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University of Missouri records a placement rate of 95% for the year 2021. The highest placement numbers were recorded by the Business School with 96.6%. The overall knowledge rate at University of Missouri is 78.8% which is higher than the national average.  

The average salary range was between USD 30,000 - USD 114,000 for graduates of 2021 at University of Missouri. Highest salaries were offered to Healthcare professionals around USD 80,000 - USD 82,000. 

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University of Missouri Placement Highlights 2021 

Placement Rate 


Found Full Time Work 

6 months after graduation 

Career Outcomes Rate 


Knowledge Rate 


Average Base Salary 

USD 69,000 

Top 500 Fortune Companies that Hired 


Total Employers 


Top Employers 

KPMG, EY, Deloitte, AT&T, etc. 

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University of Missouri 2021 Class Profile 

In 2021, University of Missouri recorded 50.9% of female students and 48.5% of male students. Around 19.3% of the students who were admitted at University of Missouri were experienced and 4.8% of the total students were those who were at the entry level.  

University of Missouri 2021 Placement Stats  

The female students recorded an average salary range of USD 40,000 - USD 112,000 while the average salary of male students of University of Missouri was recorded between USD 47,000 - USD 136,000.  

Top Employers at University of Missouri 

University of Missouri recorded the highest placements by KPMG followed by Cerner and Veterans United. The details of employers and the number of students placed are given below in the graph for reference:


Top Industries Hires at University of Missouri 

In terms of top industries, Healthcare tops the list with maximum recruitments followed by Education K-12 and Financial Services. The other details are given below in the graph for reference:


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Graduate Outcomes for University of Missouri 2021 

As per records, University of Missouri Class of 2021 recorded graduate outcomes with 63.5% full time employment, 20.6% continuing with higher education, etc. the following graph throws more light on the outcomes:


Other than the involvement in jobs and job hunting, University of Missouri’s graduates were enrolled in some of the top US Universities for higher education like University of Kansas, Logan University, etc. 

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University of Missouri Jobs & Salaries 2021 

The average salary of graduates of 2021 at University of Missouri was recorded between USD 30,000 - USD 114,000. The table below summarises the average salaries based on job roles of the graduates of University of Missouri: 

Job Roles 

Average Salary 

Salary Range 

Graphic Designer 

USD 41,061 

USD 30,000 - USD 58,000 

Marketing Manager 

USD 66,600 

USD 50,000 - USD 86,000 

Project Manager 

USD 69,000 

USD 43,000 - USD 110,000 

Project Engineer 

USD 69,474 

USD 55,000 - USD 104,000 

Mechanical Engineer 

USD 71,000 

USD 59,000 - USD 92,000 

Software Engineer 

USD 80,000 

USD 64,000 - USD 112,000 


USD 82,000 

USD 66,000 - USD 114,000 

 Average salaries of graduates of 2021 at University of Missouri start from USD 30,000 and go up to USD 114,000. As already mentioned above, maximum salaries are recorded for healthcare workers followed by engineers. 

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University of Missouri MBA’ 21 Class Profile 

MBA at University of Missouri for class of 2021 recorded an overall career outcomes rate of 96.6% with knowledge rate of 89.8%. The following was the class profile recorded for MBA class of 2021 at University of Missouri:  

  • Class size: 67 
  • Average age: 28 
  • Average GPA: 3.34 
  • Average work experience: 4.5 years 
  • Students working while completing the program: 66% 

Around 86% of the MBA’ 21 students were working full time and 3.8% were working part time.  

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Top MBA’ 21 Employers at University of Missouri 

The following were some of the top employers at University of Missouri who hired MBA graduates in the year 2021: 

Employers at University of Missouri 

MBA’ 21 Graduates Placed 















Grant Thorton LLP 


Top Industries Hiring MBA’ 21 of University of Missouri 

Around 11 industries hired MBA graduates of 2021 at University of Missouri, Accounting hiring the maximum followed by Accounting. More details are as follows: 

  • Accounting: 120 graduates 
  • Financial Services: 87 graduates 
  • Insurance: 40 graduates 
  • Real Estate: 31 graduates 
  • Banking | IT & Services: 29 graduates 
  • Consumer Goods: 25 graduates 
  • Healthcare: 22 graduates 
  • Food & Beverages: 19 graduates 
  • Logistics & Supply Chain | Telecommunications: 18 graduates   

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University of Missouri Placement FAQs 

Q. What are the average salaries of graduates’ 21 of University of Missouri?

A. The average salaries of class of 2021 graduates of University of Missouri were recorded around - USD 198,000 for MBA graduates, USD 115,000 for MS graduates, BA graduates were earning around USD 54,000 and BS graduates earned USD 70,000.

Q. How much is the ROI for graduates of 2021 at University of Missouri?

A. The return on investment or ROI recorded for graduates of class of 2021 of University of Missouri is 8% annually.

Q. Which industries were represented by MBA’ 21 graduates of University of Missouri?

A. University of Missouri’s MBA’ 21 represented 11 industries, namely:
  • Energy 
  • Financial Services 
  • Healthcare  
  • Government 
  • Manufacturing 

Q. How much salary was recorded for mid career graduates’ 21 of University of Missouri?

A. At University of Missouri the mid-career salary was recorded to be around USD 107,000 for graduates of class of 2021. 

Q. What is the highest placement rate for which University of Missouri Department in 2021?

A. The highest placement rate of 100% straight has been recorded for the School of Medicine, boasting of full placement numbers for its MHA and MS graduates in 2021.

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