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University of Southern California MBA Placements report for 2021 reveals that more than 90% got employment within three months of graduation. Bloomberg has ranked the University of Southern California’s Marshall Schools of Business among the best schools in the USA. QS and THE have also ranked USC's MBA program in their top 100 global MBA programs. University of Southern California MBA Placements reports 2021 also reveal that 63% of the employees were school driven including campus recruitment, on-campus interviews, internship programs, and networking. These stats clearly tells that USC's focus goes beyond its study program for the students. They equally emphasize MBA graduates' employment or jobs. In this article, we will discuss the employment report of USC’s Marshall Business School for 2021.

Class Profiles (upon enrollment)







Admit Rate  



Average GMAT



Average Work Experience



Average GPA (Undergraduate)  



Female   students



International students




Marshall Business School, USC MBA Recruitment by Industry

If we look at the top industries where MBA graduates are getting placed then Technology industry is at the top spot. Also, financial services and consulting are also recruiting major chunk of MBA graduates. Tech giants, consulting firms and financial services are the top three choices for MBA graduates; this is in sync with the current trend where MBA grads prefer to work.

Top 5 Industries for USC’s MBA grads


University of Southern California MBA Placements by industry

USC MBA Recruitment by Industry

University of Southern California MBA employment by industry

USC MBA Employment by Location

If we look at the employment data geographically, then we can notice that 84% of the class stayed in the Western US for employment. Just 2% of the graduates went abroad for work and rest of the class stayed in the US.

USC MBA employment by location

USC MBA Jobs by Function

University of Southern California MBA Placements data reveal that the school lay emphasis on the employment of graduates. More than 90% of the graduates received employment within three months of graduation. Also, 63% received jobs through campus recruitment, on-campus interviews, summer internship, faculty, alumni, or staff referral. So, one can understand the importance of networking in getting a job.

USC MBA salary by function

USC MBA Salary by Function

By looking at the salary data by roles we can see that USC' MBA graduates prefer Marketing and Sales. Within this, majority of the graduates have selected Brand/Product Management as the most preferred role. After this, Management Consulting and Investment Banking have emerged as other favourites of MBA professionals.

USC MBA salary by roles

Top companies hiring USC MBA grads

Some of the top US companies employing MBA grads of USC business school.







Bank of America

Morgan Stanley

Barclays Capital

Nestle USA




National Basketball Association


The Walt Disney Company





University of Southern California MBA Placements FAQs


Is USC a good school for MBA?

USC's Marshall Business School has been ranked among the best business schools in the USA by top ranking publishers like Bloomberg and FT (Financial Times). US News has ranked even their online MBA program at fourth position for 2021.

What is the GPA required to get into USC?

One needs to have a GPA of 3.79 or higher to get into USC. If you have a low GPA then you need to have a good SAT or ACT score.

How much do USC MBA graduates make?

As per the university, the average salary of an MBA graduate for 2021 was $132,844 and median salary was $130,000.

What GMAT score do I need for USC?

MBA aspirants need to have a GMAT score of 707 or more to make it to USC's MBA program.

What GPA do you need for USC MBA?

Candidates need to have a GPA of 3.55 or more for studying MBA at USC.

Is USC MBA ranked?

According to University of Southern California (Marshall) 2022 Rankings, US News has ranked at 9th position in part-time MBA and at 16th position for best business schools in the USA it.

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