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Michigan Ross is known for its diverse community of students. Ross MBA Students are interested in roles that are impactful and to fulfil this, Michigan Ross provides great opportunities to do real work with the guidance of faculty and other mentors. Students can find unparalleled resources to develop, launch, and scale their new business ideas or consult full-time for seven weeks on one of 80+ projects in 20 countries. They also have the opportunity to manage one of six student-led investment funds overseeing millions of dollars. A Michigan Ross MBA opens doors to the world’s most desirable employers.

All the data shared below is sourced from the Michigan Ross MBA Employment Report for the Class of 2021.

Ross School of Business Placements: Overview

Michigan Ross helps turn career goals into a strategic mission. It provides the experiences and resources necessary to land the job that’s right for a student. The school has more than 52,000 alumni in 111 countries. Thus, there are opportunities for graduates everywhere — regardless of the path they choose. For the Class of 2021, about 80% of positions were school-facilitated or sourced on campus and 98% received job offers within three months of graduation. Roughly, 60% of Ross MBA graduates went into Technology or Consulting sector. Around 3/4th of the class accepted offers on the East Coast, West Coast, or Chicago.

Michigan Ross MBA Class of 2021 Top Job Destinations

Some of the top employers for the Class of 2021 were Amazon, McKinsey & Company, Microsoft, BCG, PepsiCo, Google, and Goldman Sachs.

Ross School of Business Placements: MBA Class Profile 2021

Michigan Ross’ full-time MBA programme had 416 students that made up the MBA Class of 2021. This included 36% US students of colour and 26% international students, including 9% Indian students. About 45% of the class consisted of women students. The countries/regions most represented were North America, India, South America, and Asia. Given below is a breakdown of students based on geographical distribution:

Michigan Ross MBA Class of 2021 Geographical Distribution

The MBA Class of 2021 had students with undergraduate majors in Business, Economics, Engineering, Humanities, and more:

Michigan Ross MBA Class of 2021 Undergraduate Majors

Michigan Ross MBA Class of 2021 Profile

Class Size


International Students


Women Students


Average Age

27 years

Average Full-time Work Experience

5.4 years

Average GMAT Score


Average Undergraduate GPA


Ross School of Business Placements: MBA Class Profile 2022

With 17% of international students out of 391 students, the MBA Class of 2022 had 4% of Indian students. Majority of students hailed from North America, followed by Asia, South America, and India. An elaborate distribution of students based on geographical locations is given below:

Michigan Ross MBA Class of 2022 Geographical Distribution

About 27% of the MBA Class of 2022 had an undergraduate major in Business. This was followed by Engineering, Humanities, and Economics.

Michigan Ross MBA Class of 2022 Undergraduate Majors

Michigan Ross MBA Class of 2022 Profile

Class Size


International Students


Women Students


Average Age

27 years

Average Work Experience

5.3 years

Average GMAT Score


Average Undergraduate GPA


Ross School of Business Placements: Top Employers

Various top recruiters and firms select candidates for internship positions which usually result in full-time employment. Over 200 companies offered internships to Ross MBA students in the Class of 2022. About 31% of finance internships were with private equity or venture capital firms. The Class of 2022 was offered internships by at least 271 unique companies. The top employers offered these internships were Bain & Company, JP Morgan, Deloitte, Morgan Stanley, Salesforce, Biogen, Nike, and Apple. The Class of 2021 students were employed by over 100 recruiters and firms including top employers such as Amazon, McKinsey, BCG, Google, Microsoft, PepsiCo, Zillow, Goldman Sachs, and Wipro. Amazon hired 25 students for full-time positions and 16 interns, making it the topmost employer of the year with 41 positions offered to students. The following are the top five firms that employed Ross MBA students either on an internship or full-time basis:


Full-time Positions





McKinsey & Co.



Boston Consulting Group









Ross School of Business Placements: Employment by Industry and Function

The majority of the Class of 2021 MBA graduates, about 60%, went into the Technology or Consulting industry.  Around 94% of the graduates switched jobs or careers post-MBA. A detailed understanding can be derived from the chart below:

Ross MBA Job Acceptance by Industry

About 42% of Ross graduates chose the Consulting job function, followed by Marketing/Sales, Finance, and General Management. Acceptances by function can be found below:

Ross MBA 2021 Job Acceptance by Function

Ross School of Business Placements: Salaries

Approximately 84.8% of the whole class were seeking employment. While 25% of those seeking employment returned to their previous employer with a considerable salary hike, 59.8% of the students were looking for new employment. For those seeking new employment, about 90.2% of them received a job offer by graduation, while 97.5% received a job offer within three months of graduating. Of those who were offered a job, 88.2% accepted their offers by graduating while 96.1% accepted offers within three months of graduation.

