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This 255-year-old university is a member of the prestigious Association of American Universities and features at the top of the lot when it comes to public research universities in the US. The University of Pittsburgh ranks in the top 50 global universities in the world and has a student: faculty ratio of 14:1.

Pittsburgh is a hotbed of research and has a long history of innovative breakthroughs that came out of its gates, making it the capital of organ transplants. The university received USD 760 million in federally funded research each year.

The university is also known for the quality and quantity of its research publications that are read the world over. Pittsburgh also prides itself on having the best Career Conference in all of Pittsburgh, where over 500 companies visit to hire students from its campuses.

Table of Contents
  1. Courses Offered
  2. Eligibility & Documents Required
  3. Application & Tuition Fees
  4. Scholarships & Financial Aid
  5. Admission Process
  6. Student Diversity & Preferred Profile
  7. Part Time Work While Studying
  8. Campuses & Accommodation
  9. University Contact Information

Courses Offered

What all courses are available to international students?

The research university offers over 23,466 full-time graduates in undergraduate courses and 7,280 students in graduate and doctoral courses. Pittsburgh allows international students to join in the freshman year in the following courses:

Pittsburgh Courses

After their freshman year, students have the option of choosing from 97 majors and 16 minor subjects for their undergraduate program. For their graduate studies, students may choose from the 15 graduate schools to pursue a suitable program.

Eligibility & Documents Required

What are the eligibility requirements?

For admission to the University of Pittsburgh, students applying to undergraduate programs must fulfill the minimum requirement criteria, which includes:

For Pittsburgh Campus:

  • IELTS: Overall 7 bands or higher with sub-scores of 6.0 or higher
  • TOEFL: Overall 100 or higher (composite) with sub-scores of 21 is competitive. However, candidate applications, when viewed holistically, a TOEFL score of 95-99 with a solid academic record will be sufficient to get through.
  • Duolingo English Test (DET): Overall 120 or higher

For Bradford, Greensburg and Johnstown Campuses:

  • TOEFL: Overall 80-94 or higher
  • IELTS: Overall 6.5 bands or higher
  • SAT: Evidence-based Reading and Writing score of 560 or higher
  • ACT: 21 ACT English sub-score

For Graduate Programs:

In order to apply for the graduate programs, international students will need to apply to specific schools, each having its own requirements. The university accepts GRE and GMAT scores based on the program that you wish to apply to.

What all documents are needed for the application?

The set of mandatory documents that international students applying to the University of Pittsburgh require includes:

  • English proficiency scores
  • Standardized exam scores
  • High school credentials or diploma in English (or verified if in any other language)
  • Academic transcripts
  • Student health record and immunization status
  • Financial documents:
    • Banks statement
    • Financial responsibility form
  • International transcript evaluation

Other supplementary documents that you might need to provide during the application are:

Some programs may require a specific set of documents. Students are advised to check the exact requirements on the exact program page in the university’s official website.

Application & Tuition Fees

Is there any application fees?

To apply to the University of Pittsburgh’s courses, international students need to pay a one-time non-refundable fee of USD 55 towards their application. This payment can be made by online modes and cheque only if the cheque is from a bank that has a branch in the US.

What is the fee structure of courses offered by the university?

International students need to pay the same fees as students coming from out-of-state. The tuition costs vary depending upon the campus of study chosen by the student.

Fee Chargeable in Main Campus 2020-2021

The fee structure for the different courses for a 12-18 credit hour term for the main campus for the academic year 2020-2021 are:

Course Type

Credit Fee* (in USD)

Arts and Sciences




Respiratory Care




Source: University of Pittsburgh

Fee by Campuses 2020-2021

The average tuition fee applicable to different university campuses for the academic session 2020-2021 is:


Tuition Fee Per Term* (in USD)









Source: University of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Additional Costs

Source: University of Pittsburgh

*Fee varies depending on the course and progressive years. We encourage you to check the school/department’s website for the exact fee.

Scholarships & Financial Aid

Is there any scholarship or financial aid available for international students?

The university does not offer any financial aid for international students. However, scholarships are available for students on a merit basis. Pittsburgh offers international student scholarships for first-year students. International transfer students are not eligible to be considered for the scholarship process.

How to Apply?

There are no separate scholarship forms that a student needs to fill to be considered for it. To be considered for the scholarship evaluation, international students need to submit their applications and supporting documents on time.

International students who apply early are automatically considered for scholarships. The scholarship committee makes decisions about award winners on a weekly basis.

About the Scholarship

Amount offered

USD 2,000 per year


Up to four years or eight full-terms for undergraduate programs

Minimum requirement

Recipient must maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA along with other terms and conditions of the university.

