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Studying abroad is a tricky decision and we understand that. ROI (Return on investment) is one of the biggest factors in deciding the university. All those who are planning to apply to Northeastern need to know about the Northeastern employment opportunities. In this article, we will provide you with the Placements and employment details of the university graduates, so, which will help you in making the decision. The university is proud of offering co-op and experiential learning programs. Students at Northeastern get real-world experience while studying that eventually helps them in getting employment after completing their studies.


Northeastern class 2019-2020 placement highlights

As per the university, if we look at the data from 2016 to 2019, then we can notice that 98% of their graduates are either employed or in graduate schools within nine months of graduation. If we look at the infographic below then we can notice that there is a huge demand for Northeastern graduates. Almost 80% of their graduates are employed within nine months of completing their graduation. While a significant chunk (more than 18%) of students took to higher studies and just above 2% of the graduates are seeking employment. As these figures are from the last 4 years, so, one can say that the university has performed consistently and there is a huge demand for its graduates in the corporate world/industry.


Northeastern employment report

Northeastern class profile 2020







Students participated in co-op (2019)


Asian Men


Asian Women


Co-op participation

Co-op or cooperative education offers the opportunity to combine classroom studies with professional work experience. This is usually done in the student's major or area of interest.

Northeastern co-op participation
Students completed six-month co-op experiences within the US and more than 100 countries and gain professional experience. Below we have given a detailed view of the students who pursued co-op before graduation.
Northeastern  co--op participation
The above information signifies that Northeastern University give huge importance to Co-op programmes, as they offer students the siginifcant chance to gain work experience.

D'Amore-McKim Business School

Apart from a graduate school, Northeastern University has a popular business school, D'Amore-McKim business school. 2020 presented unprecedented challenges for the businesses and job markets across the world. D'Amore-McKim was able to secure job opportunities and top-tier corporate residencies for its students. The efforts of the D'Amore-McKim community, students, and graduates came together to overcome the challenges posed by the pandemic and give a wonderful outcome.
Northeastern employment data

Placement by industry


Northeastern employment data

Top companies that hire from D'Amore-McKim Business School

Recruiters from D'Amore-McKim include some of the most respected corporate houses. Some of the popular companies that hire from D'Amore-McKim have been listed below.


Proctor & Gamble Company

Dunkin Brands


IBM Corporation

Raytheon Technologies

First Aid Beauty

The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston


LogMeIn, Inc



D'Amore-McKim placements by Roles

When we look at the Northeastern employment by function then we can say that Finance and Accounting are the preferred destinations of business graduates.

Northeastern employment details

Average salary by industry

If we look at the average salary then we can conclude that consulting is one of the most sought-after industries for business graduates.













Consumer Goods




Financial Services



Northeastern University Employment FAQs


How are placements at Northeastern University?

Northeastern University offers good placements to graduates and business graduates. Some of the fortune 50 companies like Disney, Proctre & Gamble, and Microsoft visit the campus and offer placements.

Is Northeastern a prestigious university?

US News has consistently ranked it among the top 50 universities in the US since last years. Times Higher Education (THE) has also ranked it in the top 200 universities in the world for the last 5 years. By looking at this data, we can say that Northeastern is a prestigious university.

How much do Northeastern graduates make?

As per the university data, 80% of its graduates were employed within nine months of completing their graduation. Also, its alumni are earning around $55,100 annually after six years of enrolling and $69,500 after ten years.

Is Northeastern University Ivy League?

Northeastern University is not part of the Ivy League, however, it is considered a prestigious higher education institution. If we look at the data from the prominent ranking providers then we can see that it is one of the top 50 universities in the USA.  

What major is Northeastern known for?

The most popular majors at Northeastern University are Computer and Information Sciences, Biological and Biomedical Sciences; and Support Services, Social Sciences, Engineering, Marketing, and Related Support Services, Business, Management, Communication, Journalism, and Health Professions and Related Programs.

What is Northeastern University's acceptance rate?

The acceptance rate at Northeastern University is 20.5% for 2020. The university is selective in accepting students and candidates with a good overall profile can make it to the list.

How selective is Northeastern University?

With an acceptance rate of around 20%, Northeastern University is selective while giving admissions. For fall 2020, from 64,459 applicants the university selected only 13,199. The mean SAT score was 1467 for enrolled freshmen.

How much is tuition fees at Northeastern?

The tuition fees for an undergraduate course in 2019-2020 were $ 55,452 annually.

What GPA do you require to get into Northeastern?

Northeastern University requires a GPA of 4.04, so, candidates need to be at their top to make it to the university.

Can I get into Northeastern with a 3.7 GPA?

Candidates need to have an exceptional GPA to secure admission at Northeastern. The average high school GPA of 3.91 on the 4.0 of the admitted freshman class at Northeastern University makes it clear that applicants need to have a good academic record to get here.

Is Northeastern a need-based school?

Apart from its need-based financial aid program, Northeastern University offers various scholarships including the popular Dean's Scholarship to select students.

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