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The University of Maryland recorded a placement rate of 97% for its MBA ‘21 graduates, setting a benchmark of 86% in comparison to 84% in the year 2020. The average base salary for University of Maryland MBA graduates of 2021 was recorded at USD 117,000 with an average signing bonus of USD 25,000.  

The overall average salary goes up from 116,418 in 2020 while the signing bonus records a drop in 2021 since the bonus was USD 27,952 in the year 2020. The average total compensation was recorded to be USD 142,000.  

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University of Maryland MBA Placement Highlights 

Placement Rate 


Knowledge Rate 


Average Annual Salary 

USD 117,000 

Average Signing Bonus 

USD 25,000 

Highest Recruiting Industry 

Technology: 26% 

Highest Job Function Area 

Consulting: 30% 

Internship Rate 


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University of Maryland MBA Class Profile 

In the year 2021, the University of Maryland admitted around 60 students for its MBA program and they were from 25 different countries. Other common details are as follows: 

Basic Details 

  • The average age of the incoming batch of MBA’ 21 of University of Maryland was 29.  
  • Average GPA was 3.35 
  • Average GMAT was 637 and average GRE score was 310 
  • Average work experience level - 6 years. 
  • Total male students were - 64% and female students were 36%. 
  • International students - 47% 

Undergraduate Majors 

  • Business: 39% 
  • Engineering: 18% 
  • Economics: 8% 
  • Mathematics/Sciences: 9% 
  • Humanities: 12% 
  • Other Social Sciences: 7% 
  • Computer Science: 2% 
  • Other: 5% 

MBA Concentrations Pursued 

  • Finance: 25% 
  • Information Systems: 7% 
  • Management & Organisation: 19% 
  • Marketing: 11% 
  • Entrepreneurship: 11% 
  • E-Commerce: 4% 
  • Logistics/Supply Chain: 4% 
  • International Business: 8% 
  • Business/Telecommunications: 3% 

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University of Maryland MBA ‘21 Industry Wise Employment 

The highest employing industry for University of Maryland MBA ‘21 batch was Technology followed by Consulting. The following table throws more light on the industries hiring University of Maryland MBA ‘21 graduates: 

Industries Hiring 

% of University of Maryland MBA ‘21 Graduates 





Financial Services  


Consumer Packaged Foods 


Healthcare / Pharmaceuticals  




Other Industries 


Function Wise Employment 

Since a majority percentage of University of Maryland MBA ‘21 graduates were employed, they were working in the following areas of function after graduation: 

  • Consulting: 30% 
  • Marketing / Sales: 23%  
  • General Management: 15% 
  • Finance / Accounting: 13% 
  • Operations / Logistics: 10% 
  • Other: 9% 

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University of Maryland MBA ‘21 Top Employers 

There were over 30+ employers who hired University of Maryland MBA ‘21 graduates on-campus. The top ones are as follows: 

University of Maryland MBA ‘21 Top Employers 


Air Products 


Bank of America 


Booz Allen Hamilton 


Capital One 





General Electric 

General Mills 



Hewlett Packard 




M&T Bank 

Northrop Gruman 




Stanley Black & Decker 



JP Morgan 



Goldman Sachs 




Merrill Lynch 

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University of Maryland MBA Career Development  

There is an MBA Association of University of Maryland along with this there is also a career development centre which helps students pursuing an MBA degree to be able to make a good career choice. The choice is based on the 7 steps as devised by the career development centre of University of Maryland specifically for its MBA students. The training involves the following steps: 

  1. Invent Oneself: This step involves MBA students identifying the skills and leadership qualities that any organisation would benefit from. 
  2. Mapping the Market: Understanding the career scape and making sure of what the MBA student enters into immediately after graduation. 
  3. Structuring the Narrative: The MBA students are trained to structure their narratives whenever they appear for an interview or discussion. 
  4. Network Organising: Since a lot of students find jobs through networking, the MBA students are trained to organise their professional network. 
  5. Job Search Planning: This is an essential step towards looking for a suitable job while the MBA students land up in the last semester of their study. 
  6. Interview Preparation: MBA students are trained to have a command of their proposition and on the content as well to win an interview. 
  7. Offer Negotiations: This is the last step towards getting a job at the desired salary, which proves beneficial for the students at all stages.  

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University of Maryland MBA Placement FAQs 

Q. Where were the MBA graduates employed before getting admitted to the University of Maryland?

A. The following employers were reported by the graduates of MBA ‘21 before getting admission to the University of Maryland:
  • Accenture 
  • Nielsen 
  • Ernst & Young 
  • KPMG 
  • Merrill Lynch 

Q. Which countries did the MBA ‘21 graduates of the University of Maryland belong to?

A. The MBA ‘21 graduates of University of Maryland came from around 25 countries like - India, Japan, Thailand, UK, France, Turkey, South Korea, Singapore, Venezuela, Kenya, Lebanon, etc.

Q. What were the top universities from where MBA ‘21 graduates of University of Maryland completed their bachelor’s?

A. Some of the top universities from where MBA ‘21 graduates of University of Maryland completed their bachelor’s included:

Q. What was the middle 50% of GMAT score range for MBA ‘21 incoming batch of University of Maryland?

A. The middle 50% range of GMAT scores for incoming MBA ‘21 batch of University of Maryland was recorded between 560-690.  

Q. Which specialisations are offered in the MBA full time program of University of Maryland?

A. The full time MBA program offered at the University of Maryland offers specialisations like - Finance, Marketing, Consulting & General Management, Supply Chain Management, Technology & Innovation Management. Certain electives like - artificial intelligence, project management, market forecasting, etc are also offered along with the specialisations  

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