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Placement rate at University of Dallas was recorded at 98% in the year 2020. The average salary was recorded to be USD 65,287 and the median salary was USD 55,475. Financial services was the highest recruiting industry for both graduates and postgraduates of University of Dallas. More than 125+ employers hired graduates of class of 2020 from University of Dallas. Check: Study Guide to USA for International Students   

University of Dallas Placement 2020 Highlights 

Placement Rate 


Average Salary 

USD 51,929 

Total Employers 


Industries Represented 


Average Base Salary 

USD 72,000 

Annual ROI 


Highest Salary  

USD 126,000 

Lowest Salary 

USD 40,000 

University of Dallas Class Profile 2020-21 

In 2021, around 2,000+ students graduated from University of Dallas. As per Fall 2020 data, 1,447 students were undergrads and 1,042 were graduates. Undergraduate students belonged to 45 states and 17 countries, while graduate students at University of Dallas were from 43 states and 24 countries. The other details are given below: 

  • 52.5% of students were male  
  • 46.8% students were females 
  • The average SAT score was 1236  
  • Average ACT score was 27 
  • Average experienced students admitted - 15.5% 
  • The average class size at University of Dallas is 19 students only. 

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University of Dallas Career Outcomes 2020-21 

In terms of the first destinations report for fresh graduates of University of Dallas, it was recorded that in 2020 initially 56.8% students were employed and 36.2% of the students were enrolled for higher education. The students were also involved in various other activities which are described in the pie chart below: 



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The passing out batch of 2020-21 of University of Dallas recorded mixed stats for different levels of study. The following table comprises of both graduate and undergraduate career outcomes of University of Dallas: 

Career Outcomes 2020-21 



Total Respondents 






Knowledge Rate 



Seeking Employment 



Average Salary 

USD 43,005 

USD 87,568 

Median Salary 

USD 40,950 

USD 70,000 

There were 32.7% of undergraduate students who opted to pursue higher education. Some of the universities in which undergraduates of University of Dallas found admission other than University of Dallas were as follows: 

Graduate Study Areas 

After graduating from University of Dallas, in 2020 most of the students who were admitted for higher education opted for different areas of study like Law, Medicine, Business, etc. the following table shows the percentage of students pursuing their choice of study area: 

Study Area 

Percentage of Students 

Arts & Sciences 






Medicine & Health 




Other Areas of Study 


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University of Dallas Top Employers, Jobs & Salaries 

There were over 129 employers who employed graduates of University of Dallas in 2020-21. Some of the top employers were: 

  • AT&T 
  • Google 
  • Goldman & Sachs 
  • Enterprise Holdings 
  • Northrop Grumman 
  • Parkland Hospital 
  • WorkSuites  

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The graduates’ 20 of University of Dallas got placed majorly in business roles and administrative level positions. The following table shows some of the top job roles along with their average salaries: 

University of Dallas Graduates’ 20 Job Roles 

Average Salary 

Data Analyst 

USD 75,000 

Financial Analyst 

USD 55,000 

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) 

USD 107,000 

Administrative Assistant | Executive Assistant 

USD 40,000 

Staff Accountant 

USD 37,000 

High School Teacher 

USD 48,000 

University of Dallas MBA’ 20 Class Profile 

MBA program at University of Dallas admitted only 53 students for 2020 admissions. The batch included 72% of male students and 28% of the students were international. As per enrollment data of MBA at University of Dallas, the following numbers were recorded: 

  • Average GPA was 3.5 
  • Average GMAT score was 678 
  • While average GRE score was 313 
  • Average age of the students was 28 years 
  • The average work experience of the enrolled students was 5 years. 

University of Dallas MBA’ 20 Placement Data 

In 2020, around 93% of the MBA’ 20 graduates of University of Dallas found full time employment. The average annual salary recorded was USD 102,000. The lowest end salary was recorded at USD 75,000 and the highest salary was USD 130,000. Salary range for MBA’ 20 graduates based on their choice of specialisation was as follows: 

MBA’ 20 Jobs by Function 

Average Annual Salary 

Highest Salary 

Finance | Accounting 

USD 77,000 

USD 100,000 

Marketing | Sales 

USD 83,000 

USD 100,000 

Operations | Logistics 

USD 86,000 

USD 115,000 


USD 77,000 

USD 120,000 

Information Technology 

USD 86,000 

USD 120,000 

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University of Dallas MBA’ 20 Top Employers, Jobs & Salaries 

There were more than 50+ employers who offered placements to University of Dallas MBA graduates of 2020. The employers which hired the MBA graduates were as follows: 

  • Amazon 
  • Deloitte Consulting 
  • EY 
  • Fossil 
  • JPMorgan 
  • HP Enterprises 
  • P&G 
  • Toyota 
  • Nestle  

The following job roles were offered to MBA’ 20 graduates of University of Dallas along with their corresponding annual average salaries: 

University of Dallas MBA’ 20 Job Roles  

Annual Average Salaries 

Chief Executive Officer 

USD 595,640 - USD 1,015,818 

Sales Manager 

USD 65,000 

Marketing Manager  

USD 143,000 

Financial Manager 

USD 135,000  

Chief Information Officer 

USD 223,000 

IT Director 

USD 123,000 

Chief Technology Manager 

USD 215,194 to USD 300,131 

Investment Fund Manager 

USD 108,000 

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University of Dallas Career Support 

There are various resources offered to students and alumni of University of Dallas in order to progress their careers. From offering on-campus placement to designing an application, other than this the following other career support is available: 

  • Handshake - portal to look for job opportunities 
  • Career and type of job exploration 
  • Writing a resume or CV 
  • How to network and use Linkedin 
  • Interview guides to help students for their interviews 
  • Organising job fairs for students and alumni 

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University of Dallas Placement FAQs 

Q. What was the early and mid career salary for graduates of University of Dallas in 2020?

A. In 2020, the graduates of University of Dallas were earning USD 60,800 in their early careers while the mid-career students earned USD 117,000.  

Q. How experienced were graduates’ 20 of University of Dallas?

A. The level of experience in terms of the career levels, University of Dallas graduates’ 20 recorded the following:
  • Entry level: 6.2% 
  • Late career: 11.7% 
  • Experienced: 15.4%  

Q. Was there a change in employment rate within 6 months after graduating from University of Dallas in 2020?

A. Yes, by December 2020 the graduates of University of Dallas were placed and the numbers went by 93% from the initial 56.8%.  

Q. What was the average ELP score of MBA’ 20 of University of Dallas?

A. The average English language proficiency scores for MBA’ 20 graduates of University of Dallas were as follows:

Q. Within what time limit were graduates’ 20 of University of Dallas offered placement?

A. Around 99% of University of Dallas students who applied for employment in 2020 were employed within 6 months of their graduation.  

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