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University of New Haven recorded a placement rate of 94.3% in 2021, recording an increase of 8% since 2020. The number of employed students in full time jobs was more than 94% and part timers were around 11%. There were also students who wished to pursue a higher education, they were around 13% in 2021.  

Average salary for full timers at the University of New Haven was USD 75,000 and the highest salary was recorded at USD 145,000. The overall knowledge rate was below the national average of 65%, recording 60% for the year 2021. But in terms of career outcomes, the University of New Haven makes a strong mark with 95%. 

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University of New Haven Placement Highlights 

Placement Rate 


Highest Placement by College 

Pompea College of Business: 92%  

Knowledge Rate 


Average Base Salary  

USD 75,000 

Starting Salary 

USD 41,000 

Full time Employed 


Part time Employed 


Highest Salary 

USD 145,000 

University of New Haven Class Profile for 2021 Graduates 

As per record, 59.1% of the students were males and 40.2% were females. The average salary for males was between USD 48,000 to USD 145,000 and for female students was - USD 46,000 to USD 118,000. In terms of work experience the following was recorded: 

  • Entry Level: 4.4% 
  • Early Career: 36.6% 
  • Mid Career: 20.7% 
  • Late Career: 19.8% 
  • Experienced: 18.5% 

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University of New Haven Placement Stats 2021 

Drawing a comparison between the graduate placements for both levels of study - UG and PG at University of New Haven, it was noted that placement rates have increased by more than 20% in 2021 in comparison to the year 2020. It was noted that after the pandemic, students were more inclined towards getting full time employment. The comparison in the following chart shows the career outcomes for bot UG and PG graduates of the University of New Haven in 2021: 


As given above it can be concluded that the knowledge rate has fallen short of the mark of 65% which is the overall set rate required by each university. The employment rates are higher for graduates of University of New Haven, while more undergraduate students took to pursuing higher education in comparison to the post graduates.  

A detailed overview of overall placements at University of New Haven can be understood through its various colleges. The sections below throw more light in this context. 

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University of New Haven - Pompea College of Business Placements 2021 

With a placement record of over 92%, MBA graduates of Pompeo College of Business at University of New Haven recorded the following during its placement year: 

MBA’ 21 Career Outcomes Survey 

The table below summarises the career outcomes for MBA’ 21 of Pompeo College of Business:  

Career Outcomes for MBA’ 21 

Statistics Recorded 

Employed Full Time 


Employed Part Time 


Continuing Education 


Not Employed, Looking 


Not Employed, Not Looking 


Employed In Major Field 


Career Outcomes Rate 


Knowledge Rate 


More than 95% students submitted their responses for the survey and it was recorded that a very small number of students were pursuing higher education - 1.79%. While 4.46% of the students were looking for employment, the other 1.79% of the students were not interested in looking for a job after graduation.  

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University of New Haven - College of Arts & Sciences Placements 2021 

The graduating class of College of Arts & Sciences, at University of New Haven it was recorded that the knowledge rate has increased from the 2020 for both graduate and undergraduates, yet they still don’t make it to the 65% which is the national knowledge rate. The table below summarises the outcomes of students of College of Arts & Sciences of the University of New Haven graduating in 2021: 

Career Outcomes 

Graduate Outcomes 

Undergraduate Outcomes 

Employed Full Time 



Employed Part Time 



Continuing Education 



Not Employed, Looking 



Not Employed, Not Looking 



Employed In Major Field 



Career Outcomes Rate 



Knowledge Rate 



As given above, more than 95% of the post graduates and 65.05% undergraduates were employed in major areas. The career outcomes rate was 97% for undergraduates of College of Arts & Sciences of University of New Haven, and the knowledge rate was below 60% for both levels of study.  

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University of New Haven - Tagliatela College of Engineering Placements 2021 

The career outcomes for Tagliatela College of Engineering at University of New Haven records a high knowledge rate for its graduates of 2021 at 69% which is higher than the national average score. The following graph throws more light on the career outcomes for both graduates and post graduates of Tagliatela College of Engineering in 2021: 


In comparison to the College of Arts and Sciences of University of New Haven, the Tagliatela College of Engineering fares better in terms of knowledge rate, career outcomes, employment and employment in major fields.  

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University of New Haven Graduates’ 21 Jobs by Salary 

The following table shows the top job roles bagged by graduates of class of 2021 at University of New Haven and their corresponding salary range and average salaries:  

Job Titles 

Average Salaries 

Salary Range 

Human Resources (HR) 

USD 60,141 

USD 41,000 - USD 85,000 

Interior Designer 

USD 50,565 

USD 47,000 - USD 57,000 

Electrical Engineer 

USD 67,497 

USD 60,000 - USD 71,000 

Mechanical Engineer 

USD 62,500 

USD 52,000 - USD 70,000 

Software Engineer 

USD 73,564 

USD 69,000 - USD 111,000 

Manufacturing Engineer 

USD 79,950 

USD 71,000 - USD 100,000 

Business Manager 

USD 90,000 

USD 78,000 - USD 103,000 

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University of New Haven Career Development  

The Career Development Center of the University of New Haven helps students from the beginning from choosing their majors, helping them figure out their career options, help them if they wish to go for graduate studies as well. The other benefits are: 

  • Students are offered internships on campus while they study at University of New Haven. 
  • It helps students to connect with prospective employers for employment opportunities. 
  • Alumni can also look for better opportunities through the career development center of the university. 
  • The University of New Haven is equipped to offer its students to create a profile on its ChargerLink to connect with employers. 

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University of New Haven Placement FAQs 

Q. How much difference was recorded in career outcomes of graduates of 2020 and 2021 at University of New Haven?

A. In 2020, the career outcomes for graduates was recorded at 71.39% whereas, in 2021, the rate was recorded at 95.53%. Thus, a difference of 24.14% was finally recorded.  

Q. Where were MBA’ 21 graduates of University of New Haven interning?

A. University of New Haven’s MBA’ 21 graduates were interning with the following companies:
  • Apple  
  • Deloitte  
  • EY 
  • KPMG 
  • Lockhead Martin 
  • New York Yankees 

Q. How many students from Health Sciences School of University of New Haven employed full time in 2021?

A. In 2021, the School of Health Sciences of the University of New Haven recorded a full time employment rate of 85.53% for its graduates and 64.41% for its undergraduates.  

Q. Are graduates of 2021 at University of New Haven involved in post graduate services?

A. Yes, graduates of class of 2021 at University of New Haven are involved in post graduate services, the details are as follows:
  • College of Arts & Sciences: 0.58% of undergraduates 
  • Tagliatela College of Engineering: 0.67% of graduates 

Q. Which are some of the job roles for graduates’ 21 of University of New Haven?

A. The graduates’ 21 of University of New Haven got various job roles like - Software Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Business Manager, HR, etc.

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