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University of Denver’s class of 2019 records higher career outcomes after 06 months of graduation with 90.3% of undergraduates, 92.8% of master’s students and 94.7% of doctoral students being employed. It was also recorded at University of Denver that there was a 1.9% increase in employment rate for undergraduates and a 2.6% gain for master’s students in comparison to 2018 career outcomes results. 

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University of Denver Placement Highlights  

Overall Placement Rate 


Knowledge Rate 


Average Salary 

USD 51,598 

Median Salary 

USD 49,000 

Internship Pursued 


Higher Education 


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University of Denver Graduate Outcomes 

There were around 61.3% of the students who were employed in a full time job and the others were divided into higher education, military services and those working in a part time job. The following pie-chart throws more light upon the graduate outcomes for 2019 of University of Denver: 



Out of 717 graduates reporting full-time or part-time employment, 147 provided job satisfaction information, a response rate of 20.5%. 

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Location Wise Placement 

Of the 950 students that reported employment, service, or continuing education, 883 shared their job location for a knowledge rate of 92.9%. Of these, 4.6%, or 41 graduates, reported locations outside of the United States. 65.6% of the total group remained in Colorado. The following students were placed in these locations: 

  • Colorado: 65.6% 
  • West Coast: 8.8% 
  • Mid-atlantic: 7.9% 
  • Southeast: 3.3% 
  • Great Lakes 2.7% 

Top Ten Reported Cities Outside Of Colorado 

The table below shows the cities outside Colorado where University of Denver graduates found a placement: 

Cities of Placement 

University of Denver Graduates Placed 

Los Angeles  


New York 


San Francisco 


Washington – DC 




Minneapolis | Chicago 




Phoenix | Miami | Dallas 


Thus, a lot of University of Denver graduates’ 19 were placed in Los Angeles followed by New York other than in Colorado after their graduation. 

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Undergraduates Job Source 

Of those reporting employment, 382 responded recording a response rate of 53.3%. There was a 7% decrease in the number of students reporting that their job source came from professional networking connections with 2% more students indicated their job came as a result of an internship, there was a 1% increase each in students indicating their job came as the result of a DU event, a faculty member referral or a family connection. 



The pie chart above shows that the maximum number of University of Denver graduates’ 19 found a job through directly applying to an organisation and there were also those who found a job through an online portal. 

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University of Denver Salary Stats 

Based on the information department or college wise at University of Denver, the following salaries were found to be reported by the graduates of class of 2019:  

University of Denver College 

Average Salary 2019 

Median Salary 2019 

Ritchie Engineering & Computer Science College 

USD 69,089 

USD 70,000 

Daniels College of Business 

USD 54,095 

USD 51,000 

College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences 

USD 43,161 

USD 40,500 

Natural Sciences & Maths 

USD 39,756 

USD 35,000 

Josef Korbel School of International Studies 

USD 38,847 

USD 40,000 

University College & Colorado Women’s College 

USD 72,400 

USD 75,000 

In 2019, it was recorded that both the average and median salaries increased by over USD 2,000 since 2018. This salary data is based on 46.1% of responses received for the graduate outcomes by University of Denver graduates of 2019. 

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University of Denver Industry Wise Hires 

The below chart shows the top industries in which undergraduate students are employed upon graduation: 



As given in the chart above it can be seen that the hospitality and tourism industry tops the list for hiring the maximum number of graduates of the class of 2019 of University of Denver. This was followed by education and health & human services industries. 

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Top Employers College Wise 

There were over 100+ employers who recruited University of Denver graduates in 2019. The following data is based on college wise employers for University of Denver graduates of 2019: 

Daniel Ritchie School of Engineering & Computer Science 

Daniels College of Business 

Lockheed Martin (3)  

Newtin Media (3)  

Nextworld (3)  

Epic (2)  

POWER Engineers, Inc. (2)  

52 additional organizations hired one student each from this college. 

Janus Henderson Investors (4)  

KPMG (4)  

Black Creek Group (3)  

Brown Brothers Harriman (3)  

Deloitte (3)  

Xactly Corporation (3)  

Zayo Group (3)  

16 additional organizations hired 2 students from the college  

213 additional organizations hired 1 student from the college. 

College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences 

Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics 

University of Denver – DU (5)  

Denver Public School District – DPS (4)  

Evolve Vacation Rental Management (2)  

HROD Law (2)  

Mental Health Center of Denver (2)  

The Walt Disney Company (2)  

177 additional organizations hired one student from the college. 

Children's Hospital Colorado (3)  

Craig Hospital (3)  

University of Denver – DU (3)  

Battelle (2)  

University of Colorado (2)  

81 additional organizations hired one student from the college. 

Josef Korbel School of International Studies 

University College & Colorado Women’s College 

University of Denver – DU (4)  

Teach For America (2)  

33 additional organizations hired one student from the college. 

13 organizations hired one student from the college. 

As given above around 300+ students got full time employment at University of Denver in the year 2019. 

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University of Denver Placement FAQs 

Q. How many students of University of Denver submitted the job satisfaction survey in 2019?

A. Out of 1,274 graduates reporting full-time or part-time employment, 441 provided job satisfaction information, a response rate of 34.6%.  

Q. What was the total response rate for masters graduates of University of Denver in 2019?

A. For the class of 2019, job source information was secured for for 671 graduates for a response rate of 52.7%.  

Q. Before graduating from University of Denver, did its 2019 graduates have internship experience?

A. Yes, around 70.8% of respondents participated in at least one internship before graduating from University of Denver in 2019.  

Q. How much salary was recorded for masters students at University of Denver after graduating in 2019?

A. The mean salary for master’s students was recorded at USD 65,572 with a median salary of USD 56,000. Mean and median salaries both increased by USD 4,000 for the class of 2019 at University of Denver

Q. Which college of University of Denver recorded the highest graduates of 2019 pursuing higher education?

A. Daniels College of Business at University of Denver recorded most of its graduates of 2019 around 72.8& of them pursuing higher education.  

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