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New Jersey Institute of Technology or NJIT recorded a placement rate of 89% in the year 2019, with a knowledge rate of 80.5%. The average annual salary was recorded at USD 71,357 for NJIT graduates of class of 2019, while the average salary of Management school was USD 132,000. There were around 35+ employers who hired the graduates of NJIT in 2019 and these graduates were working across fields of engineering, management, computer science and data science job roles at large.  

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NJIT Placement Highlights 

Overall Placement Rate 


Knowledge Rate 


Average Annual Salary 

USD 71,357 

Source of Employment  

On-campus Interviews 

Total Employers 


Internship Rate 


Higher Education Option 

9% graduates 

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NJIT Class profile 2019 

New Jersey Institute of Technology received around 9,047 applications out of which 1,369 of them were accepted. The class profile of NJIT class of 2019 has been given in detail below, divided under different sections for reference: 

Basic Admission Details: 

  • Average GPA was recorded at 3.6 
  • Average overall SAT score was 1297 
  • The total number of male students were - 75% and female students were 25%. 
  • Popularly opted majors were - Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering. 
  • 38% of the admitted students were first generation students. 
  • Around 10% of the students were international, hailing from 38 countries. 

Ethnicities of the NJIT 2019 Graduates: 

  • White: 34.9% 
  • Black: 7.7%  
  • Hispanic: 20.8% 
  • Asian: 23.7% 
  • American Indians: 0.1%  
  • Unknown: 7.4% 

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NJIT Graduate Career Outcomes 

Out of the total 4,000 graduates of New Jersey Institute of Technology who graduated, only 2,193 of them responded to the career outcomes survey. The career outcomes survey of NJIT in the year 2019 was recorded at 91.2% for the baccalaureate students while 84.6% was recorded for master’s students. The following table shows a comparison for both levels of study at NJIT for the year 2019: 

Career Outcomes 

Graduate Outcomes 

Post Graduate Outcomes 

Employed FT 



Employed PT  



Higher Education FT 



Seeking Employment 



Not Seeking Employment 



The employment data was calculated within 06 months of graduation for NJIT graduates at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.  

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While those graduates who were pursuing a higher education, were admitted in the following top 10 universities, along with New Jersey Institute of Technology: 

  1. Arizona State University  
  2. Cornell University 
  3. Rutgers University 
  4. Stevens Institute of Technology 
  5. University of Iowa 
  6. University of Kentucky 
  7. University of Texas 
  8. New York University  
  9. Penn State University 

NJIT Major Wise Average Salary 

This section summarises the average salaries of majors offered at NJIT for its 2019 graduates and postgraduates, college wise. Read on the following table for more details: 

NJIT Majors 

Graduate Average Salaries  

Postgraduate Average Salaries 

Newark College of Engineering 

Biomedical Engineering 

USD 63,916 

USD 60,201 

Chemical Engineering 

USD 73,533 

USD 89,416 

Civil Engineering  

USD 58,430 

USD 77,116 

Mechanical Engineering 

USD 59,295 

USD 67,905 

Hillier College of Architecture & Design 


USD 51,500 

USD 67,233 

College of Science & Liberal Arts 

Applied Physics 

USD 74,000 



USD 52,000 


Mathematical Sciences 

USD 59,710 


Ying Wu College of Computing 

Business & Informations System 

USD 73,333 

USD 76,961 

Computer Science 

USD 82,232 

USD 88,789 

Data Science 


USD 75,800 

Information Systems 

USD 83,000 

USD 82,911 

Martin Tuchman School of Management 

Business / Management 

USD 63,522 

USD 82,500 



USD 97,236 

The average annual salary for undergraduates of NJIT in the year 2019 was recorded at USD 64,598 while the average annual salary for postgraduates was recorded at USD 78,116. The highest salaried major was found out to be Information Systems at the graduate level while for the master’s degree was MBA. 

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Source of Finding Employment 

Since New Jersey Institute of Technology offers on-campus placements, there are other sources of finding full time employment as well. These sources are mentioned below study for recent graduates of NJIT in 2019: 

  • On-campus Interviews: 10.1% 
  • Personal Networking: 21.2% 
  • Online Job Listing (Handshake): 10.8% 
  • Other Online Job Listings: 11.3% 
  • NJIT Career Fair: 11.6% 
  • Non - NJIT Career Fair: 3.9% 
  • Co-op Internship Conversion: 21% 

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Top Employers 

There were over 30+ employers who hired 2019 graduates of New Jersey Institute of Technology. The following are some of the top recruiters of NJIT who hired graduates of 2019: 

NJIT Top Employers - 2019 


iCreditWorks LLC  






Infosys Ltd  

Skanska USA 

Avanade Inc.  


Sordoni Construction Co 

BAE Systems  


Structure Tone 


Middlesex Water Company  


Crum & Forster  





Tata Consultancy Services 



Thales Avionics 

Fedeal NCCC & FEMA Prog  

Northrop Grumman  


FM Global  

Numero Data LLC  

US Army 



Valcor Engineering 

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NJIT Placement FAQs 

Q. When were the full time employment rates reported for graduates of class of 2019 of NJIT?

A. The full time employment rates of NJIT graduates of class of 2019 were reported within six months of graduation.

Q. Through which sources did the postgraduates of NJIT find employment in 2019?

A. In 2019, NJIT postgraduates found an employment through the following sources:
  • On-campus Interviews: 8.8% 
  • Personal Networking: 23.8% 
  • Online Job Listing (Handshake): 10.8% 
  • Other Online Job Listings: 18.8% 
  • NJIT Career Fair: 7.1% 
  • Non - NJIT Career Fair: 2.1% 
  • Co-op Internship Conversion: 22.9%

Q. How many graduates of class of 2019 were pursuing an internship while studying at NJIT?

A. Those admitted for an undergraduate course at NJIT were 8.5% of them pursuing an internship, while 5.7% of the students pursuing a master’s from NJIT were involved in an internship or a part time job.

Q. Under what job profiles were the MBA class of 2019 of NJIT working?

A. NJIT MBA ‘19 graduates were working under various job roles of:
  • Product Manager 
  • Consultant 
  • Medical and Health Services Manager 
  • Financial Manager 
  • Product Marketing Manager and Brand Marketing Manager

Q. How many responses were recorded for the graduate outcomes of NJIT in 2019?

A. Over 53.5% of undergraduate respondents and nearly 49.6% of the graduates responded to the graduate outcomes survey of NJIT in 2019 after graduating.

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