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MBA is the next big thing! University of California graduate student placement data reveals this. If you look at the salary data provided by UCLA then you can notice that UCLA's ROI is one of the best for pursuing a graduate program. In this article, we will inform you about UCLA's MBA placement data. Class of 2021 full-time MBA (FTMBA) graduates landed jobs outside of the US in Canada, India, South Korea, Chile, Japan, Switzerland, China, Mexico and the United Kingdom. As per the industry, most of the students were placed in financial services, technology and consulting, with 68.5% of the job acceptances being from these sectors. More than 60% of the students got placements from UCLA-facilitated resources like summer internships, myCareer job postings, campus-recruiting programs, and national MBA career conferences. While around 36.8% got jobs from non-UCLA facilitated resources like personal networking, other websites, online resources, company websites, pre-MBA employer networks, etc.

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UCLA Full-Time MBA Placement Highlights 2021

Job Offers by Graduation 81.8%
Job Offers 6-months Post-Graduation 98%
Top Sources of Employment Summer Internships, Websites, myCareer Job Postings, Campus Recruitment
Industry with the Highest Placement Rate Technology
Function with the Highest Placement Rate Product Management
Overall Mean Annual Base Salary $135,273

UCLA Full-Time MBA Class Profile 2021

A total of 2,817 applications were received out of which 360 made it to the entering class. Read below to get a better idea of the demographic profile of the students.

  • The average work experience was of five years.
  • Women made up 34% of the class, whereas 66% were males. 
  • The total percentage of international citizens was 33%.
  • A total of 37 nations were represented in the full-time MBA batch of 2021.

Top Pre-MBA Experiences by Industry

  • Technology: 26%
  • Finance: 25%
  • Consulting: 20%
  • Healthcare: 10%
  • Consumer Goods: 7%
  • Public Sector/Non-Profit: 5%
  • Real Estate: 4%
  • Entertainment/Media: 3%

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UCLA Full-Time MBA Employment Profile 2021

UCLA Full-Time MBA Graduate Job Offers

This section discusses the number of job offers UCLA full-time MBA graduates received by the time they graduated, three months after graduation, and 6 months after graduation. By graduation, 81.8% of students had obtained job offers. Three months after completion of the MBA 93% of students received employment offers and 98% of the students had job offers 6 months after graduation.

By Graduation Three Months after Graduation
Permanent U.S Work Authorization: 61.6% Permanent U.S Work Authorization: 69.2%
Non-Permanent U.S Work Authorization: 20.2% Non-Permanent U.S Work Authorization: 23.8%

UCLA Full-Time MBA Graduate Job Acceptances

By graduation, 80.1% of students had accepted job offers. Three months after completion of the MBA 92.7% of students had accepted employment offers and 97% of the students had accepted job offers 6 months after graduation. It should also be noted that 46.1% of the full-time job offers were obtained from summer internships, which was 5% more as compared to the year 2020.

Permanent U.S Work Authorization: 60.6% Permanent U.S Work Authorization: 68.9%
Non-Permanent U.S Work Authorization: 19.5% Non-Permanent U.S Work Authorization: 23.8%

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Source of Employment

University of California graduate student placement sources data reveals that UCLA administration gives complete focus on assisting students to get employment. The below-mentioned data is testimony to that. 

The UCLA Anderson-facilitated resource which yielded the highest employment for full-time MBA graduates was summer internships (34.3%) which students got through campus recruitment. This was followed by myCareer Job Postings (8.6%), summer internships found through other Anderson resources (6.1%), campus recruiting program (5.4%), through alumni and classmates (4.3%), Other Parker CMC resources (1.4%), etc. 

The non-UCLA Anderson-facilitated resource which yielded the highest employment for full-time MBA graduates was other website/online resources (36.8%). This was followed by the company website (8.2%), family/friend/personal/UG network (5.7%), summer internship (5.7%), direct company contact (3.6%), etc. 

UCLA Full-Time MBA Top Employers 2021

Accenture Bank of America Corporation Capital One
Deloitte Facebook Gartner Inc.
HBO Max Intel Corporation Johnson & Johnson
KPMG LLP L'Oreal USA McKinsey & Company
Nike Optum PwC
Sony Pictures Entertainment Tata Consultancy Services Vistaprint
Walmart Zoom Adobe Systems
Barclays Cisco Systems Delta Air Lines
Goldman Sachs & Co. Huawei Technologies JP Morgan Chase & Co.
Microsoft Corp. Procter & Gamble Amazon

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UCLA Full-Time MBA Placement Stats by Industry 2021

Moving over to employment by industry, technology, financial services, and consulting remained the top choices for jobs. A total of 68.5% of job acceptances were from these three industries. As compared to 2020, students joining financial services were higher with an overall percentage of 18.9. In 2020, it was 14.4%. 2021 batch students also started their own agencies (healthcare, apparel, digital media, entertainment, E-commerce, technology, food & beverage, and venture capital) while studying.

