 18 residence halls for students, including Alexander Hall, Allen Hall, Brooks Flats, Collins Hall, Dawson Hall, and more. The amenities and facilities of the housing include 24-hour security, a full kitchen, Wi-Fi, TV, cable, study areas, furnished bedrooms, a laundry, and so on.

Residence Hall

Cost/Semester (in USD)

Alexander Hall

Single room: 4,750 – 5,550

Double room: 3,600 – 4,350

Triple room: 3,450 – 3,600

Allen Hall

Single room: 4,775 – 5,550

Double room: 3,600 – 4,350

Brooks Flats

Single gold: 5,700

Double gold: 4,475

Brooks Residential College

Single room: 5,550

Double room: 4,250 – 4,350

Collins Hall

Double room: 3,600

Triple room: 3,450

Dawson Hall

Single room: 4,774 – 5,550

Double room: 4,125 – 4,350

Triple room: 3,600

Earle Hall

Double room: 3,680 – 4,250

Single gold: 5,700

Double gold: 4,475

Heritage House

Single suite: 4,850

Double suite: 4,250

Kokernot Hall

Double room: 3,600

Single room: 5,550

Martin Hall

Single room: 4,775

Double room: 3,680

Triple room: 3,450

North Russell Hall

Single room: 4,775

Double room: 3,680

Super double: 4,200

Triple room: 3,450

Source: Baylor University


Living Expenses

International students can expect their living expenses to fall within the following ranges depending on where they choose to live: 

Expense Type


Cost/Semester (in USD)


Cost/Semester (in USD)

Room and Boarding















Personal Expenses



Source: Baylor University

The rates are subject to change. For more information, students can refer to the university website.  

University Contact Information

Whom should I contact in case of any doubts?

Students can contact the university for any queries:

Address: Baylor University, 1311 S 5th St, Waco, TX 76706, Texas, USA

Telephone: +1-800-229-5678


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