Fees (if any)

USD 300 scholarship acceptance fee


Early February

Submit application with credentials 

Early April

Notification about receiving a scholarship

*Deadlines can change depending on the course and can vary frequently. We encourage you to check the department’s/school website for exact deadlines.

Admission Process

When do the admissions start?

International aspirants may apply online to the university as a freshman (first-year student) or a transfer student.

International First-Year Students

The University of Pittsburgh admits first-year international students in two terms:

Pittsburgh International Intakes

All international students applying to the first year of their undergraduate or graduate program need to send in their applications and supporting documents by the following deadlines:

Admission Intake


August(Fall Term)

Early April

January (Spring Term)

Early October

*Deadlines can change depending on the course and can vary frequently. We encourage you to check the department’s/school website for exact deadlines.

International Transfer Students

The university also admits international transfer students in the following three terms:

Pittsburgh Transfer Intakes

The deadlines for applying to the above terms are:

Admission Intake


August (Fall Term)

Early May

January (Spring Term)

Early October

May (Summer Term)


*Deadlines can change depending on the course and can vary frequently. We encourage you to check the department’s/school website for exact deadlines.

Note: Both freshmen and transfer application deadlines apply to the submission of the complete application along with supporting documents.

International Graduate Students

Application deadlines vary with different graduate schools and programmes. Students are advised to check for the deadlines on the official website of their respective schools/departments.

What are the steps to the application process?

International students may apply to various undergraduate and postgraduate programs offered by the University of Pittsburgh online.

Undergraduate Applicants

To apply to undergraduate, international students must visit

Step 1: On this page, students must create an account to get started with their application.

Pittsburgh Application Steps

Step 2: You have now logged in to your University of Pittsburgh Online application portal.

Pittsburgh Application Steps


Step 3: Fill in all required details and create a log-in for your application.

Pittsburgh Application Steps

Step 4: Complete all personal information asked for in the form.

Pittsburgh Application Steps

Step 5: After completing your contact information, the next step is to complete your background information. You need to fill in your enrollment information, educational history, and college coursework details and select your English language test dates.

Pittsburgh Application Steps

After you have submitted all the information in each of the tabs, your application has been submitted to the university.

Postgraduate Applicants

If you are an international student wishing to apply for the university’s graduate program, you must apply through the individual school’s online application portals. Visit for information on applying to individual programs.

When will I hear from the university after I submit my application?

After you have submitted your application, you can expect to hear back from the admissions committee within 4-6 weeks. The admissions committee will correspond with you by email if you are an international student.

Student Diversity & Preferred Profile

How many Indian/international students are studying at the university?

In the Fall Term of 2020, international students formed around 8% of the total student intake across all campuses: 

Pittsburgh Campuses

Student Headcount

Main Campus


Regional Campuses




Source: University of Pittsburgh

International Students

Pitt students come from 104 countries. The share of international students at Pittsburgh is given below:

Pittsburgh Student Diversity

Source: University of Pittsburgh

Indian Students

During the Fall Term of 2020, approximately 277 Indian students joined the university on its different campuses.

Part Time Work While Studying

Can I work while studying here?

The University of Pittsburgh allows students to work while studying. The university’s career center manages the Handshake platform– a hub for all jobs, internships, career fairs, and career events for the students. The university allows students on an F-1 visa to work as per Federal Laws.

Working Hours

Though US universities allow international students to work for a maximum of 20 hours a week during an ongoing session, working hours may vary with different kinds of coursework. Hence, it is recommended that students check the conditions with their respective departments and schools before taking up any job.

Campuses & Accommodation

How many colleges and campuses does the university have?

The University of Pittsburgh has one main campus and four regional campuses.

Pittsburgh Campuses

With its main campus sprawling across 132 acres of land in Pittsburgh’s Oakland, its four other campuses are in Bradford, Greensburg, Johnstown, and Titusville.

Is on-campus housing available? How much does it cost?

Right from apartment-style accommodation to residence-style, the University of Pittsburgh offers a wide range of options for students.

University housing services that house around 7900 students on-campus ensure that the students get the best amenities for a comfortable and convenient stay. Amenities on offer include:

  • Cable TV in each room in residence halls and each room or apartment in the apartment-style accommodations.
  • 14 Fitness facilities are present on campus for students. 10 of these facilities are 24-hour centers available for resident students.
  • In-room furnishings are provided that include a twin-sized bed, mattress, desk, chair, wardrobe, and dresser.
  • Windows have curtains or blinds, and trash bins are provided in each room. Trash pick-up is available, but students must dispose of their trash in a timely manner in the receptacles provided. All trash bins must be lined with a plastic bag.
  • Washers and dryers can be used at USD 1 per day, which will get deducted from the student’s Panther Card.

