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As it is tough to get into Harvard but it is equally rewarding as well! Only the best of the best makes it here and they have high hopes to make it big in their careers. So, whether it is Harvard University’s highest package or Harvard Business School average salary, in this article we will inform you everything about the Harvard placements, we will help you make an informed decision to join the prestigious institution. Students pursuing MBA at Harvard spend almost Rs 54 Lakh as tuition fees annually. Whereas, the median base salary of a graduate is around $148,750 (Rs 1Cr). The MBA class of 2019 at HBS has got an increase of 6.25% in the median base salary offered by recruiters. However, in the last five years, Harvard Business School graduates have received a hike of 14.2% in the median salary offered within the first year of graduation.

Harvard class 2020-2021 placement highlights



Students from US


Students outside US


Average work experience before MBA

5 years



Students joined a Start-up


Median base Salary (Start-ups)


Median base Salary


Median Signing Bonus


Median Performance Bonus


Harvard Business School highlights

  • According to the last 5 years’ data, a Harvard MBA graduate is likely to be hired by a Consulting or Financial services industry in their first year as an MBA graduate.
  • Apart from Consulting and Financial, HBS graduates are highly demanded by the technology industry, particularly by software and internet-services-based organizations.
  • As per the last 5 years, an HBS graduate is most likely to re-join corporate in marketing, consulting, general management, or finance role.
  • The highest median base salary for a Harvard Business School graduate batch in the last 5 years is $148,750

HBS Class of 2020 seeking employment

HBS placements

Hiring trends industry-wise at Harvard business school

From the below-hiring data, we can conclude that Consulting, Financial Services, and Technology are some of the industries where Harvard business school MBA placements take place. Also, consulting firms offer the highest package at the Harvard business school.

MBA Class of 2020 salary statistics by industry

Harvard placements


% of students

Median Base Salary




Financial Services






Health Care






Nonprofit/ Government






Consumer Products



Entertainment / Media



Retail / Trading 



These industries are further divided into sub categories.

Different areas of financial services where graduates work

Harvard placements

Technology industry is further divided into different areas

Harvard placements

HBS placements by Roles

Functional area of Harvard grads

Harvard placements

Where do HBS grads work?

Top organizations hired MBA graduates from the class of 2020 or a summer intern from the class of 2021.

Abbott Ventures

Berkshire Partners

Carlyle Group

Quona Capital


Bain & Company




Bank of America

Dell Technologies

SAIF Partners

Amazon Studios

Bain Capital

McKinsey & Company

Sequoia Capital

Bain & Company

Baring Private Equity Asia



Berkshire Hathaway Reinsurance Division

Cambridge Associates LLC

PayPal Ventures

Trident Holdings LLC

Vedanta Resources

Walmart eCommerce

Walt Disney Company

Warburg Pincus LLC

Warner Bros. Entertainment


Brookfield Asset Management

Boston Consulting Group - BCG

Does Harvard offer placements?

There is no job guarantee or placement, in any case, however, the concerned department and the University's Office of Career Services help students in their job search.

Does Harvard guarantee a job?

This is one of the most pertinent questions asked by MBA aspirants looking to pursue their course at Harvard Business School. A Harvard education makes an immense contribution to the future of students. A Harvard degree is also useful in getting higher earnings through immense knowledge and a network of business contacts; however, Harvard does not guarantee a job.

Does Harvard help students in finding a job?

A large chunk of students get a job before graduation, however, the department and the University's Office of Career Services do everything to help students in their job search. When students reach a suitable stage in their graduate study, the university sends their credentials to different organizations.

Do all Harvard MBA graduates get jobs?

According to HBS statistics for the Class of 2018, 75% of the graduates sought employment; 95% of them received offers and 89% accepted the offer. Of the 25% who did not seek employment: 12% were company-sponsored students or were already employed.

Does Harvard MBA help in increasing salary?

About 9% of recent Harvard MBA graduates reported an additional guaranteed compensation of $20,400. Graduates who chose a career path in private equity are also doing fairly well. The average salary reported for young professionals in this specific finance sphere is $186,609.

Is a Harvard MBA worth it?

As most MBA students are working professionals so giving up to two years of salary is one of the biggest costs one has to pay to pursue an MBA at Harvard. However, it can be a lifetime experience that will give you an abundance of knowledge that will help you transform not only professionally but personally as well.

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