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University of Arkansas records a placement rate of 59% for the year 2021 with a positive career outcomes rate of 85%. The University of Arkansas records a mean salary of USD 55,108 and a median salary of USD 55,000. There were around 80 employers that hired these graduates of class of 2021 and more than 80+ universities offered 23.3% of the graduates an admission for higher education.  

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University of Arkansas Placement Highlights 

Overall Career Outcomes Rate 


Knowledge Rate 


Average Salary 

USD 55,108  

Median Salary 

USD 55,000 

Total Employers 


Internship Rate 


Total Placements in Arkansas 


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University of Arkansas Class Profile 2021 

The University of Arkansas enrolled 29,068 for its Fall 2021 session. Out of these 29,068 students, 24,265 were undergraduates and the remaining 4,415 were admitted in a graduate course. More information is as follows: 

Academic Details 

  • Student-to-faculty ratio: 19:1 
  • Average ACT was 24.5 
  • Average high school GPA: 3.74 
  • Six-year graduation rate: 69.7 percent (2015 cohort) 

Ethnicities of Students: 

  • White students: 55% 
  • African American students: 22% 
  • Asians: 2% 
  • Hispanic / Latino: 2% 
  • Native American/Alaskan Native: 1% 
  • Those reporting two or more races: 11% 
  • International students: 5% 
  • Unreported: 1% 

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University of Arkansas Graduate Outcomes 

As per the graduate outcomes survey of class of 2021 of the University of Arkansas, it was noted that the graduates were: 

  • Working either full time or part time: 58.7% 
  • Continuing education: 23.3% 
  • Volunteering or were in Military Services: 0.9% 
  • Still looking for work opportunities: 16% 
  • Not looking for any work or education related opportunities: 1.2% 

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Higher Education Details 

Those graduating from the University of Arkansas with their first degrees and opted to study further were around 23.3%. The following fields of study were opted by these graduates for their higher education: 

Fields of Study 

% Graduates Pursuing 

Arts & Sciences 














Veterinary Medicine 






No Data Reported 


Top Institutions Offering Admissions 

Along with the University of Arkansas, the following universities also offered admissions to University of Arkansas class of 2021: 

University of Arkansas Salary Stats School/College Wise 

The following table shows the salaries level wise for each college and schools functioning at the University of Arkansas: 

Schools/Colleges of University of Arkansas 

Undergraduate Degree Holders Salaries 

Postgraduate Degree Holders Salaries 

College of Agri, Food & Life Sciences 

USD 41,489 

USD 52,280  

College of Arts & Sciences 

USD 46,045 

USD 48,796  

School of Architecture & Design  

USD 43,192 


Graduate Education & Health Professions 

USD 50,233  

USD 50,738 

Graduate School & International Education 


USD 68,100  

College of Engineering  

USD 64,780 

USD 74,701  

Graduate Business 

USD 51,622 

USD 74,227 

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Career Outcomes Rate College Wise 

The overall career outcomes rate at the University of Arkansas were noted for the class of 2021 college and school wise, based on their responses and where they were placed or admitted. These stats are as follows: 

Undergraduate Programs: 

  • College of Agricultural, Food & Life Sciences: 87.6% 
  • School of Architecture & Design: 82.4% 
  • College of Arts & Sciences: 79.3% 
  • College of Education & Health Professions: 89.9% 
  • College of Engineering: 80.4% 
  • College of Business: 85.3% 

Graduate Programs: 

  • Graduate Agricultural, Food & Life Sciences: 90.1% 
  • Graduate Education & Health Professions: 91.2% 
  • Graduate Engineering: 89.1% 
  • Graduate Arts & Sciences: 78.9% 
  • Graduate Architecture & Design: 100% 
  • Graduate School & International Education: 87.8% 
  • School of Law: 74.6% 
  • Graduate Business: 81.8% 

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University of Arkansas Major Wise Salary Data 

The following table summarises the popular majors offered at the University of Arkansas along with their reported median and mean salaries for class of 2021: 

