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In this article, we will discuss Duke's average salary for the Daytime MBA program offered by Duke's Fuqua School of Business. According to the university, there have been new records for annual salary and employment rates. There is a significant increase of 5% in job acceptance which increased to 96% in 2021 from 91% in 2020. Also, there is a significant increase in the full-time job offers to graduates from their internship employers. As far as overseas students are concerned, job employment accelerated from 87% in 2020 to 94% in 2021. In spite of the changes posed by COVID, the job scenario and Duke's average salary are quite similar to recent past years with few exceptions. If we look at Duke's MBA graduates' placement data then we can notice that the mean annual salary increased by 4% from $135,935 in 2020 to $141,109 in 2021. Three sectors - consulting, financial services, and technology witnessed salary gains of 3-5%.

Those who graduated received and accepted employment offers from 25 states in the US and the District of Columbia. Oregon, California, and Washington were preferred as job locations by many of the new alumni. The top 8 major US cities which served as job locations for Duke MBA graduates in 2021 were New York, Seattle, Atlanta, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston/Silicon Valley, Washington DC, and Austin/Charlotte/Durham.

Duke FUQUA MBA Placement Highlights 2021

International Students' Employment Rate 94%
Mean Annual Salary $141,109
First job offer by graduation 90%
First job offer by 3-months post graduation 98%
Industry with Highest Placement Rate Consulting
Mean Signing Bonus $34,958
Top 5 Employers Prudential, LinkedIn, Optum, Salesforce, Walmart

Duke FUQUA MBA Employment Profile 2021

This section deals with the after-graduation employment status of MBA graduates. Not everyone opts for a job after completing their degree. Some start their own venture and some just take a break, not looking for any work. The infographic displayed below features the number of graduates who were already employed by graduation, who were searching for employment, who started their own businesses, and also who were not exploring any job options.

Duke average salary

Timings of first job offers
By graduation: 90%
  • Permanent work authorization: 93%
  • Non-Permanent work authorization: 83%

By three-months post-graduation: 98%

  • Permanent work authorization: 98%
  • Non-Permanent work authorization: 96%

Top sources of full-time job offers

Fuqua focuses on providing jobs to MBA graduates which we can see from the total number of full-time job offers that students received. Almost 50% of the internships converted into full-time jobs. These internships were obtained through school sources. While 8% of the jobs were through resumes provided by career centres or job postings on the school career system. According to the university, 262 full-time jobs were accepted and sourced through school-facilitated activities. While 64 full-time jobs were accepted and sourced through graduate-facilities activities.

Duke University MBA Placement 2021

From the above-displayed chart, it can be concluded that the majority of the graduates (50%) had their internships converted into job offers. This was followed by school-facilitated scheduled interviews. Only 6% of the students obtained employment through their personal contacts.
  • A total of 262 full-time employments were accepted with the help of a school-facilitated activity.
  • A total of 64 full-time employments were accepted with the help of a graduate-facilitated activity.

Duke FUQUA Top Employers 2021




Boston Consulting Group



Bain & Company

Bank of America

Morgan Stanley



Wells Fargo








Pay Pal


Duke FUQUS Placement Stats by Industry 2021

Students passing out with an MBA degree from Duke accepted new job roles in more than 15 distinct sectors. 8 of the Fortune 10 companies actively hired MBA 2021 batch graduates from the university.

The industry which hired the maximum number of Duke MBA graduates was Consulting, with 32% of the MBA degree holders getting hired. This was followed by Technology and Financial Services, with 27% and 17% of graduates getting a job. The other two which made it to the list of the top five industries were Health Care (10%) and Consumer Packaged Goods (6%).

Good growth was recorded over the past five years in the Technology industry in terms of hiring MBA graduates from Duke. A moderate fluctuation was witnessed in Financial Services in the per cent entering the domain. 

Duke FUQUS Placement Stats by Function 2021

Apart from the below-mentioned job roles, Duke's MBA graduates were employed in large numbers (6%) in operations/logistics. Also, many MBAs choose to work in Data Analytics (Enterprise business), clinical research, information technology, and human resources.

Duke employment by job roles

Duke FUQUS MBA Salary by Industry

The mean annual salary of the Duke MBA graduates was $141,109, while the signing bonus was $34,958.

Permanent Work Authorisation 

  • Annual Salary: $141,474
  • Signing Bonus: $33,150

Non-Permanent Work Authorisation 

  • Annual Salary: $140,108
  • Signing Bonus: $39,649
The mean annual salary by industry has been displayed below:
Industry Mean Annual Salary
Consulting $158,293
Financial Services $144,275
Technology $134,360
Health Care $132,236
Consumer Packaged Goods $119,800
Retail $117,778
Non-Profit $101,663

Duke FUQUS MBA Internship 2021

Top five industries for internship

  • Technology: 24%
  • Consulting: 24%
  • Financial Services: 18%
  • Health Care: 15%
  • Consumer Packaged Goods: 7%
  • Energy: 3%
  • Retail: 3%

The majority (37% and 26%) of MBA students at Duke obtained their internships via school-facilitated scheduled interviews and job postings. The second most popular sources of internships were school-facilitated career centre activities and graduate-facilitated online job postings. Around 304 students obtained internships through
a school-facilitated activity and 76 of them via student-facilitated activity. 

Duke FUQUS Career Placement Support

Explore multiple services offered by the university's career readiness platform in order to make your job or internship search easy and effective. Students can get registered for career fests, workshops, career advising appointments and much more over here. Career appointments are helpful for those who wish to explore a new career route or want to discover when his/her interest is getting pulled. The advisors are happy to lend you a helping hand with regard to your job search and can aid in exploring different possibilities which exist. You will also be able to search for industry-specific skills and requirements, country-wise, which are most in demand. Students can make use of the job and internship databases to apply for various available opportunities. Apart from these career fest is a good opportunity for the students to connect with potential employers and remain in contact with them for futuristic purposes. You may exchange numbers with them and even share your resume so that they may contact you if a position opens. 

Duke University Placement FAQs


Is Duke good for MBA?

Given Duke's high ranking among premium institutions, Duke's MBA attracts some of the brightest talents every year. Also, more than 90 percent of Duke's MBA graduates received a job offer which is a 5 percent increase from the last year.

Is Duke MBA hard to get into?

It's difficult to secure admission to Duke’s Fuqua’s MBA program. The school receives more than 35,000 applicants and accepts around 20-22 percent of the candidates.

What GMAT score do you need for Duke?

The average GMAT score for getting into Duke Fuqua is 695 and 3.42 or more GPA along with relevant work experience.

Does an MBA increase salary?

MBA requires not only a financial investment but also a significant amount of time. Research indicates that MBA graduates reported an increase in their earnings and compensation post MBA.

Is Duke an Ivy League?

Duke is a prestigious school with a high national ranking and a low acceptance rate, however, it is not an Ivy League school.

What is Duke's acceptance rate?

The acceptance rate for Duke University is 7.7% for 2020.

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