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Overall, Indiana University recorded a placement rate of 93% in 2021. Around 74% of the graduates accepted a job offer within 6 months of their graduation from Indiana University in 2021 and 30.7% of them were admitted for higher education. In terms of salary for recent graduates of 2021 from Indiana University, the annual average salary was USD 49,233 and the median salary was USD 47,000.   

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Indiana University Placement Highlights 

Placement Rate 


Knowledge Rate 


Average Salary 

USD 49,233  

Median Salary 

USD 47,000 

Total Employers 


Top Employers 

Indiana University | KPMG | EY 

Internship Stats 


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Indiana University Career Outcomes Survey 

In 2021, more than 11,000+ students graduated and only 86% of them responded to the career outcomes survey of Indiana University after their graduation. As per the overall outcomes data it was noted that: 

  • 90.1% of the students were placed in full time employment. 
  • 9.9% were working as part timers. 
  • 58.4% of graduates found a placement in Indiana. 
  • 83.1% of the graduates admitted that they found a job related to their major. 
  • 19.3% of the graduates were pursuing higher education. 
  • 5.6% of them were still looking for a job or exploring higher education options. 

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Indiana University First Destination Survey 2021  

The first destination report of Indiana University focuses on level wise demarcation for employment statistics across majors and departments. In the year 2021, the average annual salary for recent graduates of Indiana University was recorded to be USD 47,514 while the median salary was USD 42,224. Other than this the following table shows the graduate outcomes as recorded at Indiana University: 

Indiana Undergraduate Outcomes’ 21 

% Students Involved 

Employed FT 


Higher Education 


Seeking Employment 


Seeking Education 


Involved in Own Business / Venture 


Taking 4+ months off 


Other Activities 


The outcomes were recorded to be around 85.7% for its undergraduate students involved in full time employment and higher education along with other activities at Indiana University in the year 2021. 

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Industry Wise Hires in 2021 

Education or academia were pinned on the top for recruiting the highest number of fresh graduates from Indiana University in the year 2021. This was followed by healthcare and business services industries too. The following pie-chart throws more light in terms of percentage students hired by the corresponding industry in 2021 at Indiana:


Non- profit industry was the lowest hiring one at Indiana in the year 2021 for its undergraduates, thus hiring only 3.9% of the students. While the second lowest hiring industry was the government sector which hired only 4.6% of the Indiana graduates. 

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Employment Location & Top Employers 

As per the career outcomes data the recent graduates of Indiana University of class of 2021 were placed high in the following locations both within USA and internationally: 

  • United States: 96.51% 
  • South Korea: 0.51% 
  • France: 0.32% 
  • Germany | Saudi Arabia | Spain | Taiwan | United Kingdom: 0.19% 
  • China Mainland: 0.7% 
  • Other: 0.99% 

There were all types of employers hailing from small businesses to multinational companies. Some of them who recruited undergraduates of Indiana University in 2021 were as follows: 

Indiana University Top Employers 2021 

Indiana University 

IU Health 

Catalent Pharma Solutions, LLC 

Epic Systems Corporation 

Oracle Corporation 

Kohl's Corporation 

Insight Global 

JPMorgan Chase & Co. 

Little Star ABA Therapy 

Hopebridge Autism Therapy Center 



Elder's Journey Home Care 

Grant Thornton LLP 

Labcorp Drug Development 

Baxter International, Inc., Inc. 

Eli Lilly and Company 


Starcom Worldwide 

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Higher Education Universities, Majors & Experiential Learning 

As per the trend, 1/4 graduates of Indiana University definitely pursue higher education. Graduates of class of 2021 were admitted in the following degree level programs after their undergraduation: 

  • Doctoral Level: 48.9% 
  • Master’s Degree: 43.9% 
  • Specialised Training programs: 2.9% 
  • Second Bachelor’s Degree: 2.3% 
  • Certificate: 1.8% 

Higher Education Field Wise 

Most of the graduates’ 21 of Indiana University pursued Medicine in their higher education, while a handful of them were admitted in Law schools and in courses of social work, education, mathematics and other courses. The following chart shows the percentage number of graduates pursuing the given fields of study:


In case of lowest numbers of admissions for graduate studies, Psychology and Dental Medicine were below the list for graduates of Indiana in 2021. 

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Top Universities for Higher Education 

Some of the top and well known universities where graduates of Indiana University were admitted after their graduation in the year 2021 are as follows: 

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Indiana University Career Development Center 

The CDC of Indiana University is responsible for offering its students resources in order to learn more about themselves, research about prospective careers, gain career-related experience, build a network, etc. Other than this there are other services that are offered to Indiana University’s students, they are mentioned below: 

  • Learn to create a resume 
  • Finding a part-time job or internship 
  • Interview related tips 
  • Build experience 
  • Get career coaching 
  • Exploring relevant majors 

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Indiana University Placement FAQs 

Q. What was the employment satisfaction data for graduates’ 21 at Indiana University?

A. Based on the career outcomes survey, the graduates’ 21 of indiana University responded the following responses for their employment satisfaction:
  • Very satisfied: 34.3% 
  • Satisfied: 27.3% 
  • Extremely satisfied: 27% 
  • Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied: 9.3% 

Q. How many graduates of Indiana University found a job related to their major in 2021?

A. There were 79.4% of the graduates of 2021 at Indiana University who agreed that they found a job relevant to their undergraduate major or field of study.  

Q. What was recorded from Indiana University’s graduates’ 21 in terms of employment aligning with career goals?

A. It recorded from Indiana University’s graduates’ 21 in terms of employment aligning with career goals that:
  • ‘Job directly aligning with career goals’ was accepted by 69.2% of the students. 
  • ‘Job is a temporary way to earn money while searching for a position that better aligns with career goals’ was chosen by 13.5% of the students. 
  • ‘Job not aligning with career goals’ was opted by 8.9% of the graduates. 

Q. Where were the highest number of Indiana University’s graduates’ 21 employed?

A. The highest number of Indiana University’s graduates’ 21 were employed in Indiana, that is, 45.98% of them.

Q. How many Indiana University’s graduates’ 21 were employed where bachelor’s degree was mandatory?

A. Around 47.2% of the Indiana University’s graduates’ 21 were employed in a job where holding a bachelor’s degree was mandatory.  

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