Popular Majors at University of Arkansas 

Mean Salary 

Median Salary 


USD 56,663  

USD 57,000 

Agri Education Comm & Tech  

USD 40,822 

USD 40,000  


USD 34,669  

USD 29,120  


USD 45,838  

USD 47,000  

Biological Engineering 

USD 59,438  

USD 57,500  

Business Economics  

USD 51,833  

USD 53,000  

Chemical Engineering  

USD 69,167  

USD 71,650 

Civil Engineering  

USD 59,119  

USD 60,320  

Computer Engineering  

USD 69,062  

USD 70,600  

Computer Science  

USD 71,849  

USD 72,650 

Criminal Justice  

USD 140,762 

USD 37,500 

Hospitality Management  

USD 38,403  

USD 37,760  

International Business 

USD 60,722  

USD 60,000  


USD 48,626 

USD 50,000 


USD 58,443  

USD 55,380  

Political Science 

USD 52,400  

USD 45,000  


USD 40,571  

USD 37,440  

Public Health 

USD 40,304  

USD 40,000  

Social Work  

USD 31,905  

USD 34,320  

The highest mean salary was recorded for Criminal Justice majors, while the highest median salary was reported for Computer Science majors offered at the University of Arkansas for class of 2021. 

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University of Arkansas Top Employers 2021 

There were around 80 employers, who hired the graduates of class of 2021 from the University of Arkansas. These employers are as follows with corresponding number of students they hired: 

  • University of Arkansas - Fayetteville: 123 
  • Walmart: 96  
  • J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc: 67  
  • Tyson Foods, Inc.: 43  
  • Washington Regional Medical Center: 24  
  • KPMG LLP: 23  
  • Mercy Northwest: 21  
  • Cerner Corporation | Goosehead Insurance: 18  
  • Arvest Bank | Fayetteville Public Schools 17 
  • Amazon | Bentonville Public Schools: 15  
  • Lockheed Martin: 14  
  • ArcBest | Baylor Scott & White Health Care System | Rogers Public Schools: 13 
  • Springdale Public Schools | University of Kansas Health System: 12  
  • Dillard's, Inc. | EY LLP | Stephens, Inc. | Transplace: 11  
  • Benchmark Group | NTT DATA | University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences: 10 

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University of Arkansas Placement FAQs 

Q. How many students graduated from the College of Business of University of Arkansas in 2021 and were working?

A. There were 1,412 students who graduated from the College of Business of University of Arkansas in 2021 and only 864 of them were working after graduation.  

Q. What were the graduate outcomes for Asians graduating from the University of Arkansas in 2021?

A. The graduate outcomes for Asian students who graduated from the University of Arkansas in the year 2021 were as follows:  
  • Working: 46.9% 
  • Continuing education: 27.1% 
  • Not seeking any options: 4.2% 
  • Still looking for options: 21.9%  

Q. How many employers hired only 5 graduates from University of Arkansas in 2021?

A. There were around 12 employers who hired just 5 graduates from the University of Arkansas in the year 2021, they were - 49 Financial, AIM Clinics, Austin Bridge & Road, Dell Technologies, Garver, Honeywell, Kimley-Horn, MANA Medical Associates of Northwest Arkansas, Microsoft, PAM Transport and, Saint Luke's Health System.  

Q. Where were the graduates of the class of 2021 of University of Arkansas working after graduation?

A. The graduates of class of 2021 of the University of Arkansas were working in the following locations after their graduation:
  • Northwest Arkansas: 37.4% 
  • Other areas of Arkansas: 12.4% 
  • Outside of Arkansas: 48.6% 
  • Undisclosed locations: 1.5% 

Q. What was the mean and median salaries of doctorate graduates of University of Arkansas in 2021?

A. As per the data, the mean and median salaries of doctorate graduates of the University of Arkansas were reported to be USD 68,949 and USD 62,558 respectively for the year 2021. 

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