The bar graph below features the top five industries where students were hired in 2021.

UCLA MBA employment by industry

UCLA Full-Time MBA Placement Stats by Function

As per function, the highest employment rate was witnessed for Product Management, with 16.8% of MBA graduates getting a job. This was shortly followed by Management Consulting, with a placement rate of 16.1%. At the third and fourth place were Investment Banking and Corporation Finance, with placement rates being 10.7% and 8.2%. The least percentage of hiring was recorded for VC/PE, with an employment rate of 2.9%.Also, 4.4% of 2021 batch students were sponsored and went back to the employers with which they were working before pursuing an MBA. Theor job functions were Business Development, Commercial Banking, Corporate Finance/Treasury, Corporate Strategy, General Management, Investment Management, Management Consulting.

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UCLA Full-Time MBA Average Salary 2021

The overall mean annual base salary recorded for the MBA graduates was $135,273. Similarly, the median annual base salary recorded was $130,000, with the annual salary range being $31,650 to $190,000. Talking about students with permanent U.S Work Authorization, the mean salary stood at $137,514, whereas the median compensation recorded was $135,000. The salary range was between $80,000 to $175,000. For those with non-permanent U.S Work Authorization, the mean salary stood at $128,549, whereas the median compensation recorded was $125,000. The salary range was between $31,650 to $190,000.

UCLA Full-Time MBA Salary by Industry

Industry Annual Mean Salary Annual Median Salary
Consulting $154,783 $160,000
Financial Services $143,873 $150,000
Transportation/Logistics Services $143,750 $145,000
Technology $134,287 $131,000
Energy/Utilities $126,286 $125,000
Healthcare $125,838 $125,000
Real Estate $121,500 $120,000

UCLA Full-Time MBA Internship 2021

Internship by Industry

Technology: 32%

Consulting: 12.6%

Investment Banking: 10.2%

Healthcare: 9.9%

Consumer Products: 9.0%

Entertainment/Media: 7.5%

Least: Retail (0.9%) and Transportation/Logistics Services: 0.9%

UCLA Career Placement Support

Various career-centric services are made available to UCLA students which help them clear their minds and recognise their passion related to their future careers. Read below to discover some of the career as well as academic-focused services which UCLA offers.

Handshake: This platform can help students get career counselling, find employment, and internships. One can even book a 30-minute long appointment, in-person or virtual with the career experts to get their queries answered.

Career Workshops: Students can attend more than 50-panel discussions and workshops from anywhere. A dedicated Youtube channel also exists where students can go through videos in order to plan their career paths.

Virtual Front Desk: Running Monday to Friday, the virtual front desk can be visited from 9 am to 5 pm. Students, especially freshers, can get to know more about career fests, workshops, events, Handshake platform, recruitment drive, etc.

VMock: A 27*7 online tool, one can get his or her resume reviewed here and get immediate feedback.

Events & Workshops: Various events are organised by the career centre throughout the academic year for helping students meet and interact with renowned employers, experts, and counsellors. Experts are invited to these events were they talk about their career journey and motivate students to work towards their goals.

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University of California - Los Angeles Placement FAQs

What is a GMAT score for UCLA?

The average GMAT score for the UCLA MBA was 706 for the class of 2022. This was a little lower than what was required in previous years. The average GMAT score in 2019 was 716.

Is a UCLA MBA worth it?

UCLA’s Anderson School of Management is one of the finest business schools in the US. Some of the top companies hire from UCLA Anderson.

What is the GPA required for UCLA MBA?

Candidates need to have a minimum GPA of 3.10 or more to get into UCLA’s Anderson MBA program.

How much do UCLA MBA graduates make?

The median salary of UCLA’s MBA graduates was $130,000 and the average salary was $132,460 for 2020.

Does UCLA prefer GMAT or GRE?

UCLA accepts both GMAT and GRE for its graduate programs, Anderson recommends giving GRE test for admission.

Is UCLA MBA hard to get into?

With an acceptance rate for UCLA MBA is 35% and the average GMAT of 705 candidates needs to be above average to make it to UCLA’s MBA program.

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