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University of Virginia graduates of class’ 21 registered a placement rate of 76.2% and knowledge rate of 69.78%. While 15% of the UVA graduates were pursuing higher studies there were also a small percentage of those who were into part time jobs and 8% were looking for an opportunity.  

The average salary earned annually by UVA graduates was USD 70,600 and the highest salary was recorded at USD 160,000. The average time for getting a placement after graduating from the University of Virginia was 3 months. In terms of top employers, Internet & Software hired the highest number of UVA graduates followed by K-12 Education and Healthcare.   

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University of Virginia Placement Highlights 2021 

Placement Rate 


Average Annual Salary 

USD 70,604 

Median Annual Salary 

USD 70,000 

Highest Salary 

USD 160,000 

Number of Employers 


Top Employers 

UVA | Capital One | Amazon | Deloitte 

Top Industry Wise Hiring 

Internet & Software: 185 

Placement Resources 

Handshake, Career Fairs, Social Networking 

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University of Virginia Graduates’ 21 Top Employers 

The following table summarises some of the prominent and top employers for UVA’s graduates of 2021: 

Top Employers at UVA - 2021 

University of Virginia: 149  

Capital One: 84 

Amazon: 49 

Deloitte: 41 

Microsoft: 31 

Accenture: 25 

Booz Allen Hamilton: 24 

CGI: 22 

Northrop: 21 

Bain & Company | Deloitte Consulting | IBM: 20  

Accenture Federal Services: 18 

Facebook : 16 

EY | Google: 15  

Goldman Sachs: 13 

JP Morgan: 12 

Amazon Web Services: 11 

Oracle: 8 

Bank of America | KPMG: 7 

JP Morgan Chase: 6 

Barclays: 5 

Boston Consulting Group | Cisco | McKinsey & Co: 4 

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UVA Graduate Outcomes - 2021 

Around 584 graduates of UVA’ 21 reported that they were pursuing higher education where 63% were enrolled for Masters, 32% were pursuing PhD, 3% were into a certificate course while 1% were taking up postdoctoral studies. Some of the top universities that offered enrollment to UVA students were: 

  • University of Virginia: 244 
  • Virginia Commonwealth University: 17 
  • Columbia University: 11 
  • George Mason University | Georgetown University: 8 

In terms of how UVA students found employment it was found that 15.62% of the students found a job through career services - Handshake, while 14.99% of them got a job through advertisements or social networking, also 12.44% of the students found a job through career fairs.  

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University of Virginia MBA’ 23 Profile 

MBA at University of Virginia included a composition of 351 students of the 2023 batch from 40 countries and 40% international students. The class included 40% of women and 60% of male students. The other stats are as follows: 

  • The average age of the students was 28. 
  • Average work experience was 5 years. 
  • Average GMAT score was 715 and GRE score was 321. 
  • The average undergraduate GPA was recorded at 3.52. 
  • 15% of the students were first-generation college students and 59 students were those with advanced degrees. 

University of Virginia MBA’ 21 Placement Stats 

The average base salary recorded for MBA’ 21 graduates of UVA was USD 144,993 and the average signing bonus was USD 35,448. Around 97% of the students received an offer for placement, but only 95% of them accepted the offer.  

93% of the international students received a job offer within 3 months of graduating. And the summer internship proved beneficial for 53% of the students who got employment as a result of their good performance while interning. Check the following table for more information: 

Work Authorization  



Full-time MBA Graduates 

Seeking Employment 




Not Seeking Employment 




Total Graduates 




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UVA MBA’ 21 Salaries Reported 

Around 292 MBA graduates of 2021 of UVA reported their salaries and it was recorded that the highest salary was USD 225,000 of graduates who got a placement in the Financial Services Industry. The detailed analysis of salaries - mean, median and high salaries are given below in the graph:


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UVA MBA’ 21 Salaries Reported Area Wise 

In North America, 98.6% of MBA graduates of class of 2021 found a placement, the Northeast area of North America had the maximum number of graduate recruitment - 28.7%. In terms of UVA MBA’ 21 global placement, 1% of graduates were recruited in Asia and 0.3% were placed in Latin America. In terms of salaries area wise, the following were reported: 

  • North America: 
  • Mean Salary: USD 145,547 
  • Median Salary: USD 146,500 
  • High Salary: USD 225,000 
  • Asia: 
  • Mean Salary: USD 121,328 
  • Median Salary: USD 120,288 
  • High Salary: USD 125,000    

University of Virginia MBA’ 21 Top Employers Industry Wise 

The following table shows the top industries and their corresponding employers that hired MBA graduates of class of 2021 at the University of Virginia: 


Financial Services 




Alvarez & Marsal 

Bain & Company 


Cornerstone Research 

Deloitte Consulting 

Ernst & Young (EY) 

ABS Capital Partners 


American Express 

Baldwin Risk Partners 

Bank of America 



Caffeinated Capital 

Cambridge Associates 


Alert Innovation 








Consumer Products 


Real Estate 

Amplify Snack Brands 

The Coca-Cola Company 

Colgate-Palmolive Company 

The Hershey Company 

Johnson & Johnson 

Mars & Co 

Procter & Gamble 





General Motors 



Clark Construction Group 


Draper & Kramer 

Greystar Real Estate Partners 


Orchard Homes 






CIGNA Corporation 



Johnson & Johnson 








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UVA MBA’ 21 Internship Details 

As per internship data for MBA Class of 2021, the top recruiters were McKinsey & Co, Google, Amazon and BCG. The monthly average salaries of students enrolled under the following specialisations were: 

  • Consulting: USD 12,046 
  • Finance/Accounting: USD 10,261 
  • General Management: USD 7,432 
  • Human Resources: USD 7,903 
  • Marketing/Sales: USD 7,543 
  • IT: USD 7,856 
  • Operations/Logistics: USD 6,956    

The highest paying industry for MBA’ 21 internship was the Consulting Industry which paid an average salary of USD 12,613 followed by Financial Services which paid its interns USD 10,242 monthly. 

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University of Virginia Placement FAQs 

Q. What were the graduate outcomes for the class of 2021 of UVA?

A. In 2021, the graduates of University of Virginia were either working or were continuing their education- 15% or were still looking for a job- 8%.

Q. Which industries hired fewer UVA graduates’ 21?

A. The industries hired fewer UVA graduates’ 21 or only one graduate were : Retail; Oil & Energy; Sales; Natural Resources; Renewables & Environment; Photography; Public Relations & Communications, etc.

Q. How many companies hired MBA’ 21 of University of Virginia?

A. Around 140 companies from all major industries hired graduates of Darden’s Full-Time MBA Class of 2021.

Q. Which were some of the top industries that hired MBA’ 21 graduates of UVA?

A. Some of the top industries that hired MBA’ 21 graduates of University of Virginia are as follows:  
  • Consulting 
  • Financial Services 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Technology 
  • Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare & Biotech

Q. How many UVA graduates’ 21 were earning between USD 100,000 to USD 160,000?

A. In 2021, based on self reported salaries of graduates of University of Virginia it was found that 43 students were earning USD 100,000; 67 were getting USD 110,000; 29 were getting USD 120,000; 7 students got USD 130,000; and 5 graduates each were getting USD 140,000 and USD 150,000 and USD 160,000 per annum.

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