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With responses from 69% of graduates of class of 2020 of Western Michigan University, the placement rate was recorded at 93%. The average annual salary was recorded at USD 38,500 and the median salary was between USD 40,001 - USD 45,000.  

More than 70% of the recent graduates found full time employment upon graduation and this number further extended to 80%+ within 6 months. There were 100+ employers who recruited WMU graduates on campus and some of them had even hired them for an internship during the course of their study. 

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Western Michigan University Placement Highlights 

Placement Rate 


Median Salary 

USD 40,001 - USD 45,000 

Placed in 

Michigan: 77% 

Job related to degree 


Job satisfaction  


Total Employers  


Internship Rate 


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Western Michigan University Class Profile 2020 

In the year 2020 more than 4,900+ graduates graduated from Western Michigan University. Out of these, 3,747 degrees were awarded to undergraduates while 1,210 degrees were awarded to postgraduates. The other details of this class are as follows: 

  • 56% of the students were males while 44% of them were female students. 
  • 71% of the students were White and only 2% of the students were Asians. 
  • 12% of the students reportedly were international. 
  • Around 47% of the students graduated in the Spring of 2021. 

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Western Michigan University Career Outcomes  

Overall 93% of Western Michigan University graduates were actively engaged in either employment or higher education. There was only a small proportion of the graduates around 7% of them in total who were not actively engaged anywhere, neither in education nor in employment. The following infographic shows detailed career outcomes for Western Michigan University graduates of 2020:


In terms of the response rate, there were 69% responses received in total from the 4,901 students who graduated from Western Michigan University in 2020. The level wise response rate was: 

  • Bachelor’s: 65%  
  • Master’s: 77%  
  • Doctoral: 86%  
  • Postbaccalaureate Certificate: 68% 

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WMU Graduates Continuing Education 

Since 16% of the total graduating class of 2020 at Western Michigan University decided to continue education, around 65% of them were admitted within WMU again for higher education. The following data suggests the degree levels that the recent graduates were pursuing after graduation: 

  • Masters: 66%  
  • Doctorate: 22%  
  • Certification program/licensure: 4%  
  • Bachelors: 3%  
  • Studying for licensure/board exam: 3%  
  • No formal degree: 1% 

These students chose to study in the fields of - Business, Commerce, Engineering, Sciences, Law, Medicine, Arts & Humanities, Education, etc. 

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WMU Top Employers & Salaries 

There were over 100+ employers who hired Western Michigan University graduates of the class of 2020. Some of the well known companies that hired these graduates are given in the table below: 

Western Michigan University Top Employers 2020-21 

Advia Credit Union  




Beaumont Health  


Centria Healthcare  

Charles River Laboratories 



Ford Motor Company General Motors 



Landscape Forms  

Level Data 

P3 USA  

Parker Hannifin  




Portage Public Schools  


Spectrum Health 



United Wholesale Mortgage 

Kalamazoo RESA 

Streamline Healthcare Solutions 




University of Kentucky 

University of Michigan 


These graduates of WMU were employed within the US and other countries as well. Particularly, 77% of them were placed in Michigan, 23% were placed across the United States and 2% of them were placed outside of the United States in around 17 countries. The types of organisations where these graduates were placed were: 

  • For-profit business: 60%  
  • Nonprofit organisations: 16%  
  • Educational institutions: 18%  
  • Government: 6% 

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In terms of salaries, three different slabs were reported, the highest slab was between USD 40,000 - USD 60,000. The following graph shows the compiled and level wise salary data as reported by 1,061 respondents in the year 2020 from Western Michigan University graduates:


For a clearer picture, salary data is divided into three percentiles - 25th recording USD 35,001 - USD 40,000; 50th percentile recording USD 45,001 - USD 50,000 and 75th percentile recording USD 60,001 - USD 65,000. The following is also given in the table below for both graduates and undergraduate students: 




25th Percentile 

USD 30,001 - USD 35,000 

USD 45,001 - USD 50,000 

50th Percentile 

USD 40,001 - USD 45,000 

USD 55,001 - USD 60,000  

75th Percentile 

USD 55,001 - USD 60,000 

USD 65,001 - USD 70,000 

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Western Michigan University On Campus Jobs 

On campus jobs or internships for the batch of 2020 at Western Michigan University recorded 91% rate of employment or education related learning experiences.  

  • 63% had an internship, co-op, practicum, or field experience. 
  • 63% had a job either full time or part time (on or off campus).  
  • 53% worked on capstone, senior design, senior performance projects that took a semester or more to complete.  
  • 47% were very active in extracurricular activities and organizations. 

Some of the employers that offered internships to the batch of 2020 of Western Michigan University were - Gryphon Place, Humphrey Products, Kalamazoo Psychiatric Hospital, Quicken Loans, KRESA, Landscape Forms, FCA, FIRE, etc. 

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Western Michigan University Placement FAQs 

Q. Where were Western Michigan University graduates placed within the US in 2020?

A. Top states of US in which graduates of class of 2020 of Western Michigan University were placed were - Illinois, Indiana, Texas, Florida, Colorado, Ohio, Wisconsin, California, Minnesota, North Carolina, Washington, Virginia, Tennessee, and Kentucky.

Q. How was the experience of graduates of 2020 at Western Michigan University?

A. As per the career outcomes survey the following experiences were shared by the graduates of Western Michigan University who passed out in the year 2020:
  • 98% had at least one instructor who made them excited about learning 
  • 70% had a mentor who encouraged them to pursue their goals. 
  • 89% said that their education and experience as a student at WMU prepared them for their profession.

Q. What was the employment satisfaction rate among graduates of WMU in 2020?

A. 88% of the graduates of Western Michigan University accepted that they had a job related to their degree. Another 88% of them were satisfied with their job profile and placement.

Q. Where were the recent graduates of class of 2020 at WMU were admitted for higher education?

A. The following institutions or universities admitted graduates of class of 2020 of Western Michigan University for higher education:

Q. From where did WMU collect its career outcomes data from the graduates of 2020?

A. Around 68% of the career outcomes data at Western Michigan University for its graduates of 2020 was obtained through an online questionnaire while 32% responded through LinkedIn.

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