A US Citizen or Permanent Resident was offered a base salary between USD 95,000 and USD 200,000. On the other hand, international students’ base salary range was USD 67,136 to USD 180,000. The signing bonus range for a US Citizen or PR was USD 5,000 to USD 65,000 and for an international student, it was between USD 5,000 and 90,630. Detailed compensation information based on industry acceptances can be found below:

Ross MBA 2021 Compensation by Industry

Ross School of Business Placements: Student Support and Career Services

About 80% of the Class of 2021 got their employment opportunity through on-campus or school-facilitated resources, which included On-Campus Recruiting, Returning to On-Campus/School Facilitated Internship Employer, alumni/faculty networking, etc. The Michigan Ross Career Development Office is with its students every step of the way to help them find and land a job they love. Some of these resources include:

  • Career Action Days: It is a series of interactive programmes and panels that help students set a search strategy, polish their stories, and learn what recruiters are looking for in a candidate. Some of the sessions included in this are: Developing your networking skills, Alumni panels discussing varied career fields, How to “MBA-ize” your resume, Social media best practices, and so on.
  • Recruiting Prep Course: Students are assigned a career coach. They can meet the coaches before classes begin to participate in a prep course that will help them in narrowing their interests.
  • Coaching on search Strategy: Students are encouraged to develop a personalized job-search plan with the experienced Career Development Office staff and/or second-year MBA peer career coaches.
  • Career Self-Assessment: Students can benefit from the Career Leader self-assessment programme to use their interests, motivations, and skills to find the perfect career.
  • Interest-Specific Carer Treks: The Career Development Office leads treks with student clubs throughout the year, all across the country. From Salesforce, L’Oreal to Pepsi and J.P. Morgan, the team organises a trek to meet with companies and recruiters in that industry.
  • FACT Groups: Students can join one of the Functional Accountability Career Teams to get weekly guidance and support from a team of peers and second-year MBA coaches. These coaches walk students through the recruiting process step by step.
  • Summer Business Experience: Interested students can fulfil their Summer Business Experience requirement with the support of the Career Development Office. The office provides assistance and coaching to secure traditional internships, and offers information about non-traditional options available through Ross centres, institutes, and initiatives.


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Michigan Ross School of Business Placements FAQs

Q. Do I need work experience to apply for Ross Full-time MBA?

A. Michigan Ross does not require a specific number of years of work experience prior to entering the Ross MBA programme. However, almost all incoming Ross students have worked for at least two years. The average Ross student enters the MBA programme with five years of work experience. The school evaluates work experience not in terms of quantity, but in terms of quality. It examines the impact the applicant has had on their organisation and the leadership qualities they have demonstrated. The AdCom considers the range of stories and experiences that the applicant will be able to share with their classmates. Applicants with limited work experience should demonstrate on their application why it is the right time to pursue an MBA, and how they will be able to contribute to the Ross community.

Q. Does Ross accept a three-year undergraduate degree from India?

A. Yes, the school considers applicants who hold a three-year undergraduate degree from India.

Q. What is the minimum GMAT/GRE required for admission to the Ross Full-Time MBA program?

A. The school has not set any specific score requirement for GRE or GMAT. Applicants are encouraged to check the full-time MBA class profile to find the average and ranges for the current MBA class. This information can be found on the website. Do note that standardized test score is only one of a number of factors that AdCom reviews in determining admission. AdCom encourages students to apply to the programme regardless of their score performance.

Q. What is the minimum TOEFL, PTE, or IELTS exam score required for international students?

A. The school recommends a TOEFL score of 100 or higher on the internet-based test (iBT). Ross accepts the PTE or IELTS as an alternative to the TOEFL exam. More information related to the admission and application process can be found here: University of Michigan Admissions FAQs.

Q. What makes Ross MBA unique? Or What is Michigan Ross MBA known for?

A. Michigan Ross is highly recognized for its innovation and focus on applying business principles to real-world scenarios. These attributes are integrated into the learning model along with an elaborate curriculum of general management courses. Students are encouraged to experience the business side very early on during the programme; and for this, the school aims to help students with every employment-related service.

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