The university’s shuttle bus serves each residence hall 24x7. All residence halls and apartment-style accommodations have Resident Directors (RDs) and Resident Assistants (RAs).

On-Campus Housing Options and Cost

The different housing options and their costs are given below:

Housing Name


Rate* Per Semester (in USD)

Amos Hall

Upper-Class population

Suite-style rooms

135 women

Single: 3,975

Double: 3,975

Bouquet Gardens

Upper-Class housing


651 students 

Single: 4,250

Brackenridge Hall

Upper-Class population

Suite-style rooms

205 students

Single (shared restroom): 3,475

Double (shared restroom): 3,475

Double (5 Person Suite): 3,700

Tripe (5 Person Suite): 3,750

Bruce Hall

First-Year Students

Suite-style rooms

192 students

Suite: 3,700

Central Plaza Apartments

Upper-Class population


197 students

Single (Private Bath): 3,900

Single (Large): 3,750

Single: 3,650

College Garden Apartments

Upper-Class, Graduate, University Affiliate, Medical Students

One, two, and three-bedroom apartments

One-bedroom: 890 - 1,090

Two-bedroom:  1,280 - 1,550

Three-bedroom:1,595 - 1,800

Darragh Street Apartments

One and two-bedroom

One-bedroom: 1,095 -1,465

Two-bedroom: 1,625- 1,950

Forbes Hall

First-Year Students

Room Type: Air-conditioned double

232 students

Single:  3,500

Forbes-Craig Apartment

Upper-Class Students 

Room Type: Double and triple 

Single (Private Bath): 4,150

Single: 4,000

Double: 3,800

Fraternity Complex

First-Year and Upper-Class Students

Single: 3,675

Single: 3,675

Double: 3,7753,775

Holland Hall

First-Year Students

Single, Double, Triple, Quad 600 students

Single: 3,300-3,475

Double (Quad): 3,250

Hyacinth Place

Upper-Class, Graduate, University Affiliate students

One and two-bedroom

One-bedroom: 1,150- 1,590

Two-bedroom: 1,895- 2,000

Irvis Hall

Upper-Class Students

Double and suite accommodation

420 students

Suite: 3,950

Double: 3,750

Litchfield Tower A

First-Year Students

Room Type: Double

664 students

Single: 3,400

Litchfield Tower B

First-Year Students

Room Type: Double

769 students

Single: 3,400

Litchfield Tower C

First-Year, Upper-Class

Room Type: Single

435 students

Single: 3,400

Lothrop Hall

First-Year, Upper-Class

Room Type: Single, double

723 students

Single: 3,300

Double: 3,100

Mayflower Apartments

Upper-Class, Graduate, Medical Students

Room Type: Efficiency, One and two-bedroom

Efficiency: 890-1,100

One Bedroom: 1,015 -1,215

Two Bedroom: 1,280-1,800

McCormick Hall

Upper-Class Students

Room Type: Suite-style rooms

132 students

Single, Double, and Triple: 3,700

Nordenberg Hall

First-Year Students

Room Type: Double, Triple

559 students

Single: 3,750

Double: 3,550

Panther Hall

Upper-Class Students

Room Type: Double, Suite

511 students

Single (3 and 5 Person Suites): 3,950 

Double (3 and 5 Person Suites): 3,950

Double: 3,750

Residence Inn University Medical Ctr.

First-Year Students

Room Type: Double, Quad

Double (Private Restroom): 3,750

?Suite (Private Restroom): 3,850-3,950

Residence Inn University Place

First-Year Students

Room Type: Double, Triple

Double (Private Restroom): 3,750

Suite (Private Restroom): 3,850-3,950

Ruskin Hall

Upper-Class Students

Room Type: Single, Double

Single (3 Person Suite): 4,150 

Double (3 Person Suite): 4,050 

Single: 4,250

Double: 4,125

Studio: 4,150

Sutherland Hall

First-Year Students

Room Type: Double, Suite

740 students

Single (Private Restroom): 3,825

Double (Shared Restroom): 3,525

Wyndham University Centre

First-Year Students

Room Type: Double

Double (Private Restroom): 3,750

?Suite (Private Restroom): 3,850-3,950

Source: University of Pittsburgh

*Cost is subject to change with progressive years. It is suggested to refer to the latest costs on the university website.

University Contact Information

Whom should I contact in case of any doubts?

For any questions or queries relating to your admission, visit the university at:


Address: 200 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15260, USA

Phone: +1 (412) 624 4141


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